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H.R.P Chapter 161: Ryo vs. the Uchiha

Ryo’s world made the Uchiha’s faces go heavy.

Here were five Quasi Kages, five elite Jonins, all with Three Tomoe Sharingan. Even the 3rd Hokage wouldn’t look down on them like this.

Of course, Ryo was saying that to keep his momentum. Besides, anger often makes people lose their senses, which might prove beneficial for Ryo’s sake.

“Stop with the puny tricks Ryo Yamanaka! And you guys calm down!” Katachi saw through Ryo’s thoughts, and comforted the Uchiha elite besides him.

Ryo nodded, with some admiration to the clan’s elder.

“Katachi Dono, as long as Ryo beats the ten of you, the clan won’t be asking questions about his bloodline. Am I right?” Sakumo asked seriously.

“Of course. And there’s no need for him to beat all ten of us. If Ryo Yamanaka beats 8 of us, we will not bother him.” Katachi said with confidence. 

After agreeing on details, the battle between Ryo and the Uchiha began!

The 1st one to fight was an elite Jonin who remained silent as he moved forward. The two sides didn’t exchange any words at all.

Usually against a Jonin, Ryo’s use of the Ice Lightning Chakra mode is enough to end the battle in an instant. However, this Uchiha has the three tomoe Sharingan.

His eyes’ dynamic vision was able to capture Ryo’s movements, and he was able as a Jonin to keep up with him physically, and successfully fend off Ryo’s 1st Ice Lightning Chakra Mode attack.

The Jonin obviously knew very well that he had no chance against Ryo. His mission was to make his opponent use up as much Chakra as possible. After blocking Ryo’s 1st strike, he used his Sharingan to put Ryo under the effect of Genjutsu.

Facing this level of Genjutsu, Ryo didn’t even have to rely on his Genjutsu, and he easily broke away from it. 

From then, Ryo easily finished the 1st battle.

The next few Uchiha sent in were Elite jonins and Quasi kages, all sharing the same mission as the 1st one. They were all trying to push Ryo to use as much Chakra as possible.

After having victory against the 7th opponent, Katachi himself walked forward.

This was a Ninja fit to become the Uchiha’s clan head. Obviously, he had fought alongside Ryo on the Lightning Country’s battlefield, and was still familiar with him.

He had said before, that as long as Ryo beats eight of them, the Uchiha would turn a blind eye to his bloodline.

Choosing to be the 8th opponent meant that he certainly had enough confidence to not only his capability to beat Ryo in this battle, but to also make him unable to win the following ones.

Ryo understood Katachi’s thoughts pretty well. As the previous seven seemed to be just trying to exhaust Ryo, then Katachi must certainly have an ace up his sleeve.

Ryo hesitated for a while, and then chose to start out strong. He didn’t know Katachi’s hidden card, but he wasn’t the type to back down knowing that.

His Ice Lightning Chakra Mode became far more furious as his Lightning Chakra became more violent. And then he threw an Ice Scalpel at Katachi, all while condensing a [Raiton: Rasengan]. If that would hit Katachi, it would be instantly Ryo’s victory.

(Translator Note: My understanding is that this [Raiton: Rasengan] is to the Denjiki Rasengan what the [Futon: Rasengan] is to the Rasenshuriken.)

Knowing that Ryo would be using the “Flying Thunder God”, Katachi evaded to right immediately after seeing the Ice Scalpel.

Ryo already guessed that move so he followed that initial scalpel with two other ones to its right and left.

Seeing that another Scalpel was approaching him, Katachi was a little surprised, but did not panic.

Ryo didn’t know why Katachi was so calm. Did he have a way to dodge? Or was he luring Ryo into a trap?

He wanted to take a pause and think, but he couldn’t afford to do so, and his attack didn’t stop.

Leaving another Ice Scalpel in place, Ryo teleported to Katachi’s right, and immediately went for his back with the Rasengan.

What he did not expect was that the Rasengan disappeared immediately before hitting Katachi’s back, who took the chance to turn around and used his blade to pierce through Ryo’s lungs.

Being in Ice Elementization, Ryo didn’t take any real damage, and moved back to his initial spot, stating at Katachi.

Katachi was a bit shook at this time. His blade obviously penetrated through Ryo’s body. But Ryo didn’t look in anyway like someone who just had his lung be pierced.

Recalling what just happened, Katachi did feel like his blade was literally piercing through Ice. 

“Ryo Yamanaka, you…” He wanted to ask, but stopped. He knew that whatever what the secret was, Ryo wasn’t going to tell him about it.

At the same time, Ryo was also eager to know what the disappearance of the Rasengan was all about. He could only think of Time-Space Jutsus like those of Minato, or the Mangekyo Sharingan’s Kamui.

Did another Uchiha activate a Mangekyo like that of Obito?

Ryo’s heart was full of doubts, but his battle against Katachi was not over yet!

Ryo was ready to go back into fighting, when Katachi admit defeat all of a sudden.

“You’ve won, Ryo Yamanaka. I admit defeat!” Hearing this sentence felt awkward to Ryo. Katachi was still in a strong spot, but he surrendered.

Although he was pretty puzzled, Ryo didn’t care much, and Katachi’s admit of defeat meant that Ryo was free to use his Sharingan.

“Do you want to continue?” Ryo looked at Katachi.

Chu wanted to refuse, but Fugaku stepped up at the same time.

“Katachi sama, I want to try. You’ve already made Ryo Yamanaka use a lot of his Chakra, and his spirit is also a bit wilting. I can beat him with my Genjutsu and prove our name!” 

Hearing Fugaku’s words, Katachi gave the matter a thought and then agreed. Fugaku was probably becoming the clan’s next head, and he had to take every opportunity to accumulate experience.

Ryo watched Fugaku walk forward with some vigilance. Back in the battle of Kikyo Pass, he felt a great threat from him.

With that, along with his knowledge of the Anime, Ryo guessed that Fugaku probably had already opened his Mangekyo Sharingan.

However, Ryo felt that the disappearance of his Rasengan was not Fugaku’s doing.

Because the abilities of Mangekyo are rather similar between relatives, Fukagu’s Sharingan should be more similar to that of Sasuke and Itachi.

Fugaku’s hidden strength should rise once he opens his Mangekyo. With it, this man should be probably capable to fight a Kage Tier.

If he could, Ryo would not fight Fugaku. After all, the man gave him a lot of help in secret.

“Ryo, let’s begin!” Fugaku said, as his Sharingan flashed forming a special different pattern!

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