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H.R.P Chapter 188: The Plan Begins!

CUnderground, after the use of the Mayfly technique to escape from Ryo, Black Zetsu had a portion of its body covered in Ice Crystals, and the scene was awkward.

At this time, White Zetsu approached him saying: “Hey, aren’t you going to stop Ryo Yamanaka? And why do you look so miserable? “

“That Yamanaka! I don’t know how he got this Biju like creature, and he’s already pretty strong himself. With the bit of power I’ve stolen from Nagato’s eyes, I’m still no opponent of his!” Black Zetsu said, rather angrily.

“That’s frightenly powerful! You have part of Nagato’s Dojutsu power, and with your ability to use second stage Susanoo, and you still can’t beat him?” White was very surprised. (T/N: The Author had added Susanoo to Black Zetsu’s arsenal as an ability that was never portrayed in the Anime.)

“Ryo Yamanaka and his “Biju” can use Natural Energy. With that, even my Stage two Susanoo is not enough to resist them.”

As he mentioned Natural Energy, Black Zetsu’s tone became even more serious. Besides the Juubi, Korin was the 1st Biju he saw using Natural Energy and that made him worry.

“But this operation was not without gains. The girl was taken into the sea while you and Ryo were fighting. They have already gone a great distance. By the way, does the girl really carry space-time coordinates? I haven’t found them after searching her thoroughly.” White Asked.

“Ryo Yamanaka is managing to somehow determine her location accurately; she definitely has them on her. I don’t know what Ryo Yamanaka has done to hide them.”

“Alright, but now the ship has gone too far; we shouldn’t about it!”

“Well, Ryo Yamanaka’s time-space Ninjutsu as not as strong as that of Minato. We should indeed be safe now.” Black Zetsu nodded.

“Well, I’ll go back to Madara sama!” 

“Remember not to reveal any of this!” 

“I know!” After saying that, White Zetsu vanished into the ground.

Black and White Zetsu were very careful, but they forgot one thing: Ryo’s Ice Teleportation.

On the Sea, Ryo in Ice Elementization froze water in the distance, then teleported to it relentlessly.  

In the 10 Minutes Ryo spent dealing with Black Zetsu, Rin’s ship went quite a distance into the sea. After a while chasing it, he finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief, as he spotted the ship. The next moment, Ryo disappeared from the sea.

On the ship, Ryo blinked behind Rin. After a brief check, he determined that her state was not that bad, and that she only had some Genjutsu casted upon her and had her Chakra sealed.

Later, Ryo sensed everyone’s presence on the Ship, determining that everyone one around her was also under Genjutsu.

He lifted Rin’s illusion, and she slowly opened her eyes.

Rin looked around with confusion. She unconsciously wanted to use Charka, but found it to be sealed.

“Rin, don’t worry, your Chakra had been sealed by the Mist Ninjas, that’s all.” 

Hearing Ryo’s voice behind her, she immediately turned back.

“Ryo, why are you here?” Rin asked with some surprise.

“To save you! Remember? You were kidnapped by the Hidden Mist.”

“How did you know that I was taken?”

“Remember the scroll I gave you?”

Rin nodded; Ryo was indeed very serious when he gave her the scroll, and she had guessed that it was very important, so she held on to it.

“I have a Time Space Mark in that Scroll. The Scroll seals it out of my perception with an outside seal that’s linked to my Ice Scalpel. If My Ice Scalpel gets destroyed or gets too far away from the scroll, I will start perceiving your location.”

“So that’s what it how… Thank you, Ryo!”

“Rin, thanking me might have to wait for later…. I have a plan, and I need your help. It’s about Obito!” Ryo talked very seriously to Rin.

“Obito? Isn’t he dead?” Rin shivered when she heard Ryo’s words, and her eyes turned red instantly.

“Well, he’s alive, and this could be either good or bad for him. It’s all up to you!” 

“Me? What can I do?” Rin was a little confused.

Ryo did not answer, instead asking: “Rin, do you like Obito?” 

Hearing Ryo’s question, Rin became a little confused. After a brief silence she said: “Like… I like Obito, I like Kakashi, I like y…”

Rin obviously misunderstood Ryo’s question, and Ryo shook his head saying: “I’m talking about another kind of liking, the kind that exists between lovers!” 

Her face blushed instantly: “That…. I… I don’t know!” 

Rin’s reluctance said a lot on its own. Ryo smiled and said nothing more about that, and had another thing to ask Rin. 

“Rin, all you have to do is to continue your Journey with these Mist Ninjas, and of course I will protect you from the sidelines.”

“Will this help save Obito?” 

“Yes! Believe me!” 

“Then yes, I’ll do anything!” Rin’s tone was very firm.

Ryo nodded, and he had already expected that she would agree. He then went back to the deck and killed a Mist Ninja, transforming to his appearance. Then, he proceeded to throwing the Ninja’s corpse into the sea.

Later, Ryo pretended to be in Genjutsu like the other and stood on the deck.

The ship sailed for another day or so before arriving at the port near the Mist Village.

A Jonin from the village had long been waiting on the shore. When the boat was docked, he got on the boat and immediately went into the cabin to take Rin away.

As soon as he approached Rin, Ryo teleported right behind him, slitting his throat on the spot. 

Ryo read his memories, and then transformed to his appearance.

“Rin, in order to deceive the Mist Ninjas, I will use Genjutsu on you. It will only make you sleep.” After dealing with the Mist Ninja’s corpse, Ryo notified Rin.

“Well, alright!” Rin nodded and let Ryo use Genjutsu on her.

After carrying the sleeping Rin, Ryo got off the boat and walked to a small lake following the memories of the Elite Jonin.

On the shore, Ryo saw two acquaintances: White Zetsu, looking like Yamada Nagakyu, and Yagura.

Yagura looked the same as the last time when Ryo saw him. His eyes were not as dull as people usually are when under control.

In the lake, Ryo saw the Sanbi Floating on the Water’s surface. The bit of its Chakra that Ryo had taken was recovered. However, most of its soul was lost. It couldn’t even control its body properly. The Biju could only sleep and slowly recover its soul.

“You should leave now!” After Ryo put Rin down, the controlled Yagura ordered him to leave him alone with White Zetsu.

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