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H.R.P Chapter 150: The Eyes in the Dark

Later, as planned, Yamada contacted people in the village, and then led Jiraya and Ryo inside.

While he was making his contacts, Ryo used that time to make a Teleportation Barrier mark.

On their way in, he linked his mind to Jiraya who explained how his plan went to him along the way.

As soon as the two initially arrived at the port, Jiraya noticed the barrier outside the village.

It was clear to him that they should not force through. Once they would break the barrier, they will be discovered.

So he just started wondering around, and it was all for the sake of collecting information.

He learned from the chatter of the people around that the hotel right besides village had a very high reputation. He also heard that the Mist had wanted to sell some of the metal used to forge Kibikiribocho.

Using all that information, he decided to spend large sum of money at the hotel to lure in the owner, get his trust, and enter the Mist Village.

Ryo was stunned hearing this. Is this the usual greedy perv he always knew?

Because of the link between their minds, Jiraya heard that thought, and hit Ryo’s back stealthily, before continuing to talk about their next plan.

Jiraya was thinking of getting acquainted with some people in the village, while Ryo goes around hearing chatter and gathering information.

But when the two entered the village, they discovered that such tactics should not really work.

It was because of the strange mood in the village. Everyone was in a hurry. They didn’t even say hello or greet each other, let alone chat.

“Hey Jiraya san, this doesn’t look good!” Ryo said to Jiraya.

“I didn’t think that the village would be like this. It’s like the old man said, this village has problems!” 

“What should we do? This way, we’re not getting anywhere!” 

“Don’t worry, I’ll find away. Don’t talk too much.” Jiraya said with a serious tone.

Yamada, who was leading the way, looked back and found that two didn’t look right, as they were looking at their surroundings helplessly.

“Don’t be nervous. There have been some things happening in the village recently. This will not affect the purchase, be relieved.” He tried to calm them down.

“Do you know what’s going on? This mood is too oppressive, almost makes me feel out of breath.” Jiraya tried to make Yamada talk.

“It’s… I’m sorry, it’s a private matter of our village, you should not ask.” Yamada hesitated, by did not disclose any information.

Jiraya didn’t ask again, and continued to follow Yamada to a two flood building in the Mist Village.

On the second floor, an old man, seemingly fifty to sixty years old, was already waiting.

“I’ll introduce, this is the elder consultant of our village, Ching Yuki. Ching Yuki san, these are the people who want to buy the metal.” After introducing the two sides to each other, Yamada sat down.

“Ryo, is there any way you could put this old man under the effect of Ginjutsu?”Said Jiraya telepathically. 

“Genjutsu? Jiraya san, do you want me to put these two under the effect of Genjutsu, and then use our Yamanaka clan’s techniques to read through their memories?”

“Well, this is the only solution I see. Otherwise, with the village’s current state, we won’t be able to collect any useful information at all. Try, and if we fail, we’ll just give up the task and use your Teleportation Barrier to escape.”

Jiraya did seem desperate, and Ryo didn’t hesitate, opening up his Sharingan.

Last time he faced a Yuki, Ryo used the Sharingan to copy his techniques. 

However, this was actually the 1st time Ryo used the Sharingan’s Genjutsu in a mission.

If he succeeds, things should very well. Fortunately, he did.

Ryo spiritual power was too strong, and Ching’s wasn’t expecting being targeted by Genjutsu, so he was successfully caught in an illusion.

Ryo immediately turned back to Yamada and did the same, and the common man held no chance against a Sharingan’s Genjutsu. He was easily controlled by Ryo.

Time was tight, and Ryo didn’t know how long his Genjutsu should last. So he immediately started using his clan’s techniques.

There were too many memories in Ching’s mind, with a lot of them being very valuable. Even though he found memories about Ice Jutsus, Ryo could only give up on reading them, and start looking for the most recent one.

A few minutes later, he found them. After reading them, Ryo understood what happened to the village.

It turned out that after the death of the 3rd Mizukage, many people in the village fought to become the Fourth.

The Mist village has always worshipped strength. In the end Yagura was the one to win the position of fourth Mizukage, and his 1st order was implementing martial law in the whole village.

Because the previous Sanbi Jinchuriki was dying, and Yagura was the only one who could control it, the Sanbi Jinchuriki could only be him.

Therefore, he forced the martial law in the village to insure that the transfer of the Biju proceeds smoothly.

After learning thar, Ryo left Ching’s mind, and after notifying Jiraya, he dispelled the Genjutsu he used.

Genjutsu can lead to disrupting the Chakra flow in one’s body. Ching felt problems with his Chakra circulation, and stood up immediately, staring at the two in front of him.

However, after seeing fist-sized gems in front if him, he immediately sat down and continued doing business.

After the purchase was completed, Ryo and Jiraya left the village and returned to the hotel with Yamada. Neither of them noticed that Yamada had a strange smile as he walked away.

In a whole a thousand miles away. A white haired skinny bodied old man had his eyes closed.

The man looked as if his life was a candle in the wind, about to be extinguished at any moment. Even so, his presence had great pressure.

“Madara sama!” a white figure suddenly sprouted out of the ground calling the old man.

The old man’s eyes suddenly opened, showing a pair of scarlet 3 tomoe sharingan.

“Mad… Madara sama, I have something… I want to … tell you.” The white figured was absolutely frightened in front of the old man.

“What is it, white?” Madara toned down his bloodthirst, and faintly asked.

“Madara sama, we found Jiraya and Ryo Yamanaka in the water country!” 

“What were they doing there?” Madara asked.

“According to the one faking to be Yamada Nagakyu, they are collecting information on the state of the village. Should anything be done?” 

“No, let them leave! They won’t influence our plan. For now, controlling Yagura is the most important thing.” After finishing his words, Madara closed his eyes again.

After getting his instructions, White Zetsu sneaked into the Water Country.