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H.R.P Chapter 136: Necessary Growth

Orochimaru had no idea about Danzo’s conspiracy. However, even if he knew, he wasn’t about to give the matter any of his precious time. He was working with Anko on the new cloning technology.

It’s worth mentioning that the relationship between him and Anko was very different from what it was like in the Manga. Unlike with that simple Sensei-apprentice relationship, Anko was now his main assistant.

Over the past few days, Ryo acquired a new understanding of the Wind Nature Transformation. Now, this Nature Transformation was a much more valuable asset to him than it was before.

He felt that he needed to learn more, so asked Minato to show him a few more B-Class Wind Release Jutsu.

Shisui had made tremendous progress over the course of those days. While he was at the level of Chunin in other aspects, his flicker speed was comparable to that of a quasi Kage.

Seeing how Ryo taught him such a powerful technique without any hesitation, Shisui was moved by his Sensei’s trust, and had much more respect to him.

The Uchiha, who were dissatisfied by the fact that their genius was given the young Ryo as Sensei, all stopped complaining after seeing Shisui’s flicker.

Because Shisui was using Wind Release, those of them who had the one tomoe Sharingan were not able to see him. Those with the 2 tomoe Sharingan could just capture the shadow of his movement, whole those with the 3 tomoe sharingan were able to fully capture Shisui movement, but were unable to distinguish between him and his afterimages.

The Uchiha, always proud of their Sharingan, were completely convinced by the results of Shisui’s training. Not just that, some of them actually grew a bit greedy.

Many of the Uchiha wanted Shisui to hand over this new flicker technique to the clan. However, they were all stopped by the clan’s head, Uchiha Katachi.

While the rest of them didn’t know it, Katachi, who had been fighting alongside Ryo in the Lightning Country’s battleground, was really familiar with Ryo’s strength.

Katachi knew very well, that even he, as a quasi kage, would not be able to stand up to Ryo for a minute, with the possibility of him being taken down in a an instant.

After learning about the matter from Shisui, Ryo’s view of Kakachi changed a little bit.

Anyone could turn greedy. What really matters was whether they would live long enough to enjoy what they craved after taking it. Katachi’s approach made Ryo pay more respect to him: that man was really worthy of being clan head.

“Shisui, remember this. In the future, whenever someone wants to take what’s yours by force: Kill them on the spot! If they do happen too tough for you to handle, just call me! I’ll help you finish them!”

“Yes Sensei!” Hearing Ryo, Shisui laughed very happily.

Ryo had nothing more to say about the mater, and he continued working on Wind Ninjutsu, while Shisui continued his daily practice.

A few days after the incident, Yugao was about to graduate from the Academy.

As a graduation gift, Ryo got her to sign a summoning contract with Kogin, making the later her summoned beast.

Early next morning, Yugao arrived early at the 3rd training ground, waiting for Ryo to arrive.

At the same time, Ryo and Shisui arrived to practice. After waiting for a quite a while, Yugao rushed at the approaching Ryo saying: “Ni san, you must come with me to my graduation exam!”

“Alright!” Ryo very happily agreed. Even if she didn’t ask, Ryo was going to do that anyway.

Seeing Ryo agree, Yugao was very happy, and went to the Academy. Soon after she left, Ryo followed with Shisui alongside him.

The graduation test had just started. Yugao had no problem dealing with it. Her basics were flawless, and she passed with a perfect score.

For her future team, Ryo had decided who she would go with. The 3rd had already promised not to interfere. As soon as the exam was finished, Anko came to take Yugao along with her.

Yes, the Sensei that Ryo picked for Yugao was Orochimaru.

One could say all he wants on Orochimaru, but in fighting experience, he was second to none in the village.

Another thing was that Ryo had been overprotective of Yugao whenever he trained her. She needed to learn about the cruelty of this world, and Orochimaru was perfect for that.

In the Manga, Sasuke was Orochimaru’s apprentice for two years. His power increased immensely, and was even able to take down Deidara.

In his battle against Diedara, Sasuke was able to restrain him opponent rendering him helpless enough to resort to C0, choosing to destroy himself along with Sasuke.

Taking in a top tier genin, and getting him to Jonin tier and beyond, making him a fully fledged Quasi Kage in two years, proves Orochimaru’s great capability as a teacher.

After Yugao left with Anko, Ryo returned to the 3rd Training Ground with Shisui. While his girl was important, he had to focus on his apprentice, who was also greatly important to him. He decided to teach him something new.

Shisui had great talent for Wind and Fire release, suiting his status as an Uchiha. However, his talent with Lightning was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, Ryo was planning to teach him the Lightning Chakra Mode today. As Ryo’s apprentice, how could he not have that technique in his arsenal?

Ryo started with the very basics. Yes, being a Speed-type Ninja should fit Shisui the best. However, speed on its own is not enough.

Ryo, with his Ice affinity, can make devastating attacks, which when paired with his regular Ninjutsu and speed, could prove to be very powerful. Shisui, on the other hand, had no Ice Affinity.

Therefore, Ryo wanted him to use the Lightning Chakra mode for the sake of strengthening his Taijutsu and enhancing his attack power.

Shisui’s talent with Lightning Release was incomparable to his talent with the Body Flicker. After three whole days, he barely started to grasp infusing his cells with Lightning Chakra.

Ryo felt somewhat helpless, but Shisui kept on working hard.

On Yugao’s side, being taught for three days by Orochimaru had a great impact on her: Orochimaru’s method was simply getting het to face Anko.

After learning Sage Mode, Anko could actually compete with a Quasi Kage. Of course, even when not in Sage Mode, she was at the level of a Jonin. Yugao was no opponent to her by any means.

Ororchimaru never taught Anko anything such as mercy, so Yugao was being pummeled down by her for three days straight.

Ryo secretly sneaked on them, and saw Yugao being hurt. While it was very distressing for him, he could clearly see Yugao’s growth in her eyes.

Before, Yugao’s eyes were always faint, and she always seemed absent-minded. Now, she was serious about facing Anko as she had never been before.

Yugao had grown up; that’s what Ryo wanted. Even though he felt like objecting to Orochimaru’s methods, he did not interfere.

Ryo knew that he could not be omnipotent. He could only hope that Yugao would become strong enough to protect herself in his absence.

This world he’s in is full of hazards, and one must be capable of holding his own to survive.

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