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H.R.P Chapter 152: Sanbi

In the evening, Ryo and Bing went to the place where the Sanbi was captured along with the Chief Head of the Yuki clan.

The Sanbi was hidden in the basement of the Mizukage’s building, and Yagura remained there as well.

It wasn’t clear to Ryo when Yagura was controlled, but he was sure that the Mizukage was going to end up being controlled by Madara.

In the Manga, it was the sealing of the Sanbi in Rin’s body that made her commit suicide at the hands of Kakashi, and that was the catalyst of almost all of the unfortunate events that followed.

It Madara did not control Yagura at that time, how would the Mist agree to seal an important strategic weapon such as the Sanbi within Rin?

Seeing Yagura, Ryo felt quite nervous, as the one in front of him might have been actually Uchiha Madara, the man who forged the fate of many generations.

After some hesitation, Ryo still ventured to open the Sharingan and observe Yagura’s Chakra flow.

He had to do so. If he was to confirm that Yagura was being controlled by Madara, he would have to immediately leave.

However, he didn’t observ any abnormalities in Yagura’s Chakra Flow. Therefore, he confirmed that the Mizukage wasn’t being controlled.

With that, Ryo confirmed that he wasn’t trying to take the Sanbi on Madara’s watch. That alone comforted him a lot.

“Yagura, what are you thinking about? It’s been so long. Why haven’t you started to transfer the Sanbi?” The Yuki Chief Elder asked.

“That’s my business. I don’t need you to tell me what to do.” Yagura frowned and said faintly.

“You…. I’m going to see for myself what you’re thinking!” After that, the Chief took Bing and Ryo along with him, entering the basement. 

There, Ryo was able to finally see the Sanbi that he had been dreaming of meeting.

Yes, it wasn’t the Sanbi Jinchurki that Ryo saw, it was the Sanbi itself, extracted from its human vessel! 

At this time, the Sanbi’s body looked smaller the few Biju that Ryo had already encountered. On top of that, its eyes were abnormal, as if it was under control.

Ryo was surprised. How come the Sanbi could be this small? Moreover, he could not remember any means possessed by the Mist that would allow them to be capable of controlling the Sanbi. So how come it’s under control?

“What’s the matter Yagura? What happened to the Jinchuriki?” The Chief was startled at the sight of the Sanbi.

As you can see, we have extracted the Sanbi from its Jinchuriki and put it under control.” 

“Why not seal it within you immediately?” 

“The Sanbi has lost a part of its Chakra after the extraction. I intend on waiting for it to recover first.” 

After listening to Yagura’s explanation, the elder didn’t speak.

Ryo also understood why the Sanbi was so small.

The whole basement fell silent for a while, and during that time, Ryo was trying to figure out a way to take the Sanbi away.

In that small basement, there was the 4th Mizukage, and the Chief Elder of the Yuki clan, making for two Kage tier Ninjas. 

There was Bing Yuki, and two other Anbu Quasi kages in the building. It was impossible to take the Sanbi away under their noses.

However, this was an opportunity that Ryo really didn’t want to give up on. The Sanbi was just too important to him. 

Having the Sanbi would be the equivalent to having Tobirama’s legendary contract with the sea. Ryo would get access to inexhaustible water!

With a lot of water support, Ryo’s attack power would become independent from the location he’s fighting in.

The Sanbi itself had great Chakra. With Such great Chakra, Ryo could evolve to become Kage tier, without the use of the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode and Sage Mode.

Thinking of that, Ryo’s eyes became determined: greatness comes from facing danger! This opportunity is not to be missed!

Deciding of taking action, Ryo was slowly approaching the Biju.

The people in the basement are all strong, and they all noticed Ryo approaching the Sanbi.

The Chief elder raised his eyebrow was about to reprimand, but Yagura had already started to attack “Ching Yuki”.  

The Elder snorted and formed an Ice Wall, Blocking Yagura’s attack.

“Old man, what do your people want to do? Do you think he could just touch whatever he sees?” Said Yagura with some sarcasm.

“If my hair does wrong, this old man will punish him. Did you have to immediately attack?” Asked the elder.

“I am the Mizukage, I can dispose of Ninjas in the village.”

“That’s where you’re wrong! It’s regular Ninjas that you can handle.” Bing Yuki stood besides the elder, showing his support to him against Yagura.

The Mist choose their Kage based on his strength. Yagura taking the position at such a young age made many dissatisfied.

Among those people were the Yuki clan, and Ryo was just so lucky! Yagura had angered the already dissatisfied Chief Elder.

After all, to him, this wasn’t Ryo Yamanaka that Yagura was attacking. It was Ching Yuki, the second in command and the spokesman of the clan.

The three looked at each other in anger, and the mood was tense. Meanwhile, Ryo was again slowly approaching the Sanbi.

As soon as he reached it, he quickly pulled out two scrolls with the [Four Symbols Seal] and opened them, quickly making his hand seals.

The three realized that they had done wrong. Even though they had never seen the [Four Symbols Seal] before, they could know it was Fuinjutsu related.

Quickly they all tried to interrupt Ryo, but he was a step ahead, sealing some of the Sanbi’s Chakra and Soul.

Ryo’s main target was the beast’s soul. Having that is equivalent to having the Biju itself.

In the Manga, the Kyubi was divided in two by Minato, and the beast’s soul was split. Ryo, knowing that, made his main target the beast’s soul.

Moreover, the Sanbi’s Chakra was too large, and Ryo didn’t have much time. He could only seal the Beast’s soul.

Yagura didn’t notice that actually most of the beast’s soul had been sealed by Ryo, who left just a small part of the soul and most of the Chakra behind.

He could only notice that the Sanbi’s size further diminished by a quarter. He was already waiting for the beast to slowly recover its Chakra, and then this happened.

The Chief elder immediately formed an ice prison around Ryo, and the raging Yagura attacked him with several Water Release attacks.

Ryo was in no hurry. As the attacks were about to hit him, he used the Teleportation Barrier and was back in his hotel room.

Seeing Ryo disappear, Yagura’s face changed heavily, and the Chief Elder also realized that this person was not Ching Yuki.

The two immediately rushed out, and they both mobilized the Ninjas in the village to trace Ryo.

Ryo looked at his spoils in the hotel. One of the two scrolls held 4 fifths of the Sanbi’s Soul, while the other held a quarter of its Chakra. With that, Ryo was very satisfied.

He hid the scrolls, and just when he was about to leave, a horrible Chakra made his body freeze, and he slowly turned his head, to find an all white man standing quietly behind him.