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H.R.P Chapter 166: A Mangekyo That Never Goes Blind

After Kushina agreed, Ryo began his preparations. 

Changing the genetic arrangement inside his cells was no joke. It required tremendous amounts of mental power, and he couldn’t afford to commit any mistakes during the process. An error in sequencing could have extremely severe consequences. 

However, Ryo had already changed the structure of his cells forever though Ice elementization. That was the change that allowed him to have the ability to make use of the Ice Element.

Therefore, even if any mishap occurred, Ryo could just immediately enter Ice Elementization to save the situation.

It was because of Ice Elementization that Ryo would go straight into these trials without needing human experimentation.

As a person who had studied medicine for many years, that was where Ryo drew the line.

When ready, Ryo used an Ice Scalpel, cutting his finger while out of Elementization and releasing a few drops of blood. Then, he released a small amount of Natural Energy from his Yin Seal.

After Kurama felt that Natural Energy release, he injected the already prepared Yang Chakra into Ryo’s body.

Ryo merged the two into a special Chakra, similar to the regular Senjutsu Chakra. With the help of this Chakra, Ryo’s attempt to change the genetic arrangement of the cells inside these drops of blood.

Everything starts difficult. Ryo’s first attempt failed for he had used too much of this Chakra.

The second time, Ryo reduced the amount of Chakra, but the process failed due to the lack of Chakra.


After over a dozen failures in succession, Ryo finally found the right balance, and the transformation of the 1st cell was finally completed.

This cell was more active than the other cells, but not aggressive toward them. It kept moving around his blood.

In just a few minutes, the other cells in the drops of blood slowly changed due to the influence of this modified cells.

It was like a bunch of coworkers, seeing their colleague being praised by the boss for doing something, and paying attention to that and starting it imitate it.

The 1st to imitate would be also rewarded, and the rest would get jealous and follow their lead as well.

Cells were like that, the closest cell to the initial one changed followed by those next to them and so on.

In the matter of a few minutes, the drops of blood began to radiate extraordinary vitality.

“Hey, this feeling is familiar! It’s like the vitally that we the Uzumaki have. But this is clearly Ryo’s blood!” Kushina said in surprise.

Seeing the change in the blood, Kurama understood Ryo’s idea, but he still didn’t understand how he actually did it. Is this science?! 

Feeling the great vitality in the blood, Ryo couldn’t help but smile, but his expression turned serious again very quickly.

What he did just now was determining the amount of Chakra needed to modify a single cell outside of his body. Now, the real deal begins.

Ryo released much greater amounts of Natural Energy from his Yin Seal, and the it flew into his body far more than before.

Kurama also injected far more Yang Chakra within Ryo’s body.

Ryo as before merged the two energies into this new Special Chakra, and then began to change the genetic arrangement of cells in the vicinity of his heart. 

The heart provides pressure for blood flow, to get blood to all parts of his body. By changing the genetic arrangement of cells in the vicinity of his heart, he could fill the body with new cells as quickly as possible.

Basing off of the previous success he had, Ryo completed the transformation of the 1st cell in his body, and modified cells began to flow in his body with blood.

After that, he modified the second, and the third…. Ryo kept carrying out these cell transformations for over 30 hours.

Doing so for so long, even Ryo’s huge spiritual power was beginning to be overwhelmed. 

From the outside, Kurama who had been observing Ryo found that his body had changed completely overnight. 

He felt that his body was exuding amazing vitality, similar to that of Kushina, and it grew more and more with the passage of time. 

By the morning, Ryo’s vitality was equal to Kushina.

The growth of vitality in Ryo’s body suddenly stopped, and his eyes that had been closed for over 30 hours were also opened.

Kurama saw that Ryo’s Mangekyo returned to its simple three tomoe state, rotated wildly and then changed back to its Mangekyo pattern.

Ryo’s Mangekyo didn’t change in appearance, but Kurama felt far greater threat being emitted from them.

Before, Ryo said to Kurama that a Mangekyo Sharingan shouldn’t be able to control him. However, an Eternal Mengekyo Sharingan should be able to do so. Ryo didn’t have the eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, but Kurama was still feeling threat from Ryo’s eyes.

“Kid, have you succeeded?” Asked Kurama.

“Well…” Feeling the vitality in his body, and the constant flow of vitality into his Mangekyo, Ryo knew he did succeed.

“Kurama, Ne san, thank you so much for your help!” Ryo expressed his sincere gratitude.

“I just wanted to see if the science you were talking about is that amazing. I wasn’t trying to help you!” Kurama again exposed the big arrogant fox that he was.

Afterwards, Kurama returned Kushina’s body to her, and went back to sleep. The 1st thing Kushina felt was great hunger.

She barely uttered to sentences to Ryo before quickly rushing out of his place and going to Ichiraku.

Ryo used the Teleportation Barrier and went to the battlefield of the Wave Country, and then condensed a Rasenshuriken that he enhanced with his left eye and threw it away.

The Mangekyo-enhanced Rasenshuriken broke out with amazing destructive power.

Ryo’s use of such a strong technique consumed a great part of his left eye’s force, but the vitality within his body immediately transformed into new power to replenish that of his Mangekyo. With this new genetic arrangement, Ryo had no reason to fear blindness.

Ryo wasn’t happy for long, for his body emitted an urgent message to him: HUNGRY! TIME TO EAT!

After eating nothing for over 30 hours, Ryo thought it was normal for him to be hungry now. So he quickly teleported Back to Konoha and then rushed straight to Ichiraku Ramen.

When he reached it, he found Kushina already there.

“Hello Ryo! What are you going to eat today!” Boss Teuchi welcomed Ryo with enthusiasm.

“Uncle, give me a bowl of Ramen, any type!” Now, every cell in Ryo’s body required him to eat quickly, who couldn’t even think of choosing what to eat.

Teuchi was very quick at serving Ryo. In no time, a large bowl of seafood ramen was placed in front of him.

No matter how hot it was Ryo couldn’t care. He took the bowl and immediately started eating, asking Teuchi for another one.

Teuchi did so, and Ryo finished over 10 bowls of Ramen before his hunger finally faded. 

Kushina who had finished just two bowls could even eat more, for she was looking at Ryo in awe. Usually, Ryo doesn’t eat that much. What happened today?!

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