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H.R.P Chapter 134: Shisui’s Talent

Ryo’s purpose was just to figure out Shisui’s current level, so as soon as it showed that the latter was winning, Ryo stopped the fight.

“At this age, being high Chunin level, so fitting of an Uchiha genius!” Said Ryo.

Shisui’s response was unexpectedly calm, and he showed no signs of arrogance facing Ryo’s praise, as if he wasn’t a 9-year-old child.

Then Ryo asked about Shisui’s basics practice, and the latter told him that he had finished climbing the trees and walking on water.

Ryo was somewhat fond of this disciple who came out of nowhere. Facing the real deal was nothing like reading his description in the Manga.

Later on in his life, Shisui was to be called “Shisui of the Body Flicker”, for his advanced use and knowledge of the Body Flicker Jutsu.

Ryo is originally a speed-type Ninja as well. He was greatly familiar with the Body Flicker; so Ryo believed that with his training, Shisui should surpass the level he had reached in the Manga.

Ryo was in a comfortable position to use the knowledge he had from his previous life without raising suspicions. After all, Shisui was already his apprentice, and there was no reason for him to hold back.

“Shisui, what kind of Ninja do you want to be in the future? I’m talking about fighting style!” Ryo looked at Shisui and asked.

Shisui took a while to think and then said: “Sensei, I think speed is the most valuable asset a Ninja could have. I want to be a speed style Ninja!”

Hearing the answer he wanted to hear, Ryo became even more satisfied with his new disciple.

This way, Ryo’s enclosed world had a third party join it. However, this third part was rather sensible, never interrupting Ryo and Yugao’s chats.

Shisui had fire, lightning and wind affinities. When it came to fire, Ryo had nothing to teach him. Ryo was great with Lightning Release of course, so they spent their 1st few days focusing mainly on that.

Ryo wasn’t about to teach Shisui Body-Flickering yet. He remembered that in the Manga, Shisui had 2 signature moves. One of them made him mainly invisible, even to sensor Ninjas, and relied mainly on his immense speed. The other one required a few extra hand seals, and that was the [Afterimage Clone Jutsu]. Ryo speculated that it involved Wind Release somehow.

Wind transformation was usually linked to having a cutting effect, so Ryo had no idea how Wind Release would be linked to Flickering.

Over the course of the few following days, Ryo exposed Shisui to Wind Release, while thinking about the matter: what will change with the addition of Wind Release to the Flicker?

“Shisui, how do you perceive the wind?” Ryo thought for a long time without finding clue, so he decided to ask Shisui, for perhaps his simple answers might open closed doors.

“Sensei, I believe it’s the flow of air. Its effects differentiate depending on its speed.”

Ryo’s eyes shined brightly as he heard Shisui’s simple answer. He suddenly realized that he had been shackled by this world’s warrior mentality, making him limit air to being a mean to inflict cuts.

Realizing this, Ryo’s mind became clear, and Wind Release suddenly held many more uses.

Then, he started training, and finally managed to merge the concepts of body flicker with Wind Release. With that, a technique similar to Shisui’s Afterimage Clone Jutsu was born.

Wind didn’t need ramp up to form, it was instantaneous. With the help of wind release, one would limit the time it took to initiate the flicker, creating an effect that’s not too far behind the Lightning Chakra Flicker in speed.

Moreover, when moving, the Wind Chakra would leave a residual afterimage in the user’s initial spot, making it difficult for his enemy to figure out his current spot.

Ryo tested the Wind Release Body Flicker in the 3rd training ground in front of Yugao and Shisui. In no time, the two looked around seeing Ryo being all over the place around them, and they were shocked.

Yugao ran over to Ryo, almost worshipping Ryo: “Ryo ne-san! What’s this technique? It’s not Clones no?”

Ryo smiled and patted on her head saying: “This is a new type of Body Flicker I’ve created for you and Shisui!”

Hearing that, the eyes of the two shined brightly. Ryo laughed watching the two stare at him in awe, and began teaching them right away.

Shisui had an amazing talent for Body-Flickering! Just like Anko had a talent for assimilating Natural Energy, Body Flicker seemed to be a technique designed just to be used by Shisui.

This technique was different from a normal Flicker. After Ryo’s improvements, while it was much faster, it was also much more difficult to master.

In just on after noon, he managed to perform the Body Flicker. However, Ryo’s attention was more towards Yugao!

Shisui looked at her with envy, and for the 1st time, he noticed the advantages a girl could get.

Ryo was actually very serious about teaching Yugao. The day didn’t end without her getting a little bit into the technique. From then on, it was time for her to master it.

A week later, both apprentices already mastered the Body Flicker Jutsu fully. In fact, Shisui had complete mastery over the technique three days before that, but he couldn’t show that as Ryo told him not to.

With that done, Ryo began his 1st step towards getting them to Merge Wind Release to the Flicker. What he had found out, was that the two of them were clueless when it came to Wind Release.

No one taught them Wind Release Ninjutsu before, and Ryo could only start teaching them from scratch.

Two weeks later, both of them managed to use their Wind Affinities.

Then, under Ryo’s guidance, Shisui finally managed to merge the two techniques together, using the Afterimage Clone Jutsu in front of Ryo for the 1st time.

However, Yugao wasn’t able to get it just yet. Seeing that Shisui was successful, she was under even more pressure and she kept failing again and again.

Ryo’s face was gloomy. He stopped practicing with Shisui, and used the Teleportation Barrier to throw him into the Forest of Death! Shisui looked around in the forest and smiled.

Returning to the 3rd Training Ground, Ryo continued teaching Yugao, one on one this time.

The following day, the two apprentices arrived at the 3rd training ground quite early, and began practicing as usual. That’s when Ryo was interrupted by Orochimaru.

“Ryo kun! I have brought something very good to show you!“ Said Orochimaru excitedly!

Ryo thought about the Manga’s timeline. The Battle of Kikyo Pass should be drawing close, and Orochimaru must have found Hashirama’s cells. Ryo was also very interested in that.

The 1st Hokage’s cells were the Monk Tang’s Meat of the Naruto world. Unfortunately, it was as if this meat was poisoned.

(Translator Note: Monk Tang is a fictional Chinese character from “Journey to the West”. In the story, Monk Tang’s flesh is supposed to grant immortality and eternal youth. Poisoned Monk Tang’s Meat should probably mean that it’s more like a double edged sword, bring both death and great power.)

Ryo wanted to see 1st hand what was special about these cells, to he accompanied Orochimaru to his lab.

Orochimaru’s lab was located outside the village. Ryo followed him all the way there, hoping to see the good things that he was mentioning.

However, Ryo didn’t find Hashirama’s cells. Instead, what he found was a pair of Sharingans.

Ryo felt the power of the two Sharingans that were handed to him, and his face gradually became heavy.

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