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H.R.P Chapter 133: Apprentice

Unexpectedly, Ryo was able to remain in Konoha for over a month. In addition to improving his Ice Teleportation, he also met Yugao quite often.

“Hey, Yugao, what do you want to have today?” In the early morning, Ryo took Yugao to Ichiraku Ramen.

Over the past month, he actually took her here very often. The owner Teuchi always greeted them and welcomed them happily.

After eating Ramen, the two would go to the 3rd training ground, where Ryo would teach Yugao Kenjutsu.

Like in the Manga, Yugao loved Kenjutsu, and Ryo, being Sakumo’s student for a very long time, had some Hatake clan style knowledge that he was passing on to her.

As Ryo was immersed in this world of his, the 3rd was already working on his next plan.

In his office, a young 9 year-old boy was standing before him.

The 3rd looked at the boy’s black hair, and felt nostalgic about his old days.

The kid didn’t show the slightest signs of being under tension while standing before the Hokage, and he quietly waited for his orders.

He was Uchiha Shisui, one of the Uchiha’s geniuses, and the one to be later on known as Shisui of the Body Flicker.

He was a descendent of Kagami Uchiha, the 3rd Hokage’s comrade, and he was also to become Itachi’s greatest friend and mentor.

The 3rd reminisced for quite some time about his days with his old pal Kagami, before finally coming back to his mind.

“Sorry, sorry, I’ve been distracted. Shisui, you have graduated two years ago! How has your training with your clan been going?” Asked the 3rd with a smile.

“Thanks for your concern Hokage Sama, my clan has been very kind to me.” Shisui answered politely.

After early graduation, usually Ninjas would get trained by their own clans for a while before joining a team. Shisui was no exception.

This had several purposes: It was an efficient way to help a genin master his clan’s signature techniques, while giving him a deeper sense of belonging.

After graduating from the Academy at the age of 7, Shisui had been studying Ninjutsu with his clan for two years.

According to customs, it was about time for him to join the ranks of other Ninjas in his clan and begin performing tasks.

As the 3rd was very impressed of the young genius, he invited specifically to ask him if he had preference for a certain future instructor had.

“Shusui, you know I was a good friend to Kagami. If you have any Jonin you want as your instructor, just tell me.” The 3rd directly asked young Shisui.

“Hokage sama, I have no requirements, as long as the instructor is strong enough. I need to learn and become stronger to contribute to Konoha’s prosperity as soon as possible.” Said Shisui firmly.

The 3rd laughed, and felt that the kid had indeed inherited his comrade’s will. He felt very relieved; the more he talked with Shisui, the more he was impressed.

“Speaking of powerful Ninjas, right now, we have two who are pretty strong. One is Minato, and the other is Ryo. Minato already has desciples, so how does Ryo sound to you?” Asked the 3rd.

“Ryo? Ryo Yamanaka sama?” Ryo’s reputation had reached Shisui, just like everyone else in Konoha.

“Yes, that one. He’s Kage tier, powerful, and had just returned from the Lightning Country’s battlefield.”

“Hokage sama, will Ryo Yamanaka sama be willing to teach me?” Shisui thought about the relationship between the Yamanaka and the uchiha clan, and then asked awkwardly.

“Of course! Anbu, go to the 3rd training ground and bring along Ryo Yamanaka!” The 3rd wanted to prove he wasn’t talking out of nothing.

The Anbu went, and in no time, he reached Ryo.

After a while, Ryo, his face gloomy after having his private world invaded, entered the office.

The 3rd noticed his face, but didn’t ask much. He just said with a smile: “Ryo, I have an apprentice for you. He…”

“I don’t want an apprentice. I’ll excuse myself, see you Hokage sama!” Ryo said as he turned around to leave.

“Cough, Hokage sama, it seems that Ryo san was having some sort of date that we have interrupted.” Whispered the Anbu to the 3rd.

The 3rd face blushed. He understood why Ryo was so gloomy entering the office. “Cough! Ryo, hold on!”

“What else Hokage sama?”

“Ryo, if you accept this apprentice, I promise to never disturb a date of yours again. Also, you won’t struggle with Shisui, he’s a genius! He just needs a good teacher to guide him.” The 3rd Said.


“Yes! Shisui Uchiha, his clan’s latest prodigy!”

Hearing that name, Ryo immediately decided to accept the new apprentice. Just Shisui’s Mangekyo Sharingan was enough to intrigue him, let alone his nickname, Shisui of the Body Flicker.

Ryo saw Shisui, who was quite nervous, stepping in, and he nodded in approval.

Seeing Ryo’s approval, the 3rd was relieved. He nodded as well to Shisui, and said goodbye to Ryo.

Shisui walked towards Ryo. Just when he reached him, the latter put his hand over his shoulder and said: “Close your eyes!”

Hearing Ryo, Shisui closed his eyes immediately.

Using the Teleportation Barrier, Ryo reached the 3rd training ground with Shisui.

“Hokage sama, was that the Flying Thunder God?” asked the Anbu in surprise.

The 3rd shook his head and said: “No… this is another technique created by Minato. I didn’t expect that the kid would learn it so quickly!”

Shisui, who was taken to the 3rd training ground, was looking around in awe.

“Now you can introduce yourself!”

Hearing Ryo, Shisui turned to his new instructor and said immediately: “Ryo Yamanaka sama, I’m Uchiha Shisui, it’s my honor to meet you!”

“Drop the Sama part. Since I accepted being your teacher, you’re my apprentice now. Just call me Sensei! “

“Yes, Sensei!”


After establishing their relationship, the 1st thing Ryo did was making Shisui face Yugao.

With Ryo’s power, Shisui wouldn’t have a chance to show what he’s all about. The only one around that was fitting for this fight was Yugao.

While Shisui was the Uchiha clan’s genius, Yugao had practiced Kenjutsu with Kakashi when she was young, and then learned more of the Hatake Style with Ryo recently. Even though she was so young, she was already at the level of a Chunin.

However, Shisui was still on a whole other level, and she had no way to handle such an opponent.

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