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H.R.P Chapter 201: Untouchable Power

CKakashi had heard Rin’s words on the Memorial Stone. The following day, he also learned that she had taken on a non dangerous C-Rank Mission in the Wave Country.

Therefore, Kakashi did not worry. However, after nearly 10 days, has still had news of her return, and he realized that she might be in danger!

After explaining the Situation to Minato, Kakashi left Konoha on his own.

What he did not realize is that, when he left Konoha, he was discovered.

White Zetsu immediately informed Madara, who immediately used Yagura to get “Rin” branded with the Forbidden Individual Curse Tag and programmed so that the tailed beast would be let loose within Konoha once she and Kakashi returned to the village, and then released her from the Genjutsu she was under, and then let her loose in the Wave Country.

After the matter of “Rin” was settled, make Yagura give orders to send a large troop of Ninjas, led by a quasi Kage to take Rin to Konoha from the Wave Country.

In Madara’s pit, Obito’s body was healed and reconstituted with the help of Hashirama’s cells.

He had long wanted to return to Konoha, but he had was always monitored by Zetsu, and the exit was blocked by a massive bolder, leaving him no way to leave.

Just as he was lying on the bed in boredom, white Zetsu popped out of nowhere screaming: “Obito, your friends Rin and Bakakashi are in trouble! They’re alone and completely surrounded by Mist Ninjas!” Hearing that, Obito immediately became so anxious, jumping out of the bed and trying his best to destroy the boulder!

However, he was not powerful enough for that. Instead, he hand was completely shattered. 

White Zetsu immediately glanced at Gurguru, who attached himself to Obito, rendering him capable of destroying the boulder to pieces with just one punch.

Obito looked back at Madara, expressing his gratitude, and telling he that he could probably never return.

At the same time, who found out about Kakashi’s departure, immediately moved to the borders of the Fire Country, and then to the Wind Country.

In Pakura’s house, he appeared out of nowhere. Pakura wasn’t at home, and after glancing at Shi, he disappeared again with Rin.

Ryo used his multiple Teleportation Barrier Marks to successfully reach the Wave Country before Kakashi.

Later, he entered Sage Mode, and determined the location of fake “Rin”.

“Rin, remember what I said, this is about the future of the world! No matter what you see, you cannot say anything, nor have any reaction. Until I tell you to come, don’t! Understand?

Ryo’s tone was very serious. Since the matter was about Obito’s safety and future, Rin immediately nodded.

With that settled, Ryo went with her to Fake Rin’s side, and then used his clan’s secret [Mind Body Switch] Jutsu to get his soul inside of the body!

Since this body had no soul, it was easily taken over by Ryo, who handed his own body temporarily to Korin.

Ryo controlled the body and slowly stood up.

After a few minutes, he became able to control this body perfectly. He turned back and said to Korin: “Korin, I’ll hand over Rin and my body to you. I’ll tell you what to do later, but for now, take Rin and get away!” 

“Rest assured Ryo, there will be no problem!” Korin put her hand on her heart, and then left.

“Well, let’s go!” 

After sending Korin away, Ryo climbed a tree and started his plan.

In this body, even though he could not enter Sage Mode, Ryo still had his massive spiritual power, and had great perception around him to a certain distance.

He perceived Kakashi and the Mist arriving at almost the same time, and both sides also located him on the tree.

Kakashi thought that Rin was being chased by the Mist, so he entered the Lightning Chakra Mode, reached “Rin”, took her and then ran away! (Translator note: We have Kakashi holding Ryo in his arms and running away!)

The Mist Ninjas saw the two fleeing in Konoha’s direction, which aligned with their purposes. Therefore, they did not chase the two diligently, and instead just followed them.

After a while, Ryo judged that Obito should be nearby.

Therefore, he did exactly the same thing as Rin in the Manga: he said to Kakashi that he cannot return to Konoha, and turned to the Mist Ninjas.

Kakashi, who had no idea about Madara’s plan, chased her the same way he did in the manga, and the Mist who saw the two of them returning naturally did not agree, and immediately surrounded the two.

“Captain, this girl obviously realized she has a Biju in her body, and she will certainly not voluntarily return to Konoha! We must kill the boy, and take her forcefully! That should be more convenient. “ a Mist Jonin said.

The Mist captain felt that this was a relatively easy task, and he agreed with his assistant.

The battle started, and Kakashi activated his Chidori to defend “Rin” and himself. Ryo at that time was constantly perceiving the surroundings, until he finally could sense Obito!

With Obito slowly approaching, Ryo realized that his window of opportunity was near! As soon as the young Uchiha reached the battlefield all ready to help; Ryo controlled his body to throw itself on Kakashi’s Chidori, and then immediately took back his consciousness to his own body before the impact.

With the Chidori piercing through Rin’s heart, and Obito felt the world collapsing all around him; he felt grief and sorrow like never before, and despair consumed him, making him want escape this life!

Both his right eye and Kakashi’s left rotated in a frenzy, and his 2 tomoe Sharingan 1st turned into a three tomoe, and then gained a dart-like pattern.

With his great desire to escape this world and get free from the shackles of reality, Obito’s Mangekyo was born

His eye unlocked a new dimension, one that lurks between illusion and reality. The powerful, almost untouchable technique, Kamui, was born.

After Ryo’s mind returned to his body, he immediately ran to “Rin’s” position.

At that time, the Mist Ninjas who were surrounded Kakashi were being slaughtered one after the other by Obito. With Kamui, Hashirama’s cells and Guruguru’s power supporting him, none of them stood a chance!

Ryo arrived to the scene, accompanied by Rin who was stunned by what she witnessed. She did not know that the mad figure slaughtering everyone was that of Obito. However, for a reason she did not know, the weapons going through him felt like knifes to her heart.

“Rin, don’t move from here! Don’t forget what you promised me! I will deal with some problems and come back soon.”

After saying that, Ryo entered Sage Mode, and perceived the area thoroughly. Just like he did in the Mist Village, he killed the hidden Zetsu.

As for Guruguru, Ryo perceived fluctuations of mental power from him that were different from the rest of the White Zetsu.

In other words, Guruguru must have its own soul!

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