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H.R.P Chapter 183: The 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze

The Hokage elections, which were scheduled to last a week, had been going for three days. 

During those days, the votes’ count between the top three was very close.

On the 2nd day, both Ryo and Orochimaru actually surpassed Minato, taking 1st place, but later things went back to how they used to be.

In the meeting room of the Yamanaka clan, the heads of the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance were paying close attention to the ongoing elections.

“These three days, all the smaller clans went to vote. Starting tomorrow, I believe the Major Clans will start putting their weight won’t they?” Inoichi looked at Shikaku asking him.

“Well, that how things should go!” Shikaku answered.

For a while, his face was quite heavy. Choza felt it was strange and asked Inoichi: “What’s wrong with Shikaku?” 

“Nothing, I’m just wondering why that person hadn’t taken action yet.”

“Well, indeed. If he doesn’t come today, tomorrow we could only…” Inoichi did not finish his words, and a Yamanaka rushed in.

“Inoichi dono, Shikaku dono, Choza dono, Danzo came he wanting to see you!” 

Hearing that, the trio’s eyes lit up. After waiting for 2 days, Danzo finally couldn’t stand how things were going anymore.

In the front hall of Inoichi’s place, the 3 clan heads appeared at the same time. Since they were at his place, Inoichi was very enthusiastic and cheerfully greeted Danzo: “Danzo san, long time no see!” 

“You three, it’s been a long time indeed.” Danzo faintly responded.

After the four took a seat, Danzo went straight to the point saying: “What do you want to Ryo to withdraw from the elections?” 

He came in knowing he had to pay a price, and facing the most intelligent man in Konoha, he had no reason to beat around the bush. 

“Danzo san, thank you for being so frank and for not talking nonsense. Our tribes want to have control over the entirety of Konoha’s medical system.”

Shikaku felt that Danzo was coming on the 1st day. Therefore, he gathered the other heads of the Ino-Shika-Cho to discuss how to deal with him.

Putting everything into consideration, Shikaku speculated that the possibility of Ryo beating Minato and becoming the Hokage was about 50%

However, he never thought that Ryo wasn’t willing to become the Hokage, which disrupted his long-term plans.

In the Manga, Orochimaru and Danzo were cooperative. Orochimaru wanted to become Hokage, in order to mobilize more resources for his research, while Danzo was trying to manipulate him to help him control the village.

This time, on the 2nd day of the elections, Danzo also went to Orochimaru to proposing cooperation.

This Orochimaru however was different, and what Ryo provided him with was more than enough for his research.

Therefore, he had no interest in becoming Hokage, as it should only waste his precious research time.

However, Ryo actually especially came to find him in advance, asking him to put down the experiments he has in hand, and actually cooperate with Danzo!

Orochimaru was somewhat unwilling at first. His research on Hashirama’s cells was very critical and he didn’t want to waste time.

Ryo obviously guessed that he would refuse, and therefore brough a scroll with him, one in which he hid the corpses of a Zetsu.

Orochimaru looked at the corpse and his eyes lit up. Its special body was too attractive for him, and he decided to go along with Ryo’s plan.

This way, Danzo was able to make a deal with Orochimaru. On that basis, and in order to support Orochimaru, Danzo first went to Inoichi, to get Ryo off the way, and reduce the competition to Orochimaru.

“The whole medical system of Konoha, this request is too much!” Danzo shook his head and refused directly.

After that, the two negotiated, with Inoichi and the drowsy Choza listening silently.

Finally, after what seemed like decades, Danzo and Shikaku reached a consensus. Danzo was to insure the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance’s control over Konoha’s hospital, and Ryo was to withdraw from the elections, and the clans could not show support of Minato in the elections.

On the 4th day, on behalf of the Yamanaka cla, Inoichi announced publicly that Ryo had withdrawn from the elections as he was to young and not competent enough for the position.

This reason sounded perfect. After all, Ryo was still only 14 years old, but that seemed to be ignored by everyone.

After he withdrew, only Orochimaru and Minato were left.

Ryo’s withdrawal actually made it impossible for the big clans to make a move on the 4th day, and the number of votes casted did not increase by much.

On the 5th day, the voting took a tremendous change. Using his methods, he got most of the smaller and medium clans to vote for Orochimaru, getting him far ahead of Minato.

“Minato Ni-san, why would you worry?” In the 3rd training ground, Ryo said to Minato.

“Ryo, don’t say nonsense. Minato has to remain calm, don’t irritate him.” Kushina said to Ryo.

“Ne san, you missunderstood. I just wanted to say that he has nothing to worry about.” Ryo said. 

“Nothing to worry about? The current situation is very bad for Minato!” Kushina said.

It’s very simple! Ni san is a Ninja from a civilian family. In Konoha, we’ve only had people from renowned Ninja clans be on top of the village. Ninjas from civilian families are very difficult to come by actually. Now, they finally get their genius, they won’t leave him without support. By the time all of this would end, Ni san will be the one winning.” 

What Ryo explained was a major hidden reason behind Minato’s popularity, and was enough indeed to get him to win.

“But Minato’s vote count is still too much behind; I can’t help but be worried.” Kushina said in a sullen tone. 

“Actually, Orochimaru san doesn’t want to be Hokage at all! Don’t worry ne san!” Ryo didn’t want to see Kushina sad, and actually told her of the truth.

Hearing that, the previously irresponsive Minato frowned as said: “Ryo, did you just say that Orochimaru san doesn’t want to be Hokage? How?!” 

“Literally, he has other things to do. Being Hokage would only waste his time.” 

“You don’t want to be Hokage, Jiraya Sensei doesn’t want to be Hokage, Sakumo san doesn’t want to be Hokage, and now you tell me that even Orochimaru san doesn’t want to be Hokage?! Does this mean I’ve been worried about nothing this whole time?” Kushina was in great disbelief. 

“Yeah that’s it! From the beginning, only Minato Ni san wanted to be Hokage. However, even if we were to try and go against him, we wouldn’t stand much of a chance anyway!” 

As Ryo said, on the sixth day, civilians and non clan belonging Ninjas poured into the vote center, and Minato’s support rates’ continued to rise until he surpassed Orochimaru again.

On the Seventh day as well, the two largest clans in the village, the Uchiha and the Hyuga, decided to also support Minato.

Seeing them do so, Ryo understood how Minato was always so calm; he had already gained their support secretly!

This way, the one to become Konoha’s 4th Hokage was chosen. Just like in the Manga, the 4th Hokage was still Minato Namikaze.

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