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H.R.P Chapter 131: New Idea

The three’s early departure from the meeting room made the atmosphere awkward to the exteme. When the 3rd announced the end of the meeting, everyone looked at Danzo’s trio strangely.

Danzo and the others did not understand the 3rd’s behavior. Kushina was a perfect Jinchuriki, there should be no fear that she would lose control if provoked.

At least, that’s what they thought. Whenever the rest left, they started arguing with the 3rd.

“Hiruzen, what do you mean by this? Even if you don’t support us, we’ll still get Kushina under our own surveillance.” Koharu complained to the 3rd.

The 3rd was about to explain his stance, when Homura spoke: “Leaving the Kyubi’s Jinchuriki free was a huge mistake from the beginning. If this doesn’t change, it will eventually backfire at the village.

The 3rd sighed. He never knew when his 3 friends became like this; selfish, greedy, and seeking nothing but control over power.

“Koharu, Homura, do even know what being a Perfect Kyubi Jinchurki mean? Hashirama san is no longer here. If she wants to destroy the village, it would be done in the blink of an eye!”

His words surprised the two of them. They knew that the Kyubi was very powerful, but they didn’t expect it to be so powerful.

“Sarutobi, you’re being over dramatic. Even if we manage to provoke her into losing control, how many Ninjas would we need to beat the Kyubi?” Danzo, who had been silent for so long, finally spoke.

The 3rd smiled and give the three a scroll, when they read it, their faces turned pale, especially Koharu, she was shivering uncontrollably.

The scroll mentioned that when in perfect Jinchuriki state, Kushina took down the both the Hachibi and the Nibi, in just two minutes.

When the three were young, they’ve been through many wars. Of course, they saw both those Biju. The Hachibi especially was horrible. Knowing she beat it in just two minutes made the Kyubi seem like an invincible entity to them.

Koharu was in ruin. What kind of being did she just provoke? If Kushina wanted, she’d be dead, with actually no one being able to speak for her after death.

“Now you understand! Even if it was just the Kyubi, we wouldn’t be able to take it down with the power of the whole village, let alone that now with Kushina being a perfect Jinchurki, its power should actually be enhanced and more terrifying.”

Turning to Koharu, he saw her nodding, face pale, as she left. Homura also left with a lingering look.

“Danzo, what else do you have?” asked the 3rd.

“Hiruzen, I know that the Kyubi is powerful, but there also ways to suppress its power. There’s Wood Release and the Mangekyo… “

The 3rd interrupted Danzo asking with a serious face: “Are you thinking about the 1st Hokage?”

“Yes! Anything for Konoha’s sake! You think that the Kyubi is so strong, so if you don’t restrain it, it will always remain a threat. The Uchiha are unreliable, and the Senju clan has no more users of Wood Release. Our only way to control it is through the 1st Hokage sama. If we can bring him ba..”

“ENOUGH! NEVER MENTION THIS AGAIN!” The 3rd was furious by Danzo’s suggestion, and a startling momentum erupted from his body.

Danzo, confronted by such powerful momentum from a much more powerful man, was shaking all over. The 3rd Hokage couldn’t bear watching his friends have such wicked ideas. He then sighed, and controlled himself, as Danzo took the opportunity to bow his head and leave quickly.

The 3rd looked as if he had years added to his age within that simple meeting. He just sat back on his chair and started smoking his pipe.

Back to Ryo, Minato and Kushina, the trio went directly to the Barbecue Restaurant after they left the conference room.

As the other two made the order, Ryo went out quickly, and brought back a purple haired little girl, Yugao.

Minato looked curiously at the two holding hands and suddenly realized what was happening.

Ryo saw Minato’s shocked looked, and he automatically ignored it and looked away.

As for little Yugao, her attention was all over the Barbecue, not even noticing the presence of Minato.

Out of courtesy, Ryo introduced the two to each other: “Minato Ni-san, this is my good friend Yugao, Yugao, this is Minato Namikaze, Konoha’s Yellow Flash!”

“Yellow Flash! Minato Sama… hello!” Yugao was startled by Minato’s identity, and immediately stood up straight and saluted him.

“Yugao, no need to be so nervous! Minato and I are very close, you could just address him as your older brother.”

“Minato… sama… is it really alright?”

“Of course! Just like Ryo, just call me Ni-san!” Minato said with a smile.

Minato was naturally charismatic, and Yugao quickly loosened up.

The barbecue was finally ready, and the four started eating.

“Damn old women! Why are you trying to calm me down Minato! I should just let Kurama go all out on her! Augh! The more I think of it the more furious I become!” While eating the barbecue he was buying her, Kushina was taking her wrath on Minato.

Yugao looked at her a little strangely. She already saw Kushina as someone with a pretty bad temper. However, she never heard her swear. Who ever made her so angry could not be a good person.

Minato could only face Kushina’s wrath with a smile. This was still wartime, and the villagers would be endangered if the Kyubi went rampant in the village. In another place, at peacetime, Minato wasn’t sure if he would actually stop her.

“Kushina ne-san, don’t be so angry. Minato Ni-san is right. You don’t want to give Konoha trouble at such a time!”

“Hum!” Kushina snorted, ignoring the two, and calling the waiter ordering a whole table of the most expensive meat the place had.

Minato smiled bitterly and felt his wallet. Ryo knew that Kushina was getting what she wanted. She smiled and got ready for her battle with the barbecue.

Yugao didn’t eat much before getting full. The appetite of child under 10 years of age wasn’t that large. Ryo sent her home and then got back to the Barbecue place.

As soon as he sat down, he heard Minato saying: “Ryo, I never thought you’d be a Lolicon!”

“Hey I don’t want to be told by you that I’m a lolicon! I’m not giving you crap for running after Kushina ne san all the time!”

“Cough!” Minato never thought that Ryo would be so feisty in his response, and he awkwardly pretended to cough.

“Ryo, I actually just thought! Don’t you have some kind of Distance limit for your Ice Teleportation?” Minato tried to bluntly change the topic.

Ryo who didn’t want to bring up that matter nodded.

“So here’s what I’m thinking. Why not try to integrate Space-Time Ninjutsu within your Ice Teleportation? I find that you already have a good talent for space perception; you should be successful.”

“Space-Time Ninjutsu? Flying Thunder God?” Minato’s proposal was so tempting to Ryo, it shook him up.

“I’m not talking about you learning Flying Thunder God. I’m saying that if you get better space perception, you should be able to sense your Ice From a distance and teleport to it.

Minato’s words made Ryo’s eyes shine bright, for this was indeed a feasible method.

“Minato Ni-san, can you help me with practice tomorrow?” Ryo was full of anticipation.

“No problem! I’ll see you tomorrow in the 3rd training ground.”

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