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H.R.P Chapter 144: Battle of Kikyo Pass (6)

Minato did his best to control the beast, constantly attacking the Yonbi with Rasengan.

Son Goku was much stronger, but Minato wasn’t giving him the slightest window to make an attack. On terms of speed and flexibility, the two weren’t even in the same league.

However, Minato’s attacks weren’t making any substantial damage to him, so the Yonbi didn’t care much.

Suddenly, he felt a deadly threat, a force that’s enough to kill him.

Although the beast would never die forever, the feeling of death was something that he didn’t want to feel again.

He immediately went on a rampage, releasing Lava all around him.

Just as Minato started to become exhausted, Son Goku realized who it was bringing him this deadly threat.

“Wicked brat, it’s you!” The Yonbi became even more agitated, rushing at Ryo desperately.

A smile appeared on the corner of Ryo’s mouth, as he released the Ice Arrow that he had already prepared.

The arrow broke through the air, landing on the Yonbi in the blink of an eye. That’s when Ryo controlled it to explode.

Then, he and Minato blinked hiding in the distance. This arrow was the one with most Natural Energy that Ryo had ever created. Even he had no idea about the extent of its power.

The arrow exploded in the Yonbi’s body, and then Natural Energy that lost its vessel expanded, engulfing the entirety of the Yonbi, and freezing him for the inside out.

The Yonbi, becoming an ice sculpture, had already lost consciousness at this time, and the Ice Arrow ravaged through its body, and Chakra began to dissipate from within it.

Eventually, with the sound of shattering Ice, the Yonbi was split into halves, which in turn crumbled into ice crystal, and the Yonbi was killed again by Ryo.

“Hey… Ryo… that Jutsu of yours is terrible! Minato looked at the Yonbi’s Chakra dissipating and gasped.

“Calmd down Ni san, it is but a Jutsu.” Ryo tilted his head, showing Minato he didn’t care much about that.

“This is beyond of me calming down. This is a Biju killer Justu, with seemingly no side effects. Don’t you think it’s terrifying?”

Ryo scratch his head, acting clueless. Minato sighed helplessly thinking: “He’s just too young to appreciate what he had just done.

But he wasn’t going to say anything more about it. Only the two of them were here, meaning that no one needed to know how strong this Jutsu was.

Then Minato returned to the battlefield with Ryo. After they left, a white figure on the ground flashed away.

Back on the battlefield, neither Minato nor Ryo engaged in battle immediately. They both stood on the side observing the situation on the battlefield.

Jiraya’s battle against Rasa was coming to an end, with Rasa having little to do against his enemy.

Ever since Jiraya brought out Sage Mode against him, Rasa had been successfully suppressed in every battle, but never killed.

Sakumo had a bit of a disadvantage against the two siblings fighting him, but he wasn’t about to lose anytime soon either.

The battle between Orochimaru and Bunpuku was already over. Just like what happened against the Yonbi before, Orochimaru Manda’s venom to paralyze the Ichibi’s body and then beat it.

The Ichibi lost consciousness, collapsing. Because Orochimaru didn’t wake Bunpuku up, the Ichibi was there on the ground in plain sight.

Now Orochimaru, Minato and Ryo were all observing the state of the battlefield.

When Ryo turned his attention to Kushina’s side, he found that her battle was also one sided.

This time, Kushina didn’t use the Biju Mode, but instead fought in tailed coat mode, while the Gobi was in full Biju mode.

However, Kushina already had 8 tails out. Her Chakra was already several times more than that of Han.

In that state, she was in version two, and didn’t keep her human appearance. Her whole body was blood red, and two Fox ears appeared upon her head, while her hands also turned into claws.

If it wasn’t for her sneer from time to time, Ryo would have doubted that she had been overtaken by Kurama.

On the other side, Minato could no longer look away after seeing Kushina.

While she was manhandling the Gobi, Minato was still looking worried.

As for Kushina, she was complaining to Kuruma.

“Oy, Kuruma! I’m a girl! How could you do this! This eight-tailed look is ugly!”

“Hey! Do you know how many people tried to use my power without me allowing them?!” Kurama said proudly as he licked his tail.

“I don’t care; I just want to finish this guy already so I could look normal again.”

Kushina was acting like a rascal, but Kurama didn’t pay any attention to that.

It was because of his memories from the Ryumyaku’s incident, the ones that Minato’s seal wasn’t able to suppress.

He already knew that there were some people who are bound to come, seeking to control Kushina. He had to make Kushina capable of controlling his full strength as soon as possible. He thought, if that was to happen, no one would be able to fully control him, even an Uchiha.

If the Biju and the Jinchuriki become able of working together, their joint strength wouldn’t be the simple sum of its parts.

The Kyubi is the most powerful of all Biju. If Kushina was to fully control its power, then she would be able to beat any user of the Susanoo. (Author Note: This is based on the fact that Naruto was able to fight on par with Sasuke’s perfect Susanoo, with just one half of Kurama.)

Although she didn’t understand why Kurama was so strict with her, Kushina believe that he would never harm her.

She had been working very hard to master his power, and Kurama was very pleased with this. Today’s battle is the stage where the result of their hard work shall appear.

If the Kyubi helped her conquer his negative emotions, it would be like helping a student cheat on an exam.

In that case, if someone else would try to forcibly control him, she wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Kushina, while being a little bit silly, didn’t have her mind wrapped on Kurama. She focused on the Gobi, just to end this as soon as possible and leave this state.

The Gobi kept being on the defense. The Kyubi’s Chakra was too horrible, and any attempt from him to attack would result in him getting a critical hit.

Kushina became serious. While the Gobi was being beaten, he was really hanging on!

She threw him into the air, and then attacked him before even giving the poor thing a chance to fall.

Seeing that, Minato was relieved, and stopped having doubts about Kushina’s chances to win.

Ryo looked away from that fight, and then quickly turned back. His eyes were shining bright, as he just had a new idea: This was a perfect chance to collect the Chakra of two Biju!

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