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H.R.P Chapter 154: Ice Colossus Returns

Ryo’s body and mind quickly merged with that of the Ice Colossus.

Unlike the last one he used, Ryo found that his new Ice Colossus was far stronger than before.

The most obvious change was the Chakra flow within it.

The 1st time Ryo used this technique; the Colossus was entirely made out of Natural Energy an Ice. This time, Ryo’s Chakra was flowing within the Colossus as if it was his own body.

Then there was the change in Natural Energy. This Colossus’s structure was far more stable than before, with the Natural Energy Within it seamlessly going into its natural cycle with the external world.

However, because of the massive structure of the Colossus, it was consuming the Energy within the Yin Seal very quickly. Even with its bonding with the surroundings, this Colossus shouldn’t last for any more than 10 minutes, which is double the time it lasted last time.

Then, there was the outside of the Colossus. Ryo, naturally, couldn’t see the outside appearance of the Ice Colossus. Before, he only heard Konoha’s Ninjas say it looked like him.

This Colossus held even more resemblance to Ryo, looking exactly like him.

With that, came the Sharingans, which Ryo did not notice. The Colossus clear showed Ryo’s Three Tomoe Sharingan.

Moreover, his Sharingan was over flooded with Natural Energy, to the point it felt completely different from usual. Ryo found that he could see everything around him even more clearly.

In fact, Ryo had pushed his 3 tomoe Sharingan to the limit, getting them to their full potential. (T/N: This is based on a matter that the author had introduced earlier into the story, which is that exposure to Natural Energy accelerates the Sharingan’s evolution.) 

However, this evolution didn’t go as far as awakening Ryo’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

The Mangekyo required enormous stimuli to be awakened. Madara and Izuna awakened their Mangekyo after their father’s death. Itachi’s Mangekyo was awakened when he witnessed the suicide of Shisui, Kakashi and Obito obtained the Mangekyo when witnessing Rin’s suicide, while Sasuke obtained his witnessing the death of his brother.

(T/N: Itachi mentioned that they killed their best friends to obtain the Mangekyo. However, there were a lot of misconceptions about the Mangekyo circulating within the Uchiha clan. I think the author is offering an alternative story that he elects as “what really happened”.)

The opening of the Mankeyo is always accompanied by great grief. Ryo didn’t experience such a feeling yet. No matter how far he pushed his 3 tomoe Sharingan, his eyes would not transform.

The people in the Mist Village were all shocked by the appearance of this massive Ice Giant suddenly appearing in front of them. However, they couldn’t feel any motion in the giant, which stood there just like a sculpture.

Obviously, the Mist Ninjas couldn’t sense Natural Energy. However, the Sanbi could.

Although the current Sanbi had only 1 fifth of its original soul, his sensitivity to Natural Energy was still beyond that of any Mist Ninja.

As the Colossus was being formed, the Sanbi showed its irritation, but Yagura didn’t seem to care about it that much.

As soon as the Colossus was fully formed, Yagura found that he could no longer control the Sanbi.

The Biju, witnessing the Colossus, was reminded of the Juubi, Natural Energy itself.

For all 9 Biju, this would cause them to feel great alert. Yes, at one point of time they all were part of the Juubi. But after being separated from it for so long, none of them wanted to go back to that state. Feeling an existence akin to that of the Juubi, the Sanbi, whose perception was hindered by the fact that it was missing most of its soul, perceived Ryo as the Juubi.

Ryo didn’t notice the Sanbi’s anomaly, as his attention was drawn by the Memory that suddenly appeared in his mind.

This was a memory from his mission in Roran, when the Kyubi told him about the Sanbi’s secret.

“Kid, you must remember that Isobu’s character is actually peaceful and lazy, and that it never seeks fighting in killing. Therefore, his soul often falls into deep sleep, while his body relies on instinct to act. When that’s the case, with just little guidance, one could control his actions.”

After the memory replayed in his mind, Ryo understood how Yagura was able to control the Sanbi, and how he was able to seal the Biju’s soul so smoothly.

While Ryo was still lost in memory, the Sanbi was out of control, just by the awakening of what was left of his soul. Most of the Biju’s Chakra was still there.

He condensed a Biju dama, and launched towards the Ice Colossus.

Ryo saw the incoming threat, and raised the Colossus’s hand to catch the Biju Dama at the last moment.

“Boom!” The Biju Dama exploded, fully sobering up Ryo.

The Ice Colossus was composed of Natural Energy. A Biju Dama had no effect on it. However, the physical impact of its explosion was enough to make the Colossus’s right arm crack.

Ryo immediately controlled Natural Energy, and in the blink of an eye, the crack was repaired.

To everyone in the Mist Village, it looked like the Colossus was intact after facing a Biju Dama.

“Mon…MONSTER!” The regular Ninjas all panicked.

Ryo’s ability to fend off the Sanbi’s Biju Dama made the whole village fear him.

He must hurry up and use this window, making the village admit defeat and let him go in under 10 minutes, just to have a chance to leave.

While he was thinking of this, the Colossus’s Sharingan was glancing at the Mist Ninja underneath, and looking at Yagura and the Sanbi.

Feeling the great power of his newly enhanced form, Ryo felt more and more confident. He controlled the Colossus and rushed at the Sanbi.

Seeing that, Yagura was shocked and immediately ordered all Ninjas to bombard Ryo with all they had to stop his progression.

In a heartbeat, all kind of attacks went straight to the Colossus’s legs.

Ryo was completely ignoring this level of attacks, letting the Colossus’s legs take them head on.

Out of that, the Colossus was still unscathed, and its advance did not stop. Before anyone could react, it was in front of the Sanbi!

“Not so fast kid! [Ice Release: Ice Crystal Blast]!” The Chief Elder of the Yuki formed a lot of Ice around the Colossus’s feet, and then shattered it all. Unfortunately for the Mist, this had no effect at all on the ice giant.

Ryo controlled the colossus, raising its arm, clenching its fist, and then bringing it down on Yagura.

The Mizukage was agile enough, and easily evaded Ryo’s attack. The fist fell on the ground, pulling it in into a massive crater.

“DAMN! This is too horrible. With such strength, this kid could destroy the village at will!” The elder said anxiously.

“I can’t believe it; this Ice giant is stronger than the Sanbi!” After that, Yagura controlled Isobu, making it role into a ball and rush at Ryo.

Ryo was far from being flustered, and his hands immediately blocked and held down the Sanbi.

He then unrolled the Biju’s body, then raised his fists and brought them down one after the other on the Sanbi’s head.

After 10 punches, the Sanbi was beaten, and could not move anymore.

Ryo did not keep hitting it, but raised the Biju’s whole body, throwing it at the Mist Ninjas.

The poor Ninjas were still in shock, and some of them had no time to avoid being killed by the Sanbi’s body that fell over them.

Yagura was biting his teeth, but he was absolutely powerless. The power of the Ice Colossus was beyond anything he ever imagined.

Seeing the Sanbi being beat so easily, he fully understood what the Elder meant when he mentioned that Ryo could easily destroy the village.

He was enraged, but could only choose to compromise for the village’s sake.

“Ryo Yamanaka, you won! Now leave our village!” 

Ryo let out a sigh of relief hearing Yagura, for he had already been in this state for over 8 minutes, and he was running out of time.