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H.R.P Chapter 179: Burn the Elders

Feeling the increasing temperature outside the canyon, the guards’ movements stopped.

“This is Scorch Release, the one outside is definitely Pakura sama!” A Sand Ninja who had previously worked with Pakura said.

“But the elder just said…”

“What’s wrong? Could Pakura sama’s Scorch release ever be faked?”

After the guards discussed it for a while, they finally decided to let Pakura In.

Ryo picked up the elder in one hand and entered the village along with Pakura.

Following her instructions, he and the others used the transformation Jutsu to change their appearance to normal Sand Ninja.

The architectural style of the village was mainly tower-shaped, to reduce the damage caused by the Sand and Wind. The roofs were hemispherical, having the function of water storage.

Being the Sand’s hero, Pakura was instantly surrounded by enthusiastic villagers as soon as she returned.

While on a mission, Pakura didn’t show any impatience, greeting everyone with a smile.

Ryo sighed, not liking such things. Kushina on the other hand was somewhat envious. She never experienced such a scene since she was a child.

“Sensei! Sensei!” Outside the crowd, a brown hair young girl that was 8 or 9 years old shouted at Pakura.

Hearing her, Pakura showed a big smile, and waited for the girl who used a lot of effort to squeeze in through the crowd.

“Sensei! You are back!” The girl took Pakura’s hand and was very excited.

“I just left today, and here you are looking like you haven’t seen me for a long time!” Pakura patted on the Maki’s head.

“It’s been a very long day!” Said Maki.

Pakura had always been very fond of this apprentice, never refusing any of her requests. This made Maki very dependent on Pakura.

“Well, your Sensei had something to do; you should go ahead of me and start practicing.” Pakura said a few words to Maki and signaled her to leave.

While she was a little unhappy, Maki knew well that she shouldn’t hinder her Sensei’s performance of any mission, so she could only reluctantly walk away.

In the same polite manner, Pakura made the villagers spread out, and then led Ryo and the rest of the group and went to the Kazekage’s building, where Rasa and most of the village’s elders were.

Rasa and the senior officials in the village obviously knew of Pakura’s arrival. They were all surprised that she managed to return, and felt very uneasy about that.

“Rasa, what are you going to do about this?” Chiyo asked with some dissatisfaction.

After the surrender of the village to Konoha, Chiyo and Ebizo abandoned their duties as consultants, living in seclusion in the Sand Village.

However, a few days earlier, Rasa sent people to summon them to his building.

Facing the wrath of the Mist, Rasa and the Elder’s Council made up their minds to hand over Pakura. However, Chiyo and Ebiso’s opinion was well respected, so the village wanted their opinion.

Rasa informed the two of the Mist’s request, to give Pakura’s life in exchange for the Mist’s peace. To Chiyo, the village could never abandon anyone of its members. On the spot, she expressed her disapproval of the plan.

Ebizo always agreed with Chiyo, and this time was no exception. After the two expressed their disapproval, they both returned to their place of seclusion.

However, just after Chiyo and Ebizo returned, they learned from an elder that Rasa still chose to hand Pakura over.

Chiyo was very disappointed in Rasa’s behavior, and immediately returned to him with Ebizo, planning to scold him. But events did not wait for Chiyo to bring down her wrath on Rasa, as news of Pakura’s arrival reached the office before she did.

“What about this? Aren’t Ninjas expected to sacrifice their own lives for their village? Why would she have any complain?” Rasa was about to answer, when a white haired elder spoke.

“Do you agree with that, Rasa? Chiyo ignored the elder and continued to ask Rasa.

Rasa felt he did not take the wrong choice, and had the support of the elders, so he still insisted saying: “Yes, I think so too!” 

Hearing Rasa’s answer, Pakura couldn’t help but sigh.

Their way in life was far too different, and Chiyo and Ebizo couldn’t stay in such a meeting any longer.

Before leaving the place, Chiyo turned to the Elders saying: “Pakura is a good child. If I hear that anyone would still conspire on her, my puppets would not let them go.” 

After saying that, Chiyo opened the door to leave, just to be met by Pakura’s confused eyes.

She and Ryo actually reached the door early. She just didn’t know how to face the higher-ups of the village, and did not want to push the door right away.

While being confused, she heard Chiyo’s words inside. She did not expect that there were still elders in the village that supported her, but this made her heart more confused.

The two faced each other, not saying a word for the longest time. Finally, Chiyo reached out patting Pakura’s shoulder and saying: “Whatever you want to do, do it! You are a good child, and I believe in you!” After saying that, Chiyo and Ebizo left the conference room.

The faces of everyone in the meeting room changed after hearing Chiyo; she had actually decided along with Ebizo to stand on Pakura’s side!

Pakura immediately turned to the leaving Chiyo, bowing her head and expressing her gratitude. 

After Chiyo left, she lifted her head and walked directly to Chiyo’s empty seat. As she sat down, Ryo and the rest went with the flow following her in. Gradually, the temperature in the room started to increase.

Everyone remained quiet as they sat in their seats. The temperature of the room was rising more and more, and they were all constantly wiping the sweat off of their foreheads.

Finally, the old man who spoke earlier couldn’t help it any more, slamming the table and standing up: “Pakura, what on earth do you want to do? Dry us to…” 

The elder did not finish his words when Ryo Lightning Chakra Mode Flickered behind him with his Ice Scalpel slitting his throat immediately.

“Pakura!” Another elder also stood up protesting, and a Flaming Orb greeted him, scorching his body dry.

Silence dominated the room again, and no one else dared to stand up and say anything.

Every elder in the room realized that Pakura before them was not pig ready to be slaughtered as they previously imagined, but a tiger that could take their lives at any time.

“Pakura, this is enough!” The silent Rasa finally spoke.

With Pakura getting the support Chiyo and Ebizo, he knew well that today’s meeting room was going to see blood.

What caught him off guard however, was the fact that Pakura was so decisive. She got two elders killed mercilessly. Counting the one they brought in through the door, that makes three elders.

These elders were no ordinary people in the village; they represented the village’s various clans.

Rasa felt he could still settle the matter with three clans. But if he did not stop Pakura now, she might end up annihilating every elder in the room, and then half of the Sand Village would end up rioting! 

“Pakura, I know you’re angry and full of hatred, but it was done for the sake of the village. You know the state we’re in now! We can only negotiate with the Hidden Mist!” Rasa explained.

Pakura didn’t pay attention to Rasa, but stood up and walked over to the next elder.

“Don’t…. Don’t kill me! Pakura, if you kill me, my people won’t, AHH…” The elder was burned to ashes before finishing his words.

“Pakura!” Rasa was very angry. He controlled some Golden Sand around him and made it go straight towards Pakura.

She didn’t pay attention to his attack, and continued walking to the next elder.

Ryo shook his head and teleported to Pakura side, gathering an Ice Shield to block Rasa’s Gold Sand.

“Why is the Kazekage sama so angry? Is there something wrong with Pakura’s behavior with these elders?” Ryo said with a smile.

“Ice! You are a Yuki?! You’re from the Mist? Pakura, you’ve actually took the Mist’s side?” Rasa saw the Ice and couldn’t help but think that Pakura Survival was the result of a deal she made with the Mist.

Ryo did not explain, and Pakura did not pay attention to Rasa, continuing to burn the next elder.

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