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H.R.P Chapter 168: Yellow Flash and White Fang

Sakumo seemed to be so cold and serious, but he was so emotional hearing what was going on. After all, he as well was the type to attach great importance to his companions, as shown in his abandoning of his mission years ago. 

Kakashi’s Sharingan was a memento from Obito, who wasn’t just his savior, but his teammate and friend for so many years.

The only thing that made Sakumo want to abandon this Sharingan was his fear for his son’s future. 

The burden of wielding a Sharingan without being from the Uchiha’s bloodline is too great. Originally, Kakashi inherited the sturdy body and great treats of the Hatake clan. He had potential to exceed the all, but now this is uncertain because of the Sharingan. 

(T/N: Some do think that Kakashi’s potential was hindered, not boosted, by the Sharingan. Seeing how fast he evolved at a very young age, and how he was eventually in comparison to characters with similar feats in childhood –Minato, Itachi etc-, this reasoning is pretty sound.)

However, this was not the most important thing for the time being. What seemed more problematic to Sakumo was finding a way to get his son to keep his friend’s memento.

Any family with a Kekkei Genkai would not want that to get out of the clan. The Uchiha were no different. They should certainly have objections to Kakashi having the Sharingan.

Besides, the Uchiha clan is one of the two largest founding clans of the village. Although the Katake clan’s status had risen with Sakumo’s presence as one of the village’s strongest, it was in no way comparable to that of the Uchiha.

Although he was a Kage tier, facing the Uchiha he was probably doomed to lose.

This caused him a headache. Offending the Uchiha could end up hurting the village, but he had to do so for his son’s sake.

Thinking about that, opened his eyes, and was resolved. He carried his blade and went alone to the Uchiha clan.

Coincidentally, as soon as he left home, he met Ryo and Minato.

The two met on their way to Sakumo’s place. Both were feeling horribly guilty about Kakashi’s state. When seeing how down he was entering the village, the two came.

“Sakumo san, you’re not planning on going to the Uchiha’s alone are you?” Ryo saw Sakumo’s Chakra Blade and guessed his plan.

“Sakumo san, let’s wait and then go together, Ryo should see Kakashi’s Sharingan.” Minato quickly added.

“See the Sharingan?” Ryo, do you have a way to remove the risks of the Sharingan on Kakashi’s future?”

Ryo scratched his head. In fact, he could not make any guarantee. However, in order to temporarily appease Sakumo’s emotions, he nodded.

Sakumo felt a lot more at ease. Nothing was more important to him than Kakashi’s future.

He didmissed the idea of going to the Uchiha district and took the two in to Kakashi’s room.

“Knock Knock!” Ryo knocked on the door. No one answered. This lasted a lot, and Sakumo got a bit impatient, directly opening the door and leading Ryo and Minato in.

In the room, Kakashi was staring at the ceiling with a dull look.

Seeing him, Minato and Ryo felt even more guilt.

Ryo entered Ice Elementization just to calm himself down, and then walked over to Kakashi.

Kakashi’s Sharingan was transplanted by Rin, just like what happened in the Manga. However, Rin’s medical expertise this time around was far superior. 

From a surgical point of view, Rin did a perfect Job. Ryo wouldn’t have done any better himself.

Such a perfect operation should have been impossible for Rin to perform without the experience she had with Ryo’s medical team. The Sharingan was consuming Kakashi’s Chakra, while releasing its own into his body seamlessly. 

However, Kakashi was not an Uchiha. In the Manga, he did not have perfect control over his Sharingan, so it kept draining him.

Therefore, the Adult Kakashi was plagued by having low Chakra reserves, which hindered him in battle and made him fatigue rather quickly.

Facing strong enemies, he could only rely on his massive fighting talent and using the many techniques in his arsenal to take them down.

Ryo had two solutions to help Kakashi reach his full potential: One was sealing the Sharingan, something that Ryo knew Kakashi would never agree on. 

The second was to make Kakashi’s body adapt faster to his Sharingan.

Ryo was seeing that the Sharingan was converting Kakashi’s Chakra into its own that it released in his body. This was changing it more suitable to hold it.

However, this process was painfully slow. If it wasn’t for Rin’s perfect surgery, it wouldn’t have happened at all!

Ryo estimated that this assimilation should take over 10 years to be achieved. That was too long.

These 10 years are supposed to be the ones when Kakashi grows the most. However, if nothing is done, his Chakra’s increase will stagnate and he would evolve at the same pace he did in the Manga.

Therefore, Ryo decided to find ways to speed up the assimilation of the Sharingan.

While Ryo was thinking about Kakashi’s matter, Minato and Sakumo were discussing the matter of the Sharingan.

The two were in disapproval about the way that they should use to deal with the problem, but both agreed in not being willing to return the Sharingan to the Uchiha clan.

For Minato, Kakashi was the only one entitled to decide on the matter. This was Obito’s last wish, and that’s something that Minato wasn’t going to let anyone interfere with.

His plan was to notify the 3rd about the situation, and let him negotiate with Katachi.

Sakumo had been disappointed before by the 3rd’s lenient behavior. His plan was to just go and “talk” to the clan on his own.

The two finally agreed: 1st, use force to make the Uchiha clan realize who puts the terms, and then negotiate. 

Upong deciding that, the two immediately set off to the Uchiha’s district. 

Konoha’s White Fang and Yellow flash, both being the village’s strongest heroes of the 2nd and 3rd world war respectively, walked together side by side. 

One had his White Light Chakra Saber; the other had his Flying Thunder God Kunai in hand. Facing both should be something out of the Uchihas’ nightmareS.

After the two arrived at the district, the guard very decisively refused their request to meet Katachi. 

Seeing this, the two did not hesitate, and started immediately. 

Katachi had already guessed that Sakumo was coming, and he was well prepared.

The 3rd world war had just practically ended, and most of the Uchiha’s elites returned to the district. 

Now, over a dozen quasi Kage tier Jonins were around, all with 3 tomoe Sharingan. With such a lineup, Katachi was confident in victory over Sakumo.

Little did he know that Sakumo didn’t come alone, he had Minato alongside him as he entered the village.

The single and two Tomoe Sharingan wielding Ninjas did not even see anything but a golden flash before losing consciousness.

The district was turning into what seemed like a deserted land, and Minato and Sakumo soon reached Katachi.

“You’re such a big-shot Katachi dono, it wasn’t easy to see you today!” Minato showed a brilliant smile.

Seeing that smile, Katachi, who had been fighting alongside Minato for many years, froze in place in cold sweat.

It very clear to him how powerful Minato was.

Sakumo did not say a word, just standing with his Chakra Sabre exuding white light, and making Katachi feel great pressure.

The Uchiha clan head did not know what hit him. He was thinking that it just a matter of waiting for Sakumo to fall into his trap. He did not expect to be in such a situation!

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