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H.R.P Chapter 191: Rinnegan and Ice Release

The Rinnegan is one of the Three Great Dojutsu and is reputed as the most exalted eye amongst the three. It’s power goes far beyond that the Byakugan or Sharingan.

The Rinnegan grants its wielder the ability to use of all five Nature Transformations, along with Yin and Yang. It also has its own range of abilities, and even the ability to reverse life and death.

The Rinnegan’s signature abilities were the ones shown by the 6 paths of Pain in the Manga, along with the Outer Path used by Nagato himself.

On top of those abilities, each pair of Rinnegan has its own proprietary Jutsu.

For example, Madara’s [Limbo], and Sasuke’s [Amenotejikara] are their own unique Rinnegan techniques.

Nagato had created the 6 Paths of Pain, with each of them freely manipulating one of the 6 paths power. When watching the anime, Ryo presumed that the Rinnegan power could be divided regardless of ability, just like its abilities could be split between paths.

Today, Madara’s use of the Rinnegan confirmed to Ryo his previous speculation.

Ryo guessed that Madara , in order to do this, should have retained some of his Rinnegan’s power after giving his eyes to Nagato.

The problem is that Ryo had no idea how much power Madara retained, or which of the Rinnegan’s techniques he retained. Therefore, just to be safe, he stopped his attacks.

In his pit, As Madara used the Rinnegan’s power, his 3 tomoe Sharingan quickly lost its brilliance, and its pupils started turning grayish white.

“Zetsu, is the new Sharingan pair ready?” Madara said.

“Ready, Madara sama!”

“That’s good, wait for the end of this to start changing these.” After finishing his words, Madara closed his eyes.

In the Mist Village, Yagura, controlled by Madara, trembled and then raised his right hand, releasing a strong attractive force at Ryo.

“Bansho Ten’in?” Being fully aware of the Rinnegan’s capabilities, Ryo left an Ice Scalpel in place, and then did not resist Madara’s attractive force.

Seeing no struggle from Ryo’s side, Madara had a feeling that something was wrong, but he did not stop. Instead, he gathered a Black Rod in Yagura’s left hand while activating the Preta Path.

Ryo let himself get closer, then threw an Ice Scalpel at Yagura, being one step ahead before the Black Rod hit him.

When Ryo was testing Madara’s Rinnegan ability, he used an Ice Jutsu that got close to Yagura. Of course, the Preta Path interacted with it, but it did not immediately disappear!

Therefore, when Yagura used Bansho Ten’in, Ryo did not resist and let him pull him. He wanted to use his Sharingan to determine how resistant his Ice could be to the Rinnegan’s power.

He opened his Sharingan and observed the Ice Scalpel.

Facing the Preta Path, the Ice Scalpel did not disappear. Instead, what happened was that it lost some of its size.

With his Sharingan, Ryo saw that the Natural Energy of the Ice Scalpel was being absorbed. However, since his ice’s internal structure was too stable; this loss in Natural Energy was very slow.

In the end, Yagura did not completely absorb the Scalpel. Instead, it actually stabbed him in his right shoulder.

After determining the approximate speed at which his Ice Release was absorbed, Ryo teleported immediately to his initial position.

“Mizukage sama, it seems that your Jutsu is not without flaws!” Ryo shouted to Yagura.

Yagura’s face remained unfazed, but Madara’s was much gloomier. Since he developed the Rinnegan, this was the 1st time a Ninjutsu escaped it Preta Path.

Madara did not expect that even with the Rinnegan, he’d still have no way to take down Ryo with the Mist Ninjas under his control, he was actually confident in victory with him taking the initiative. 

He felt eager to use all the power he had stored just to take down Ryo. However, he knew that there might be a time when he needs that power, so he had to give up on this idea.

“Ryo Yamanaka, we really haven’t seen you companion. Although the Wave Country is subsidiary to outs, this matter really has nothing to do with us.

Hearing Madara seeking peace, Ryo hummed; he did not want to fight!

All he wanted to achieve in this village had been done, and he even got to expose some of Madara’s well hidden cards.

It didn’t make any sense for him to fight any more. Rin was still on the ship. If she was to be discovered by any other Mist Ninjas, all his plans would be defeated.

At this thought, Ryo said: “Even if you are not responsible, Rin was lost in your territory. You must give me a proper compensation!” 

Ryo’s attitude changed so quickly, it took Madara by surprise. Although somewhat doubtful, he could only overlook the matter to keep his interests and plans for Rin and the village going.

“You can rest assured that we well send people after your companion, and tell whenever we have an update.” Yagura said quickly.

Ryo pretended to think about it, only to agree after a few minutes.

With their consensus, Ryo pretended to leave the village, and went back to take Rin from the boat.

In the pit, Madara wiped the tears and blood off his eye.

“White, tell me all you know about Ryo Yamanaka’s Ice!” 

“Yes Madara sama. As far as we know, his Ice is a Kekkei Genkai unique to him. He could combine it with Natural Energy, and it’s much harder than that of the Yuki clan.”Immediately, White Zetsu answered Madara with all he knew about the matter.

Madara was not satisfied after listening. Zetsu’s information didn’t give anything new. He had just fought Ryo through Yagura, and Ryo’s Ice Release and Ice Teleportation were not that simple.

“White, we should pay more attention to Ryo Yamanaka in the future. He may be more talented that I ever imagined. Perhaps he could become the greatest obstacle to my plan!” 

White was a bit surprised, for Madara who always had always focused on leading figures was paying so much attention to Ryo.

In fact, in all the years he served under Madara, this was the highest praise he ever heard him say about anyone. Therefore, Zetsu became a little intrigued. 

After that, Zetsu gave the Sharingans to Madara. After the latter switched his eyes, he closed them and ignored everything to rest in his chair.

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