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H.R.P Chapter 151: Re-entering the Mist Village

In the hotel, Ryo looked curiously at the two pieces of metal that were the size of a child’s fist each.

Kubikiribocho’s blade had an intriguing property. It was able to self-repair whenever it got damage by being exposed to blood. If this metal is used to make other weapons, they should have a similar property.

Ryo felt no need for a weapon. With eyes release and all it could provide, what weapon would he ever need?

And Jiraya also doesn’t usually use swords or such weapons, but he paid for this metal anyway!

“Jiraya san, I didn’t expect you to be so rich. You have so many rare gems!” Ryo said with a smile.

“Those are no rare gems; they’re just ordinary crystals that I’ve infused with natural energy.” 

“WHAT? Jiraya san, you’re a master trickster!” Ryo was completely shocked by Jiraya’s genius moved.

They had been here for such a short time, and not only did Jiraya complete his task, but he also acquired such precious metals practically for free. Ryo was admiring this lecherous man more and more.

“Kid, this is no time to be surprise. We have done our task, and now just need to leave!”

Ryo nodded. As soon as the two left the room, they headed straight to the port.

When the ship left the port, Jiraya was finally relieved. As they left the Water Country, their mission was finally a complete success.

After the boat traveled for an hour or saw, after leaving the borders, Ryo said to Jiraya: “Jiraya san, I have something I need to tell you.

“What is it?” Since the mission ended with success, Jiraya asked Ryo about what he wanted to say casually.

“I want to return to the Water Country!” 

“Alright, go… wait, what did you say? Back to the water country?” Jiraya remained silent, staring at Ryo.

“Yes, Jiraya san. The Sanbi means a lot to me. You can just go back to Konoha alone. I want to go to the Water Country and find a way to get the Sanbi!” Ryo said firmly.

“Kid are you serious? This is the Water Country, that’s the Mist enemy village you’re talking about. We’ve thanfully got out safely. I won’t agree with this!” Jiraya also firmly rejected Ryo’s request.

“Jiraya san, you can rest assured. I’ve put a Teleportation Barrier in the Hotel, no one could stop me. I’ve also left much of my Ice in the Mist village; it won’t be a problem for me to sneak in.”

As Jiraya thought about Ryo’s words, the latter noticed that he was loosening up to the idea.

“Don’t worry Jiraya san, if I find I’m in trouble, I’ll just withdraw immediately. You know Minato Ni-san’s Teleportation Barrier. It’s fail proof, and I should have no problems escaping.”

After some persuasion, Ryo succeeded in convincing Jiraya to let him return to the Water Country.

So Ryo used the Teleportation Barrier mark he had left in the hotel room to return there, and then used Transformation Jutsu to look like Ching Yuki, to keep himself from being discovered immediately.

After making his preparations, Ryo teleported into the building where Jiraya made the purchase.

He placed his Ice scalpel on the second floor before leaving. Therefore, that’s who he reappeared.

He did not expect to find Ching Yuki in the room. When he did, he immediately activated his Sharingan, using Genjutsu immediately on him. Ching lost control of his body before being able to react.

Ryo did not hesitate, rushing towards Ching and slitting his throat, then using his clan signature techniques to invade his mind.

Ryo’s use of this technique had its important purpose for Ryo. He was able to use it to obtain a lot of information from Ching.

Initially, he just wanted to recognize the treat of his character to look natural, and not raise suspicions. But after going through over a half of his memory, he ended up deciding to return to Ching’s home, as he saw in that an opportunity to get closer to the Sanbi Jinchuriki.

He then proceeded to seal Ching’s corpse in a scroll, stood up and walked downstairs. The guard who were seeing “Ching Yuki” get down did not ask any questions.

Following what he learned from Ching’s memories, Ryo went to the Yuki clan’s residence. 

Ching was the clan’s second in command. He and Bing Yuki were both Quasi Kage tier. However, the family had a chief elder who was Kage tier.

In the Mist Village, Ching was the clan’s representative, while the clan’s head was Bing. But in reality, the one really ruling the clan was the Chief elder.

Ryo did not want to meet the chief elder. But Ching was sent by him to trade the metal for jewels. If he wanted to pass as Ching, Ryo had to live his life.

To avoid any possible problems, Ryo re-injected Natural Energy within the crystal just to insure that they weren’t going to transform back any time soon.

“Knock Knock…. Chief, I’m Ching! I’ve brought what you wanted.”

“Well, come on in!” Hearing the voice coming from inside the house, Ryo immediately push the door in. He knew that the elders hated waiting from Ching’s memories.

The chief elder looked a lot older than Ching, and his hair was snow white. His bodies were actually emitting coldness. His Kekkei Genkai was developed beyond their own control, to the point where their bodies were seeping out with Ice Release Chakra.

On his side, Bing Yuki was sitting.

Ryo put the box full of crystals in front of them, and the chief elder opened it and showed a smile of satisfaction.

“Ching, you’ve done very well on this sale. We’ll be giving these crystals to the Mizukage, and that should help a lot with alleviating the clan’s financial problems.”

“You’re praising me too much. This is what I do!” Ryo talked in Ching’s tone.

“Well, Bing, what’s the kid doing about the passage of the Sanbi?” The Chief Elder asked.

“Well… I don’t know. We’ve barely seen Yagura san ever since the passing of the 3rd. I don’t have specific information progress.” Bing said after giving the matter some thought.

“That kid Yagura doesn’t know what he’s thinking! This Jinchuriki is no longer good. Now is the time to make the transfer. I don’t know how he’s thinking!” The Chief elder was somewhat dissatisfied.

“Chief, don’t worry about it. Yagura san is only in his early 20s, he’s bound to make some mistakes. The elder could only give the young ones pointers.” Answered big immediately.

“Well, you two come with me to the Sanbi Jinchuriki tonight. I need to see Yagura is doing!” 

“Yes chief!” Bing and Ryo both agreed simultaneously. 

Leaving the room of the chief, Bing and Ryo bid farewell to each other before the latter went to where the clan was hiding its scrolls.

On the Wave Country’s battlefield, Ryo learned most of the clan’s Jutsus. However, there must’ve been some that Bing didn’t use against him, and that’s what Ryo was seeking.

The Yuki clan was a large one, and had a very high status in the Mist Village. The building where they placed their scrolls was really luxurious.

Ryo went directly to the 2nd floor, where he knew, based on Ching’s memories, the secret Jutsus of the Yuki clan were hidden.