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H.R.P Chapter 145: Battle of Kikyo Pass (7)

After talking with Minato, Ryo rushed to where Orochimaru was.

The Gobi’s battle with Kushina wasn’t settled yet, and Ryo decided to go ahead and collect the Ichibi’s Chakra.

At this time, Orochimaru was observing Jiraya’s Sage Mode. He had encountered Ryo’s and Anko’s Sage Modes already, and he felt that Jiraya’s Mode was somewhat different from the two.

“Orochi san, what are you looking at?” Ryo’s voice interrupted Orochimaru’s thoughts.

If it was someone else interrupting Orochimaru’s thoughts, they would receive a very bad death. However, this was Ryo, and Orochimaru actually asked him about his concerns instead.

“Ryo Kun, Jiraya’s Sage Mode seems to be different from yours and Anko’s. His appearance had changed drastically, and he can maintain it for a lot longer.”

“Ah that?! It’s because Jiraya san’s Sage Mode is not perfect. He needs the two Great Sage Toads in order to attain it. They allow him not only to enter Sage Mode, but also to maintain it with no time limit as they harness Natural Energy for him.”

Ryo explained to Orochimaru the advantages and disadvantages of Jiraya’s Sage Mode. After listening to his answer, Orochimaru lowered his head and remained silent as he thought it over.

Soon after, he looked as if he gave up on understanding something. He raised his head and asked Ryo: “Ryo kun, what brought you to me?”

“I want your help Orochi san, to harness Shukaku’s Chakra and give me some of it.”

Orochimaru didn’t hesitate to nod and agreed. He directly pulled out his Sword of Kusanagi and cut off the Ichibi’s tail.

Unlike the Wind Country, most of Kikyo pass’s terrain was made out of stone. Only a small portion of Shikaku’s body was sand, the rest was Chakra.

The place where a Biju’s Chakra is most focused is his tail. Orochimaru naturally knew this, so he went straight for it.

Ryo quickly pulled out his sealing scroll, and sealed the tail within it. The Chakra was supported with the Sand and maintained its integrity.

“Alright! Thank you for the help Orochi san!”

Orochimaru didn’t answer, and got back to observing Jiraya’s battle.

Looking at where he was staring, Ryo also saw the state of that battle.

In face of Jiraya’s offense, Rasa could not get the upper hand, and could only rely on the defense provided by the Gold Sand, barely resisting his opponent.

Ryo felt that this battle was about to turn into Jiraya full victory at any moments, so he turned his attention to Sakumo, Ebizo and Chiyo.

While Chiyo and Ebizo were pretty old, they were still veteran Kage Tier Ninjas and had rich combat experience. On top of that, they are brother and sister, and had been fighting together since their childhood. It was natural that they had an amazing fighting harmony.

Neither of them was a worthy opponent of Sakumo. However, facing them together, even the White Fang wasn’t enough to bring them down.

Chiyo also had her motive of taking revenge against her son and daughter in law’s killer. Ebizo naturally sympathized with his sister’s feelings.

Sakumo could only play hide and seek with the two. That was the only way to guarantee that he would not lose to the two.

However, Ryo felt that Sakumo wasn’t going to lose anyway, so he turned his attention to the Gobi’s fight against Kushina.

The Gobi was in a situation similar to that of Rasa, but it was only worse. At least, Rasa was able to defend himself, but the Gobi was standing there as a punching bag.

However, just by the merit of being a Biju, he was very resilient. Anyone else would have long surrendered in this kind of state.

Seeing that this battle had already been won, Ryo saluted Orochimaru and went to Kushina.

It was just as he arrived that the Gobi lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

“Hey Ryo! What are you doing here?” Kushina saw Ryo and asked curiously.

“I’m here to collect a part of the Gobi’s Chakra.” Ryo answered.

“Why do you want the Gobi’s Chakra? If you need a Biju’s Chakra, I’ll lend you that of Kurama!” Kushina looked at the Gobi on the ground disdainfully.

“Kushina, I’m taking over. I have a few questions to ask the kid.” Kushina was about to say that the Gobi was trash, when she was interrupted by the Kyubi.

Kushina could only give control to Kurama.

After he took over, Kurama immediately controlled Chakra back to Kushina’s body, and she returned to her normal appearance. But the scarlet pupils in her eyes showed that he was in control.

He shielded Kushina’s perception and directly asked Ryo: “Kid, why are you collecting the Biju’s Chakra?”

Kurama sounded serious, and Ryo knew what he was worried about. He didn’t want to lie to him and directly said: “To become stronger, to protect those who are important to me!”

Kurama stared at Ryo, and felt the sincerity in his words. After some silence, he continued to ask: “Is Kushina one of those important people?”

“Of course, not just Ne-san, you as well!” Ryo answered without hesitation.

The Kyubi’s perception of good and evil told him that Ryo’s words were completely from the heart. This answer took the value off of all his other questions.

“Protect me? Kid, you’re still a 100 years too young to protect me!” Saying that, Kurama returned Kushina’s body to her.

Ryo laughed. Kurama was exactly the same as he was in Manga, just a big mean fox!

After taking back control over her body, she went on and took out the middle tail off the Gobi following the Kyubi’s instructions.

After Ryo sealed that tail, he was ready to take the scroll and go. However, Kushina suddenly entered the Tailed Coat Mode, with three tails appearing behind her.

“Ryo, Kurama asked me to hand you this part of his Chakra.” After saying that, Kushina took out a scroll, sealed the Chakra and handed it to Ryo.

Just in one day, Ryo managed to collect Chakra from three Biju. The most important thing was that he got the Chakra of the Kyubi as well.

Now he already had the Ichibi’s, the Yonbi’s, the Gobi’s, and the Kyubi’s Chakra.

Ryo was collecting this Chakra for a very simple reason: keeping an ace up his sleeve.

Moreover, he didn’t take much of their Chakra, and the Biju should recover in a few days. His actions had little effect on them.

However, his plan wasn’t just getting the Biju’s Chakra and keeping it in those scrolls.

Ryo was seeking the opportunity to see the legendary Rikudo Sennin, so it was best to get a part of the Gedo Mazo.

Pairing the Biju’s Chakra with Juubi’s body just makes sense.

Moreover, with his Ice Teleportation and Teleportation Barrier, Ryo was confident that even when facing Madara, he should manage to at least leave safely.

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