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H.R.P Chapter 200: The Plan Begins!

Early the next morning, Shinku arrived with his daughter, and Asuma, who was thinking he was well hidden behind them.

“Shinku san, Kurenai, good morning!” Ryo saluted the two happily, and they did so as well.

“Ryo, you usually practice here?” Before her father was able to talk, Kurenai asked Ryo.

This question made him realize that, ever since he came to this world, he had been mostly practicing in the 3rd training ground. This relatively small area was witness to most of his growth.

After he chatted with the two for a while, Kakashi, Shisui and Kushina also arrived. Kakashi was especially called by Ryo, as it was fitting for him to come see his old classmates.

Ryo was about to introduce everyone, when he suddenly noticed the one lurking outside. He smiled and said to Kurenai: “Do you want to invite the one outside?”

Her face turned red, just like Hinata used to do around Naruto!

As she did not respond, Ryo just disappeared in front of everyone, just to reappear after a few seconds with Asuma.

His face had been gloomy all morning, as he thought that his Yamanaka classmate was stealing his girl. Whenever she laughed or smiled when talking to Ryo, he felt dying!

His love to Kurenai was no secret. Even Kakashi, who never cares for gossip, knew all too well about it!

Ryo introduced Kurenaito everyone, mainly to Kakashi and Shisui. Kushina had nothing to do with Kurenai or her father.

“Sensei, who is he?” Shisui pointed at Asuma, who was whispering to Kurenai.

“His name is Asuma; he’s just some pervert!” The one who answered was Kakashi, whose pale eyes were full of contempt.

His voice was not low either, and Asuma heard him easily: “Hey! What do you mean by that Kakashi? Do you want to fight?” 

Kakashi glanced at Asuma with distain, without saying a word.

At this time in the Manga, Kakashi was already Jonin tier. With Ryo using Hashirama’s cells to fully integrate the Sharingan with his body, he became even more powerful. Now he was around the level of a quasi Kage, while Asuma was just Tokubetsu Jonin tier. A true battle between the two would spell Asuma’s death!

In fact, if this happened normally, Asuma wouldn’t have complained. But now that he was belittled before Kurenai, he wasn’t going to just let it pass!

He tried to provoke Kakashi, and the result was self-evident. Kakashi had no mercy, bringing him down immediately!

“You two stop making trouble!” Said Kushina.

Ryo turned a blind eye to their quarreling, and Kushina had to interfere before Asuma got devastated.

Ryo ignored the two, saying to Shinku: “Shinku san, my disciple is very talented in Genjutsu, do you mind if he would practice with me?”

Indeed, Shisui was known in the Manga mainly for his Body Flicker and Genjutsu. Even his Mangekyo ability was arguably the strongest Genjutsu: Kotoamatsukami!

Ryo’s own Genjutsu abilities were still underdeveloped, and Kushina never even bothered to learn one. Therefore, Shisui’s only source of knowledge about Genjutsu was his clan.

Shinku looked at Shisui and nodded: “This child is an Uchiha, so I don’t think he’ll need me to teach him any techniques. All I can offer to him is teaching about Genjutsu’s application.” 

Having Shinku’s permission, Ryo took Shisui the two went to the side with Shinku. The Young Uchiha was very excited to finally find someone new to teach him about Genjutsu!

At the beginning, Shinku started with the basics, explaining to them what Genjutsu is: “Genjutsu refers to a way of attacking people mentally. Through various mediums, one could control the chakra flow of a target’s cerebral nervous system, making his mind produce several illusions…”

Ryo already knew such basics, but he and Shisui were both very focused listening to Shinku.

However, as the latter was speaking, Ryo’s consciousness was becoming less and less clear, and by the time he realized that something was wrong, he found himself helpless, falling in a deep sleep.

“Ryo! Wake up!” While he was under Genjutsu, Korin was not! She was able to awaken him.

With that, he opened his eyes immediately and looked around. At 1st glance, he saw Shinku who was looking at him in shock, while Shisui was by his side, still unconscious.

Ryo was in cold sweat, and did not know how he fell to the Genjutsu.

“Ryo, I really never thought you’d be so mentally strong! True to your reputation as the genius of your clan!”

“The thing that was strong was your Genjutsu! When and how did it happen?” Ryo asked with surprise.

“Well, you two were too focused on understanding me. This distracted you mental power from protecting your minds, and opened a window for me!” Shinku explained.

This lesson was the 1st of many others he received from Shinku.

Over the course of the following days, he learned many techniques from him. Because of his immense mental power and his Sharingan, they were not hard for him to learn.

Those who don’t have a Kekkei Genkai such as the Sharingan have to get creative with their applications of Genjutsu. Ryo’s purpose was to expand his repertoire of techniques and tricks and then adapt that with his Sharingan, thus improving his proficiency in using it.

With Shinku’s knowledge and great teaching abilities, Ryo was improving very quickly, and became able to use his Sharingan’s Genjutsu more intuitively and frequently.

This way, his study of Genjutsu came to an end, as Shinku had nothing left to teach him. However, the latter still came to the 3rd training ground everyday to guide Shisui.

Kurenai also followed her father to the training ground daily. Ryo taught her how to improve her Body Flicker, as thanks to her father for teaching him.

After Asuma was beat by Kakashi last time, he wasn’t seen around again. After all, he lost face before his beloved girl, and couldn’t just show his face again!

What Ryo was most concerned about however was Kakashi, as he should go to track Rin at any moment!

She had to “die” by his hands, so that a new Mangekyo would be born.

Ten days passed since Ryo left the Mist. He anticipated that Kakashi would go after Rin within two days.

Indeed, Kakashi found out that she was missing!

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