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H.R.P Chapter 177: The Direction of Korin’s Growth

With the injection of the Rokubi’s Chakra within it, Korin’s Chakra began to decompose and get reconstructed. 

Ryo opened his Sharingan and observed the changes happening to Korin carefully. The Rokubi’s Chakra gradually merged with hers becoming part of her new Chakra.

Her body grew in size, and her overall amount of Chakra also increased. The proportion of Natural Energy in it also increased. Ryo even felt dizzy from the imposing atmosphere of her new Chakra.

“Korin, what’s your Chakra Nature Tupe?” Ryo did not ask this question before, as he assumed that she only had Water Release.

In the battle just now, not only did she use Lightning, she used Black Lightning merging it with water, which surprised Ryo. Therefore, he felt that this question is necessary. 

“Chakra Nature Type? I have Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Lightening!” Korin said after some thought.

“What? How do you have all five Nature Types?” Shan Zhongyuan heard some shock.

“I’ve got Earth Release from the Ichibi, Water Release from the Sanbi, Fire Release from the Yonbi, and Wind and Lightning Release from the Gobi.” Korin explained to Ryo. (T/N: To my knowledge, the Gobi was never stated to have Lightning Release. This however doesn’t mean that he didn’t have it. It probably just means that the author had decided to add the ability to the Gobi’s known arsenal.)

“What did you get from the Kyubi?” Asked Ryo.

“The Kyubi’s affinities are Yin and Yang. His Chakra was the key to give birth to my consciousness. However, you’ve only injected so little of his Chakra, and it got used up after that. I had no Yin or Yang release.” Korin’s tone had a hint of regret in it. (T/N: The Kyubi having Fire and Wind Release is anime only and never confirmed by a cannon source.)

After hearing Korin, Ryo finally had a better understanding on how she was born. 

When the Rikudo Sennin separated the Biju from the Juubi, he used Yin-Yang Release. In this case, the Yin and Yang release from Kurama merged with the Gedo Mazo’s arm to create the initial brute consciousness of Korin. 

It was at this time that Ryo added in the Sanbi’s soul, and Korin swallowed that soul to grow.

The Kyubi was originally part of the Jubi, and his Chakra was merging with the Gedo Mazu’s arm. But with the lack of the Nibi’s, Rokubi’s, Nanabi’s and Hachibi’s Chakra, it could not reconstruct a true mini Juubi.

At this time, Korin’s soul had grown up taking over the arm. She also felt the power deficiency, and unconsciously began absorbing Natural Energy to make up for that.

When absorbing Natural energy, her consciousness got in touch with Ryo’s, and finally under his guidance, she finally turned into what she was now.

“Korin, then, do you still need some of the Kyubi’s Chakra to get Yin and Yang Nature type?” 

“No. Just after getting the Rokubi’s Chakra, I felt my Yang affinity began to develop. I should be able to awaken Yin and Yang completely by getting Chakra from the remaining Biju.” Said Korin.

Ryo nodded, as Korin’s feelings coincided with his thoughts.

At this point, Korin’s growth direction could basically be determined.

First, Ryo had to get the Nibi’s, Nanabi’s and Hachibi’s Chakra to allow Korin to complete her transformation. With that, she could have Yin and Yang affinity, and that along with Natural Energy can help her become a new Juubi.

Once that happened, Korin would actually surpass the Juubi with her intellect and free will. She would become equivalent to the Rikudo Sennin or Kaguya.

Thinking about such possibilities, Ryo became more and more excited to witness Korin’s growth.

A quarter of the Rokubi’s Chakra was integrated into that of Korin. What was left was to take quite some time to fuse.

“Ryo, I need some time to integrate the Rokubi’s Chakra with mine, around 2 to 3 hours. Please do not bother me until I’m done with that!” 

After finishing her words, Korin’s Chakra returned to Ryo, and her body and soul became a cat once again that went into Ryo’s bag.

Ryo carefully adjusted the position of his bag to insure that Korin would not fall out, and then he teleported to the place where he left Pakura.

Pakura on the other hand was worried about the battle between Ryo and the Mist Ninjas, and it wasn’t until the Rokubi’s Chakra disappeared that she finally felt at ease.

As she was breathing a sigh of relief, she suddenly felt someone suddenly appear behind her, and she struggled to get up from the ground, grinding through the pain to assume a fighting position.

“Haha! Look at you all nervous! Calm down, it’s just me” Ryo said with a smile.

Pakura heard Ryo’s voice, helplessly pouting, throwing her Kunai and sitting on the ground: “Ryo Yamanaka, you know, you’re going to scare someone to death if you keep jump-scaring people like that!” 

“Sorry, sorry! I’m just used to it. First, I’ll treat you right here. After your injuries are stable, I’ll take you to your sister.” After Ryo finished his words, he began using “Healing” to treat Pakura.

“Ryo, you are one of Konoha’s Heroes. If one day, the Hokage trades your life for the benefit of the village, what would you do?” Pakura’s tone was a bit sad, with a hint of anger hidden within it.

“I would probably become a rebel!” Ryo did not hesitate before answering.

“Then you would seek revenge from the Hokage?” Pakura continued to ask. 

“Of course, I’m not an angel you know. Anyone who wants to harm will pay for his deeds.”

While Ryo knew what Pakura had encountered, his words were absolutely sincere. If the third was to change and try to hurt him, Ryo would certainly after him.

After Pakura heard his answer, she did not say anything, and fell silent instead.

Ryo’s medical Ninjutsu had improved a lot over the years. Now, he wasn’t inferior to Tsunade in any way, and Pakura’s injury was quickly treated by him.

All this time, Pakura remained silent, until Ryo teleported with her to Shi’s side.

Finally seeing her sister after so many years, Pakura couldn’t but burst into tears.

She was in no better state, and the two hugged each other tightly. Pakura vented all her frustration and sorrow that she had gathered over the years, crying out loud out of control.

Shi was the one to raise Pakura, and knew her better than anyone else. Seeing her sister’s behavior, she knew that she had been wronged.

She patted on her younger sister’s back, and said nothing, just taking her to the side to cry together. After a long time, Pakura emotions were finally stable.

With her mood becoming much better, she began to talk Shi about her experiences that happened while Shi was out of the village. The older sister listened to her sister describing her growth and showed a happy smile.

“Now tell me Pakura, has someone done you wrong recently? You can tell your sister anything you know!” Shi said with a smile.

Pakura looked at her sister smile, and felt that it brought along warmth that spread reaching her heart. She concealed nothing, and told Shi of everything that happened.

The Sand Village had suffered heavy losses after the Battle of Kikyo Pass. The surviving Ninjas had no fighting spirit, and the village could no longer engage into war.

While the Sand Managed to sign a peace treaty with Konoha, they couldn’t manage to do so with the Rock. While the Rock lost their battles as well, they were still in a much better state than the Hidden Sand.

There was a possibility that the Rock and the Mist would join each other, and attack the Sand, which was the weakest village at the time, to gain something out of the war. Rasa wanted to negotiate with the Mist, but they had great grudge against the Sand, especially Pakura late father who had dealt great damage to them in the past. So, what they asked the Sand for was to hand over Pakura. Otherwise, they would join the Hidden Rock.

Rasa chose to compromise for the peace of the village. He told Pakura that she would go out on a mission, and had three Ninjas accompany her. In fact, her teammates were a Quasi Kage and two Jonins from the Mist. The Rokubi Jinchuriki on the other hand was outside the village, lurking in the desert, waiting to ambush her. 

The four managed to injure Pakura severely, and if it wasn’t for Ryo’s well timed arrival, she would probably be dead.

This event was to be the final nail in the 3rd Shinobi World War’s coffin!

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