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H.R.P Chapter 160: Solutions

At Ryo’s request, everyone gathered in the 3rd training ground.

Ryo expressed his gratitude to everyone, and then proposed his solution.

His method was simple: face the entire village with his own strength.

In reality, Ryo didn’t have a problem with the clan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have friends and a disciple who are Uchiha.

If it wasn’t his life and the life of his loved ones being put at stake, Ryo would never take the initiative to make conflict with the Uchiha. But now, it was certainly no time to be friendly.

“Ryo, you should calm down first! You’re being too impulsive going into this. Facing the entire clan on your own, whether you win or lose, could only bring more problems and make your conflict with the clan intensify.” Minato was first to object.

“Ryo, Minato is right. If you go straight at them and lose, they would naturally never let you go. If you win in an all out battle against them in public, they would become less prone to agree.” Sakumo added.

“If they don’t agree, just beat them more! I will be on your side, and I’ll never let them touch my apprentice’s eyes.” Kushina immediately announced she’ll be fighting alongside Ryo.”

“Please Kushina don’t make it even more problematic! Ryo, have you ever thought about the fact that you’re in conflict with them while the village is in war? What would a conflict with the Uchiha mean for the village?” Jiraya spoke seriously to Ryo.

“Jiraya san, this was all I could think of. I have to solve this problem as soon as possible. I can’t let my mother suffer any longer.”

Ryo was very resolved. Jiraya knew him very well. He knew that he wasn’t kidding around this time, and he could only sigh and not answer.

“You’re all thinking wrong. There is no need for Ryo kun to face the Uchiha all out in public.” The ever silent Orochimaru finally spoke.

“Orochimaru san, what do you mean?” Minato was puzzled.

“Make Sarutobi sensei talk with Uchiha Katachi. He could convince him to get Ryo fighting the Uchiha in secret. Not only will this preserve the clan’s reputation, it will also solve Ryo’s problems.”

As everyone heard Orochimaru’s idea, they felt it was rather good.

“This should not be delayed. Let’s go to the old man now!” Jiraya said to Orochimaru, who nodded and went with him to the 3rd’s office.

While this was happening, the 3rd was all worried about Ryo’s problem. After he received the information on Ryo’s battle, he issued an order to keep it secret. However, the information still managed to spread. 

Now, all the clans in Konoha know that more that Yamanaka blood runs through Ryo’s veins.

The 3rd kept being on Ryo’s side all the way through. If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t try to appease Katachi. However, he wasn’t about to go against the Uchiha clan.

Just as he was feeling that he had his hands tied, his two disciples arrived at his office. Jiraya and Orochimaru came through the door and explained the plan.

The 3rd also felt that this was a good way, and immediately agreed to talk about this with Katachi.

The specifics of what the two talked about were not revealed, but an Anbu was sent by the 3rd to tell Ryo that the following day will be the day when he and the Uchiha will put an end to everything.

The next day, Ryo want on his own to the Uchiha’s district. He didn’t want to drag anyone along with him.

Upon reaching the district, he found Kushina, Minato, Sakumo, Orochimaru and Jiraya all waiting for him.

He couldn’t help but get watery eyes at this sight. He was truly moved by everyone’s presence.

“Ryo, I’m your Sensei! I have the responsibility to protect you!” Kushina said awkwardly, while patting Ryo’s shoulder.

“Minato ni san!” 

Minato was a candidate to become the following Hokage. His presence here today meant that he was completely giving up on the Uchiha’s support.

“Well, how can I put it? I think you’re more important to me than the Uchiha clan, and Kushina forced me to come along!” Minato said with a smile.

Neither Sakumo nor Orochimaru were good with words. The two remained silent, leaving their actions speak for them.

As for Jiraya, he said that he just feared that Ryo would go out of control hurting too many Uchiha’s too much, and that he just had to be there for their rescue.

No one bought that. Jiraya didn’t know medical Ninjutsu. How would he even come to their rescue?

In this way, the group of six walked toward Uchiha Katachi.

Uchiha Katachi’s feelings were complex; he felt angry, excited, but also a bit hopeful.

He had been fighting alongside Ryo, and was very aware of his strength, and especially his potential.

After learning that Uchiha blood ran through Ryo’s veins, Katachi’s first reaction was anger just like everyone else. The Uchiha’s blood is absolutely not allowed to flow out of the clan.

However, after going back over Ryo’s talent, he started thinking that this was an opportunity for the clan to rise!

To him, Ryo’s talent was comparable to that of Uchiha Madara. If he would get back to the clan, the Uchiha would return to its former glory in just a few years.

Today, the Uchiha brought in 5 elite Jonins, and 5 Quasi Kages, all having the 3 tomoe Sharingan. He didn’t think that Ryo had a chance to win.

Ryo’s group arrived, and the one who was supposed to receive Ryo was shocked to see this line up. 

He was ought to be shocked! Besides the 3rd Hokage, every Kage tier in Konoha was coming his way.

These six could destroy the entirety of the clan. He was just a lower tier Uchiha, who was assigned to for reception and to immediately inform Katachi of Ryo’s arrival.

“Eve… everyone… you … wel… welcome!” He stuttered, very cautiously greeting the lot.

It wasn’t that he was timid, but he had seen a demonstration of Sakumo and Orochimaru’s strength just a few days earlier.

Receiving the news, Katachi’s face changed as he immediately rushed to his door.

Seeing the six all together, he started losing his calm.

“Welcome Katachi Dono!” Jiraya saw Katachi coming from behind the door and greeted him enthusiastically. 

Katachi’s heart was broken. ‘This is my home, my district! How dare an outsider welcome me!’ he thought.

Sakumo looked back at Jiraya, realizing how inappropriate he was acting. He held his laughter and did not speak.

Then Katachi left the house with a group of other Uchiha and guided Ryo’s group.

The battle was set to take place in the forest beyond the district, where Ryo found Shisui before.

Upon everyone’s arrival at the spot, they found Katachi’s group of elite Uchiha waiting over there.

Ryo looked at the nine before him and turned back to Katachi: “Will you also fight?”

“Of course, this old man is also an Uchiha you know!” Katachi nodded.

“That makes ten of you. So, are you going at me together, or one after the other?”

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