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H.R.P Chapter 178: Support

After hearing her sister’s story, Shi was trembling. She never expected that Pakura would be betrayed by her own village and fall victim to politics.

She looked at her and said nothing, not knowing how to comfort her.

Ryo also sighed, for Pakura was indeed a hero of the Sand, having so many great achievements. The way that the 4th Kazekage acted was chilling indeed.

But in fact, Ryo felt that in all fairness, Rasa did not make a mistake. He chose to sacrifice one person in exchange for the peace of the whole village.

Rasa chose the lesser of the two evils, but this didn’t prevent Ryo from wanting to crush his head for his choices.

Kushina on the other hand, didn’t have any communication with Shi along the road. After all, Kushina was still very loyal to Konoha.

But learning about Pakura’s experience, Kushina’s attitude towards the two sisters also changed, becoming very sympathetic with the Sand’s hero and, at the same time, worrying that one day the same thing could happen to her or to one of the people around her. 

“Ryo, do you think Konoha would never…” Kushina’s voice was so faint, only half of what she said was heard.

Ryo wasn’t about to avoid her question. He went in straight forward saying: “Maybe! Sakumo san also had a similar experience. Back in the day, he attempted suicide, which was caused by some high-level officials spreading news about his failure at a critical mission. His character couldn’t take the judgment of the entire village, and he chose to commit suicide.”

Hearing Ryo, Kushina’s face turned gloomy. This was the 1st time she ever heard about this matter. Minato’s care for her wellbeing was extreme; he would never tell her this kind of news.

“But don’t worry, Ne-san! I know that Minato Nii-san would never let anyone hurt you, and neither would I! I will make anyone who tries to hurt the people around me pay the heaviest price, even if they were the 3rd himself.” Ryo said with a smile.

Most women are emotional, and Kushina was deeply touched by Ryo’s words; most of her fears were diluted. Of course, she would never admit this!

“Who… who did you say will protect me? I’m really strong already! Besides, I have Kurama, right, Kurama?” 

Kushina was just reaching for random words to say, but she did not expect that the usually cold and mighty Kyubi would just say: “Yes! I will protect you.” 

Her eyes turned red in an instant, and whatever was left of her worries disappeared. With so many people’s support, what would have to worry about?

On the other side, Pakura and Shi also cooled down a lot, and Pakura didn’t seem as confused as she was back when Ryo met her.

“Pakura, what are you going to do next?” Ryo asked. 

At 1st, she did not answer, and then she said very firmly: “I want to go back to the Sand Village; I want to change it once and for all!” 

To Ryo, Pakura’s answer was a little unexpected. He remembered that after she was brought back through Edo Tensei by Kabuto, she hated the village and never seemed to think of anything besides revenge. However, now Pakura’s attitude was rather different.

Shi also did not expect such an answer. As she was about to say something to Pakura, the latter interrupted her: “Sister, you don’t have to worry. I know what I’m doing; believe me!” 

Pakura’s tone was very determined. Shi knew that she couldn’t change her sister’s decision. All she could do was to silently support her.

“Pakura, can you tell me why you made this choice? Don’t you hold a grudge against the village now?” Ryo asked with some curiosity.

“A grudge?! Of course I’m holding a grudge, but it’s against those on top of the village. I want to use my power to change the village, so that none of its Ninjas would ever fall victor to politics again!”

“Your return alive is defying the decision of the higher ups in you village. Accepting you will be a thorn in the eye for their purposes. These people will want to get rid of you all the time to cover up their ugly true faces. Are you sure that you want to go back and play political games with such scum?” Ryo said very seriously.

“Is that so? I did not think of such bad circumstances. You’re more conscious than me, politically. Nevertheless, I have to return!” Pakura’s tone was still so firm.

Ryo had no more objections, as her choice made him admire her to a great extent. 

Ryo knew that he would never make the same choice in the same situation. For him, the livelihood of those in the village was not worth such a risk; he would only risk his life for those who are important to him.

But Pakura was choosing the hardest path, wanting to protect everyone.

While Ryo wouldn’t do such a thing, he certainly admired this kind of great people. Therefore, he decided to do something for Pakura.

“Since you are so determined, I won’t say anything. But, I will not accept that you return on your own. If you die, then who would fulfill that promise you owe me? Now, I believe that Kushina Ne san is very intressted in going to the Sand Village!” Ryo asked Kushina who was by his side.

“The Sand Village?! Yes Yes!” Kushina’s eyes lit up and she agreed immediately. 

“You are Konoha Ninjas; if you do this…” Pakura was about to carry on, but Ryo didn’t want to listen.

“Enough chit chat! Pakura, you are my important Nakama!” Ryo quoted a captain he knew in his previous life.

The effect of the captain’s words was very obvious; Pakura’s eyes became watery, showing everyone how moved she became.

She did not understand why Ryo was willing to do so much for her sake, but she surely was on board of Ryo’s Pirate Ship! 

In order to conceal her emotions, Pakura turned and walked straight in the direction of the Sand Village, followed by Ryo’s group.

The Sand Village was located in the center of the Wind Country’s desert, and was surrounded by stone walls on all sides. The only entrance was a canyon between the stone walls.

The Sand have heavy defensive troops in there, and also set up a variety of barriers. Without an insider to open those barriers, getting inside could prove to be very difficult.

In the Manga, Deidara managed to go into the village through the sky after bypassing gate security with the help of Sasori’s sleeper agent Yūra, taking out any guards watching the sky. After that, they managed to capture Gaara.

Now, Ryo’s group was also blocked by the boundaries. The Sand Ninjas responsible for guarding the borders initially lift the barriers; but then, the group happened to encounter and elder patrol Ninja.

He was shocked to see Pakura alive! After all, sacrificing her was their common decision. Now that she was alive, she was surly going to take revenge on them.

“You guys, Pakura had left the village just yesterday to perform a mission! This outsider is NOT Pakura! Don’t be fooled!” The elder patron Ninja shouted at the guards.

“Pakura, the barriers were lifted, there’s no time to waste time here!” Ryo said to Pakura.

“We don’t need to rush; I can prove my identity with my Scorch Release!” 

“With that old fellow over there, nothing can prove your identity!” Ryo pointed at the elder inside and said. 

Pakura sighed, knowing that Ryo is right, and she did not hesitate.

“Ryo, please!” She said.

Ryo nodded, entering the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode. He threw in an Ice Scalpel, and then directly teleported to the elder.

Before he had time to react, he was already under Ryo’s Genjutsu.

When the guards so the situation, they all wanted to attack Ryo. However, on the outside, Pakura quickly used her iconic Scorch Release, proving her identity.

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