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H.R.P Chapter 167: Kakashi’s Sharingan

“Kurama! What’s wrong? Did his operation fail?” Kushina was worried about Ryo who had been acting so unusually, as asked Kurama about it.

“Haha! Kushina, don’t worry, that kid fine!” Hearing Kurama’s answer, Kushina immediately was much more at ease.

“This kid should remain in this state for several days. I don’t know how he made his cells so full of vitality, but I know that my Chakra was part of that. To maintain this state, he needs to replenish his energy from the outside world.”

“How would he sustain this style of eating from now on? I can’t even help him much with buying Ramen!” Kushina reached for wallet and felt a little distressed.

“No don’t worry! After he gets enough energy, he won’t need to each so much. Think about yourself, you also have so much vitality. Do you need to eat so much?” 

“That’s good!” Kushina sighed with relief.

Just like Kurama mentioned, Ryo kept these eating habits for the following two days.

After two days of mad eating, Ryo took a lot of energy from the food and his body began to stabilize. On the 3rd day, his food intake was restored to a normal rate. Still, he was eating so much more than he used to.

Two days later, Ryo’s body became gradually accustomed to its cellular modifications. The enormous vitality within his cells began to stimulate his body in other ways.

The most obvious change was the amounts of Chakra within his body; Ryo could clearly sense that it had increased by a bit.

This was an unexpected harvest for Ryo. However, this growth in Chakra was rather inevitable. After all, Chakra is merging of physical energy that’ harvested from the trillions of cells that one has in his body, and the spiritual energy that’s derived from the mind’s consciousness. 

Ryo did not have any genetic rearrangement that’s related to Chakra, but a cell that’s fuller of vitality could exert more Physical Energy than an ordinary cell.

Moreover, Ryo also enhanced Mental Strength by the opening of his Mangekyo. These two factors together led to the increase in his Chakra stores.

Ryo thought that if his Chakra was to keep increasing at such a pace, he would reach Kage tier without the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode or Sage Mode.

But after a few days, his Chakra stores stopped growing, making him feel a little down.

Over the next following days, Ryo was mainly molding Chakra and practicing, not giving any attention to the outside world. That was at least until Kogin flew in hurriedly.

“Ryo, why are you still here? Ne san and everyone went to the gate of the village! Hurry up!” Kogin said while flying over Ryo’s shoulders.

Ryo hadn’t been out, but from Kogin’s words he was able to guess what was going on: The heroes from the Battle of Kannabi Bridge are coming back.

Just thinking of the battle made Ryo feel smothered. All he could think about was the life and death of Obito.

His thoughts went into chaos, and he had to take a deep breath to calm himself down, and then used Ice Elementization and teleported to Kushina.

At the time, Kushina was along with Shisui standing in the crowds at the edge of the village. Because Shisui was the genius of the Uchiha, there members of the police force around them, and they got to be at a high spot due to that.

After Ryo appeared, he didn’t chat with the two much. He just said hello and stood beside them.

Kushina and Shisui looked at each other, both sensing that there was something wrong with Ryo.

Kushina nodded to Shisui, trying to get him to ask Ryo about what’s wrong. But since he felt that his Sensei wasn’t having a good mood, Shisui didn’t want to bother him.

However, Kushina was persistent, and started looking angry. Shisui could only helplessly ask: “Sensei, what’s wrong?”

Ryo shook his head and did not speak. He was now confused and disturbed and did not want to answer.

After a while, Konoha’s Sensor Ninjas announced detecting Konoha’s victorious troops not too far away.

Konoha’s victory this time almost had no casualties after the destruction of Kannabi Bridge. With no resources and with Minato around, the Rock were not able to fight back.

Onoki’s desperate tactics all paled in face of Konoha’s Yellow Flash, and the thousands of Ninjas he had on the borders quickly collapsed. 

As the Ninjas were getting closer to Konoha’s gates, the villagers began to cheer.

Their cheers were getting louder and louder, and everyone was screaming the Name of Minato Namikaze. 

Minato reluctantly forced out a smile to boost the morale of the people cheering around him.

After seeing that smile, the villagers went louder. But Kushina, whose soul was linked to that of Minato, knew that her boyfriend was forcing his smile.

In fact, Ryo and Minato’s mood was far worse that she imagined. Minato, like Ryo, was blaming himself for failing to save his apprentice.

He had the Flying Thunder God, he could get to Kakashi in the blink of an eye, but he missed the window to save his disciples as he spent too much time fighting on the battlefield before deciding to check on them.

His guilt only went deeper every time he looked at Kakashi and Rin; especially Kakashi, who was falling into self-blame as well.

When Kushina saw that there were only two people in Kakashi’s team, she understood why Ryo and Minato were so abnormal.

Looking back at Minato, she was very distressed. And then she saw the expression on Kakashi whose soul was crushed and could only sigh helplessly. 

Kakashi was looking down, following Minato into Konoha. As a member of the police force saw Kakashi’s left eye, his face changed heavily. 

He unconsciously wanted to intercept Kakashi and question him, but he was stopped by his colleague. 

“Do not act rashly! That’s Kakashi Hatake, White Fang’s son and Minato san’s disciple. We’ll report this Sharingan issue to great elder and he’ll handle it!” 

Soon, every last one of Konoha’s Ninjas entered the village, and the civilians who were welcoming them scattered, while the police force went to Katachi Uchiha.

On the other hand, Kakashi returned home, and Sakumo was shocked at seeing his son’s eye.

“Kakashi, what’s this Sharingan?!” Sakumo asked quickly.

The Katake clan wasn’t a Ninjutsu focused one. They relied on Kenjutsu, Taijutsu with Lightning Chakra Mode boosting that in their fighting style.

Sakumo could sense that the Sharingan kept consuming Kakashi’s Chakra.

For him, a Sharingan will only be drag, keeping him from hitting his full potential. Therefore, Sakumo was so anxious when he asked the question.

Hearing his father, Kakashi unconsciously reached for his left eye, and then bitterly said: “It’s Obito’s.”

“Obito… your teammate?”

“To save me, half of his body was crushed with a boulder. He gave me his Sharingan before he… died.” Kakashi’s voice began to tremble. 

After listening to Kakashi, Sakumo immediately decided to make his son keep this eye.

Obito was Kakashi’s savior, and this was his last memento. Sakumo wasn’t going to let anyone take that away from his son.

“Kakashi, go to your room and rest for now. I’ll handle the matter of your Sharingan.” 

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