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H.R.P Chapter 165: Mangekyo Sharingan

“My eyes?” Hearing Rin’s words, Ryo also realized the change in his Sharingan. 

Everything around him became even more clear, even the fluttering of insects’ wings.

“Ryo, is this?” Rin only saw the Sharingan before, and did not know of the Mangekyo’s existence. The pattern in Ryo’s eyes was very different from anything she saw before.

“This is the Mangekyo Sharingan, the legendary Uchiha Madara had these eyes.” Ryo reached for his eyes, and then ridiculed himself.

Rin didn’t ask. Hearing the name of Madara, she understood what these eyes meant.

Ryo closed his Mangekyo. The motive behind this trip of his was to insure Rin’s safety, and nothing else.

By this time, Kakashi had collapsed, and Ryo condensed an Ice Bed and put him upon it, and then took out a scroll.

“Rin, this is for you. You must save it.” Ryo said with serious tone.

She didn’t ask questions, and took the scroll carefully.

After Minato took down many Rock Ninjas, he used the Flying Thunder God to teleport to Kakashi. He was surprised to see Ryo, and didn’t know when he arrived to the battlefield.

Looking at the state of the two before him Minato realized what was going on.

“Rin, Obito…” Minato’s voice was trembling.

She did not speak, nor did he. Obito’s death was a devastating blow to him.

Ryo hated the atmosphere, and turned around to leave. Before going away, he whispered to Rin not to tell anyone about his eyes.

He used the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode to get all the way to the Fire Country, and then went to the Forest of Death with his Teleportation Barrier.

Ryo opened his Mangekyo, condensed an Ice Mirror and looked at his eyes carefully.

Ryo’s eyes looked similar Sasuke’s Mangekyo, being a six pointed star. However, his pattern was much simpler.

Besides enhancing the regular Sharingan’s abilities, one’s Mangekyo ability was mostly about specific skills to him.

Ryo’s Mangekyo had abilities that he had never seen in the Manga.

His left eye gave him the ability to enhance the power of Ninjutsu, while his right’s was to sculpt and create a Genjutsu world of Ice. 

The Ice World was somewhat similar to the Tsukuyomi’s world. In this world, everything was dominated by Ryo.

While the Tsukuyomi served to take down the enemy by breaking their spirit and inducing Mental Trauma to them, the Ice world directly froze their consciousness.

As for his other ability, Ryo tried using it, and its effect was rather unexpected. It was very simple and brute.

Ryo tried the ability on his Rasengan, and it became 20% stronger.

He then experimented with several other Jutsus, and found that this ability increased their power by 20% as well. The more powerful the Jutsu is, the more it drained power from the Mangekyo.

Ryo was pretty satisfied with his Mangekyo. While its powers were not as absurd as Kotoamatsukami or Kamui, they were good nevertheless.

After getting a little familiar with his Mangekyo’s powers, Ryo left the Forest of Death.

Now, he intended to solve the problem of sight loss as soon as possible.

Two days ago, Ryo and Orochimaru finished working together on discovering the genetic modification necessary to perfectly solve this problem.

Ryo wasn’t eager to change the arrangement of genetic sequences in his cells. While this was mostly due to the fact that he did not activate the Mangekyo yet, it was also because of the fact that he lacked the Chakra, specifically the Senju’s characteristic Yang Chakra necessary to achieve the rearrangement.

Now that he had activated his Mangekyo, Ryo wasn’t going to let himself fall victim to its side effects. Therefore, Ryo was going to seek help from Kushina.

In the Manga, Kurama was divided in two halves by Minato, a Yin half and a Yang half. The Chakra of the Yang half in Naruto, paired with his Uzumaki lineage, allowed him to recover quickly from any injuries.

Therefore, Ryo speculated that the Kyubi must be able to grant him strong vitality.

Ryo found Kushina at Ichiraku Ramen. After seeing her, he said very seriously: “ Ne san, I have something important I want you to help me with.” 

“What?” asked Kushina after swallowing a chopstick of ramen.

“First, come with me. It’s not convenient for me to explain here.” After Ryo finished his words, he used Teleportation Barrier to take Kushina along with him home.

“MY RAMEN! Ryo, you better have a good reason to be in such a hurry!” Kushina said with anger.

“Ne san, I need Kurama’s Chakra.” 

“What do you need that for?” Kushina felt it was a strange request.

“Because of this!” Finishing his words, Ryo opened his Mangekyo.

Kurama, who listening to the conversation, also noticed the Mangekyo.

“Kushina, switch with me!” Seeing the Mangekyo after so many years, Kurama was somewhat agitated. 

Kushina let him take over, and he looked straight in Ryo’s eyes.

Seeing of the Mangekyo, Kurama could only think of one person, the one who used these eyes before to control him.

After a while, Kurama finally asked: “Kid, what do you want my Chakra for?” 

“Kurama, I want to use the vitality brought by your Chakra to complete a technique. Once this technique is completed, using the Mangekyo won’t cause me to go blind anymore.” Ryo explained briefly.

Kurama was shocked to hear Ryo’ words, and the expression made by Kushina’s body showed his surprise.

“How could that be possible? Since the dawn of time, only very few people activated the Mangekyo. Apart from the Rikudo Sennin, his son Indra and Uchiha Madara, no one was ever able to solve this problem.” 

“Our points of view are different. You’ve been all confined by the fixed thinking of this world, while I believe in science.” Ryo said seriously.

“Science? What’s that?” Kurama asked aggressively, as he hadn’t heard that word before.

“Science is the term describing humans’ attempts of exploring and understanding the laws of the universe. With science, one could reach the heaven above with no Chakra.” 

What Kurama was hearing was like nothing he ever heard before, but he could tell that Ryo was far from lying.

“Alright, I shall lend you my Chakra. What should I do?” Kurama wanted to see this “magical” power that science could grant.

“Kurama, you only need extract part of your Yang Chakra, and then inject it into my body.” Ryo said quickly.

“Alright, but how long will this take?”

It took Ryo a few hours to Change the genetic arrangement of the cells of a mouse, and nearly a day to do the same to monkey. Therefore, Ryo estimated that it should take about two days for him to achieve the same effects on himself.

Kurama nodded, and went to discuss the matter with Kushina.

She had been listening to the two’s conversation and heard everything, and she agreed very quickly.

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