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H.R.P Chapter 187: Ryo vs. Madara

Ryo used Lightning Chakra Flicker to catch up with Rin.

At this time, the Mist Ninjas had already taken her aboard a ship that was to go in the direction of the Water Country.

The Boat was much slower than a Ninja, and Ryo was getting closer and closer.

However, just when Ryo reached the chore, someone got in his way; a man who had long black hair, in a purple-blue attire and red armor. He had a pair of Mangekyo Sharingans exuding great pressure.

“Uchiha Madara! How could this be?” Ryo’s face was gloomy. He opened his Mangekyo to observe his opponent.

He actually thought that it was Zetsu in disguise, but what was disturbing to him was that the Mangekyo did not seem to be fake, as it did indeed exude great power.

“So, Ryo Yamanaka, has our agreement come to an end so fast?” 

Hearing Madara’s voice, Ryo’s heart went into turmoil; is this really Madara?

“I don’t remember Rin having anything to do with our deal!” Said Ryo.

“So, you must interfere with my plan?” Madara’s eyes exuded even more horrible power.

“Rin is my friend, and I really want to see the legendary power Madara Uchiha.”

Ryo was not convinced that the person before him was Madara, so he decided to go ahead and force him into his original shape.

Ryo 1st started by using the Mangekyo to increase the speed of his Ice Lightning Chakra Mode.

This mode already granted him terrifying speed. Now with his eye boosting it, it was almost as if Ryo was actually teleporting!

With such speed, even Madara’s Mangekyo wasn’t able to capture Ryo’s movement!

In his left hand, Ryo condensed a Rasengan, and went straight for Madara’s body.

Immediately, a row of blue ribs covered Madara’s side. While he could not see Ryo’s movement, his instinct made him summon Susanoo as soon as Ryo disappeared.

After seeing Susanoo, Ryo’s face changed greatly, as he realized that the person before him was indeed Madara!

As Ryo was confused, the Ribs continued to change, as arms grew out of them, followed by a skull that formed on top of them. Its empty sockets were filled with a yellow light.

Ryo actually started trembling at this point, as this foe was nothing like any other he had ever faced.

The changes in the Susanoo did not stop there. Flesh started to cover the skeleton, and At the same time, its legs were growing bellow.

Ryo gulped feeling the terror of the blue behemoth. 

“Haha, this is my clan’s ultimate skill. This Susanoo’s destructive power is beyond anything you could imagine, a godly power before which you shall bow! Will you not give up, Ryo?” Madara smiled.

“Korin, help me!” In order to fight such a foe, Ryo could only rely on Korin’s help.

Hearing Ryo’s call, Korin immediately used her Chakra to wrap his body. The Chakra was gradually condensed into the form of Korin, a prestigious Water Kirin!

“What is this?” Madara’s face, which only showed arrogance and pride so far, suddenly showed great surprise for the 1st time since the battle started.

As Korin was condensing, a Water Sphere was forming at the same time. The Water was blended with a peculiar Lightning Chakra, and Black Lightning discolored the sphere.

“[Ranton: Lightning Tide]!” Korin controlled the water sphere smashing it against the Susanoo.

The water sphere crashed against its body, and the Susanoo’s muscles began to be corroded, revealing the skeleton underneath.

“Good opportunity!” Ryo’s eyes lit up and he condensed an Ice Bow. He quickly condensed an Ice Arrow and shuttled the surrounding Natural Energy madly into the small projectile. At the same time, he used his Mangekyo to enhance the Arrow’s attack.

Korin saw Ryo preparing for such a big move, and she immediately increased the power of her Lightning Attack. Her purpose was to contain Madara’s Susanoo to gain time for Ryo.

With Korin’s destruction, Ryo’s Arrow was finally completely filled. As soon as that happened, Ryo release the Chakra string behind the Arrow, sending it directly toward Madara who was behind the Susanoo.

As the Arrow approached, Madara felt a deadly threat from this approaching item.

“Ha!” Madara screamed, forcing the Susanoo out of Korin’s lightning shackles, and the blue behemoth formed two extra arms, each holding a Katana.

Madara controlled his arms, adding two other swords, and all 4 arms went down on the upcoming Arrow.

The Ice Arrow’s size was insignificant compared to the Giant Katana. However, it power was beyond all expectations.

When the two weapons came into contact with each other, the Ice Arrow directly went through all four blades, piercing a hole into Susanoo’s so call absolute defense.

The Arrow went directly through the Susanoo’s ribs, hitting Madara directly, and then, Ryo controlled it from a far.

He made it Bloom and Crush immediately, crushing the entirety of Susanoo, along with Madara’s body within it.

At that moment, Ryo’s Mangekyo spotted a black liquid-like substance dropping from Madara’s body, and then disappearing into the ground in the blink of an eye.

Ryo immediately entered Sage Mode, wanting to locate the black substance and then capture it.

However, the substance was moving too fast underground, and Sage Mode could only sense its Chakra, not its exact location.

Its mobility and special Chakra confirmed to Ryo that it was indeed Black Zetsu.

This made Ryo feel relieved, as the amazing “Madara at his peak” had not appeared yet.

Black Zetsu was obviously aware of Ryo’s Teleportation Barrier that Rin carried. It seemed that this made him fear that Ryo was about to disrupt Madara plan. However, he could not directly tell Madara.

Therefore, he had no choice but to try to drag Ryo on his own.

It was no surprise for Ryo that Black Zetsu was able to imitate Madara, and even a Mangekyo Sharingan. After all, the he was Kaguya’s 3rd “son”, and anything could be expected out of him. (Translator note: Nice move from the author, relying on Black Zetsu being  so obscure to give him any power he wanted XD)

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