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H.r.P Chapter 198: Mokuton Reproduction Plan!

After his conversation with Minato and Kushina, Ryo moved back to Konoha, and left Minato behind to cover his traces. Of course, their search was “in vain” and they found nothing.

In the 3rd’s office, the Hokage and Jiraya were waiting for Minato’s investigation results.

“Old man, you said a Biju was found there before as well?”

“Well, before, a portion of the forest on the southern borders was destroyed with a Biju Dama. With news of the Rokubi Jinchuriki leaving the Mist, I suspected it was him, and sent Ryo and Kushina to investigate…” The 3rd told Jiraya about what happened back then.

“Old man, it seems that this Biju is definitely different. The Rokubi Jinchuriki had been killed in the Wind Country.” Jiraya’s tone became serious.

The 3rd nodded in agreement, and he was also very worried.

At the time, Minato’s wedding was approaching. With borders of the country facing such great danger, they couldn’t do anything but wait for Minato to come back.

After Minato ‘s group found nothing, they returned to Konoha, and went straight to the 3rd’s office.

“Knock Knock!” As the 3rd and Jiraya were very anxious, they heard the knocking on the door.

“Come in!” The 3rd realized it was Minato who just came back.

As Minato entered through the door, the 3rd couldn’t wait to ask him about what he found.

Minato did not answer for a while, and then said calmly: “Hokage sama, the southern borders do have indeed some massive creatures, but this one is definitely no Biju.”

Hearing that, the 3rd was secretly relieved and asked: “How do you know this? What did you find?” 

“First, I found the damage that the creature had left on the threes. From that, I could estimate that the creature should be similar in size to a Biju. However, the Chakra traces it left behind is definitely not that of a Biju!”

As he said that, Minato took out a scroll that had Korin’s Chakra within it, giving it to the 3rd, who opened it and perceived it.

On the other side of the office, Jiraya, who was very sensitive to Natural Energy, immediately sensed it as the scroll was opened. 

Moreover, he immediately realized that the Natural Energy was perfectly integrated within this Chakra. This reminded him of the Two Great Sage Toads, Fukasaku and Shima.

Although the 3rd did not practice Sage Mode, he was also somewhat familiar with Natural Energy, and it did not take him long to identify it.

“Indeed, this Chakra is not that of a Biju!” The 3rd also nodded.

“Well, this reminds me Two Great Sage Toads from Mount Myoboku. This is likely to be a special summoned beast, one that we’ve never encountered before.” Jiraya said his conclusion. (T/N: Jiraya concluded that probably because this creature’s Chakra levels were way above those of any other summoned beast known to him.)

“Minato, do you agree?” The 3rd asked.

“Yes, Hokage sama!”

“Well, since you both agree, this must be indeed a summoned beast!” The 3rd agreed with the assessment of the two who had more expertise with Natural Energy, “I don’t know if it’s possible, but is there a way to come into contact with this beast? If you can become their contractor, it would be a great thing for Konoha!” The 3rd said to Minato.

“Hokage sama, I am afraid it’s impossible right now. We are too late, and all traces of space time fluctuations on the borders have disappeared.” Minato answered.

The 3rd had some regret about the missed opportunity.

Next, he announced this matter as an S-class secret of Konoha, and at the same time rewarded everyone present.

“Kenichi, you’ve done a great job. Your report and subsequent search with Minato are of the value of an A Rank mission. You will have the reward for that, and you can collect it later.”

Kenichi was very happy, he was just a Tokubestu Jonin, and A Rank mission rewards were great income for him.

“What about me?” Kushina, who had been keeping her head down, couldn’t sit still anymore when hearing about money. Since she was the Kyubi’s Jinchuriki, big missions were a rare thing for her and she didn’t get much income.

“Same goes for you as well!” The 3rd said generously.

Hearing that, Kushina was very satisfied, and went along with Kenichi to collect the money.

On Ryo’s side, as soon as reached the village, he teleported to Orochimaru’s lab. This time however, he happened to bump into Danzo who also came to find the Sannin.

Danzo saw Ryo’s sudden appearance and his face turned rather gloomy. Since Ryo teleported in, he must be visiting Orochimaru’s lab quite often. Danzo never knew about that!

“Orochimaru, what’s with that?” Danzo pointed at Ryo.

“Danzo, I’m the one to ask that question!” Ryo said that, unleashing his Chakra deliberately toward Danzo.

A thin layer of sweat appeared on the Councilman’s forehead, but by reminding himself of his new Arm that’s made out of Hashirama’s cells, he managed to keep himself calm on the surface.

At the same time, Ryo established a telepathic link with Orochimaru in secret, and the two discussed how to deal with Danzo.

After they agreed quickly to a good plan, Orochimaru interfered to “stop” Ryo: “Ryo Kun, just like you, Danzo san has business with me.”

“He does not know of my business, does he?” Ryo increased his Chakra’s pressure as he asked Orochimaru.

“Absolutely not! Ryo kun, please believe me!” Orochimaru said quickly.

Ryo dubiously said: “If he ever knows about my business, I’ll finish you with my own hands!” Ryo then pulled back his pressure, and took a seat on a chair.

With him pulling back his Chakra, Danzo was finally able to breathe.

Originally, he had though that Ryo was comparable to the Sannin before the 3rd Shinobi 3rd War. However, now he knew from Ryo’s preasure that he was already stronger, and even comparable to Sakumo. The only two stronger than him in Konoha at that time must be Minato and Hiruzen!

“Danzo san, you also rest assured; I haven’t said anything about you to Ryo kun.” Orochimaru’s words interrupted Danzo’s thoughts.

He was vastly overpowered in this situation, and he could only take Orochimaru’s word.

“Orochimaru, get him out now! We have to finish our business.” 

“Ryo kun, please come later, and we will talk!” 

Ryo knew that he shouldn’t overdo the act, and he disappeared immediately from the lab, only returning when Danzo left.

“Orochi san, what brought that old fart to you?” Ryo was a bit curious.

“Danzo is really bold! He wants to reproduce Mokuton by transplanting the 1st’s Chakra to children.” Ororchimaru actually sounded rather excited!

Ryo’s shock appeared on his face. It was because of that incident in the Manga that Orochimaru defected and Yamato was born!

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