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H.R.P Chapter 157: The Deal

The Rasenshuriken was blocked by Madara, and Ryo didn’t continue to attack. The two stared at each other silently.

Ryo was amazed that Madara still had such power at this old of an age. He realized that if the two were to really fight, he might be no opponent of this old man.

However, Madara also had his views on Ryo changed. He did not expect that the young man in front of him would be so strong, and realized that he had to pay a price greater than what he had expected.

After a while, Ryo became a little impatient. Did Madara just bring him here to kill him and hide his existence, or did he have another idea?

He couldn’t wait for him to speak anymore: “Madara Dono, why did you call me here?” 

After a brief moment of silence, Madara said: “I told you, I wanted to see you. I’ll be honest, I was also thinking of getting rid of you, the one who might have leads to my existence. However, I did not expect you to be so strong.”

Ryo was slightly surprised, as he didn’t expect Madara to be so blunt.

“So, because of your strength and potential, I have changed my mind. Tell me, Ryo Yamanaka, would you be interested in making a deal?” 

“What kind of deal? I don’t need anything, and I don’t think I have anything you would want.” Ryo did not refuse, but he didn’t show real interest.

“It’s a deal concerning your Sharingan!” Madara’s tone suddenly became more serious.

“My Sharingan?” Ryo unconsciously reached for his own eyes.

“Yes, your Sharingan is already at the peak of its potential. With your talent, it is only a matter of time before you develop the Mangekyo. After that, you will have to pay for the strength you’ll gain!” 

Ryo heard Madara, and knew well that this strength gain will require a catalyst and a price, and that the price he would have to pay is his sight. 

Madara obviously had a method to go around this risk of going blind. In the Manga, Obito was able to preserve his eyesight while using the Mangekyo endlessly.

Indeed, Madara’s following words confirmed Ryo’s idea: “Ryo Yamanaka, I have a way to conquer the blindness brought by the use of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Of course, in order for you to get my help, there are certain conditions.”

Madara’s method should be nothing more than using Hashirama’s cells. Out of caution however, Ryo still asked Madara about that method.

Madara didn’t hide anything, immediately talking about the effect of Hashirama’s cells, including its effect on the Mangekyo user. 

After hearing that explanation, Ryo showed lack of interest, but then Madara’s following words changed his attitude.

It was because Madara mentioned that he had a method to make Hashirama’s cells integrate perfectly with their bodies.

The 1st’s cells had great vitality, and that ever-sought after vitality was itself the reason why the average person has no way to adapt with them.

In the Manga, only one person, Yamato, survived Orochimaru’s experiments with those cells on infants, while Danzo couldn’t suppress them anymore when seriously injured.

This was all due to the fact that those cells’ vitality was so strong, they regular human body could not bear them.

Madara having a method to get people to fully integrate Hashirama’s cells surprised and intrigued Ryo.

Ryo never thought of conquering the hidden risks of Mangekyo before. But as he went back on Obito’s perfect control of the cells, he believed Madara’s claim. 

(T/N: Obito was stated by Guruguru to be exeptional in his ability to use wood release so intuitively. However, this does not rule out the possibility of Madara’s methods of using Hashirama’s cells his body having an effect on his capability to integrate them.)

“I’m interested. So what are your conditions?” Ryo directly asked.

“I want you to promise me two things: Do not disclose about me to anyone. The second, I want you to protect the lives of two people, and not let anyone, including yourself, threaten their lives.”

Madara conditions were rather attractive. Ryo had no intention of telling anyone about him.

As for the second condition, it shouldn’t prove to be so difficult, but Ryo wasn’t about to agree just yet.

Instead, he cautiously asked: “Who are these two people?”

“One is a boy in the Rain Country, an orphan who goes by the name of Nagato. The other is one you should already know. His name is Obito Uchiha.”

Hearing Obito’s name, Ryo was shocked, and did not expect Madara to have noticed him just yet.

“May I ask you why I should?” Ryo was really intrigued.

“No. Then, Ryo Yamanaka, do you agree to these terms?”

“Hold on, I want to confirm one thing. If either of them provokes me, I cannot kill them?”

Madara seemed to have expected this question. He did not hesitate to say: “Yes, you cannot do anything to threaten their lives.”

“Isn’t that too risky for me? If the two become my enemies, I would not be able to even protect myself or avenge my loved ones. I refuse this deal!” 

“Then my terms will change. As long as they don’t threaten your life or the lives of your loved ones, you cannot threaten theirs, and you must insure their safety.” Madara immediately answered, “And yes, there’s one thing: when it’s me or white Zetsu that’s dealing with them, you don’t need to interfere.” Madara added one term.

It took Ryo a while to nod and agree. He did not intend to change their fate that much. Without Madara’s interference, he did know how long it would take Obito and Kakashi to activate his Sharingan.

(T/N: I know, this was shocking to me as well, and what was even more shocking to me was how things developed afterwards.)

These terms were basically in line with Ryo’s intentions; it would be foolish to refuse them. With that, the two finally made their deal.

With that, Madara took out a scroll and handed it with a Zetsu arm to Ryo, who immediately opened the scroll to find the summary of Madara’s research on Hashirama’s cells.

Madara’s method to perfectly integrate Hashirama’s cells into one’s body consisted of reducing said cell’s vitality and activity.

Ryo opened his Sharingan and observed Zetsu’s arm. He found that the activity of the cells within it was far less than that of the ones in Zetsu. What surprised him however, was that their vitality and Chakra was unaffected.

Ryo had his doubts, but he noticed that this arm was far more concentrated in Hashirama’s cells than the Zetsu’s body, and he finally had a general understanding of Madara method. He had to admit, Madara was a true genius, far beyond his expectation!

Madara used his Sharingan to suppress the activity of Hashirama’s cells, what lead to a significant reduction in their vitality and Chakra. Then he cultivated the cells to increase their concentration, allowing for the overall vitality and Chakra to be maintained.

Ryo sealed the arm and the scroll, and Madara returned to his chair and closed his eyes ignoring him.

“Madara dono, you’re giving me all of this, and are not afraid of my betrayal?” Ryo couldn’t just understand how Madara seemed to be so unbothered.

“I believe my eyes young man; you don’t seem like the wrong person.” Madara said, opening his eyes faintly.

“Worthy of your reputation, Uchiha Madara!” Ryo had more admiration for the old man in front of him.

“The deal is done. Zetsu, lead him out.” 

“Wait!” Ryo didn’t want to leave just yet, not while leaving behind another thing he wanted!

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