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H.R.P Chapter 203: Obito’s Decision

C“Give me some time; I need some quiet!” Obito stood up quickly, thinking about his relationship with Madara.

At first, he just had a general impression of Madara, who was just a very powerful Shinobi to him. Both Konoha and the Uchiha did not give much care to his memory.

However, after being rescued by him and remaining by his side for so long, Obito’s average impression of Madara improved greatly. He was more like a hero to him and less like a figure from history.

Now, knowing Madara’s sinister intentions, Obito’s good feelings toward him instantly disappeared. 

“Ryo, why do you think Madara has chosen me?” Obito turned around and asked Ryo. 

“I guess, it’s because of the great amount of love your heart has to offer!” 

“Love? What love?” Obito did not understand what Ryo was talking about.

“Obito, didn’t you notice that? You’re a very caring person! How many old grandmas have you helped and homeless animals have you rescued?”

“Wait, what does this have to do with Madara choosing me?” Obito interrupted Ryo

“Well it matters greatly! Do you know the conditions for the opening and evolution of one’s Sharingan?”

Obito shook his head. He never had that high of a status in his clan. Even before becoming Minato’s disciple, they never had much hope or pride in him. Therefore, they never put much time into teaching him such things.

Ryo said with a serious face and said: “It what I just said; love!”

“Ryo, stop beating around the bush; just tell me what you know!” Obito said with some impatience.

Ryo nodded and explained to Obito: “The Uchiha and the Senju were in war for hundreds of years, during the Warring States Period. The world has always thought that the Uchiha cherish technique as the source of their power, while the Senju are fueled by their love. I do not think that is the case; no clan knows more about love than the Uchiha!” 

Ryo took off his contact lenses. He was also an Uchiha, and Obito knew that his possession of the Sharingan is nothing strange.

“The Uchiha realized that, once they lose one they love, it would push their Sharingan to change and evolve once again.”

After saying that, Ryo activated the Mangekyo Sharingan before Obito’s eyes.

The latter couldn’t sit still when seeing Ryo’s eyes. However, he seemed to understand what Ryo was talking about. After some thought he said: Does that mean that we Uchiha could open our Mangekyo Sharingan if we actively lose those who are important to us?”

“Yes. Madara wanted to activate your Mangekyo through killing Rin. Your love is much stronger than most, and same should be true for your sense of loss and despair that’s caused by the loss of your love. He counted on turning your love into hatred, to make you the most powerful Uchiha you could be!” 

“So, my Mangekyo is that strong?” Obito asked..

“It’s very strong. You should have felt it when you were fighting the Mist!”

Obito recalled the scene where he slaughtered the Mist Ninjas, and he mechanically nodded.

“Alright! Let’s stop with this Mangekyo topic! We need to talk seriously now! You….” 

“Wait a minute, I have one last question. Ryp, how come your Mangekyo is opened?” Obito interrupted Ryo.

Ryo had no words for a second, and then told him of what happened.

Obito was very touched by the fact that Ryo opened his Mangekyo because of his “death”. This must mean that Ryo cared a lot for him.

“Ryo, what do you want? Whatever you say, I’ll do it for you!” Obito bumped his fist into his chest with a serious face!

“What if I want you to go back to Madara’s side?” Ryo’s tone was very serious, and it was obvious that he was not kidding.

“Back to Madara’s side? WHY?” Obito asked with dissatisfaction.

“Two reasons actually: First, Madara could teach about your Mangekyo and powers better than any other Uchiha. Second, this world of Shinobi is not as simple as it seems. I need your help to explore its truth!”

Obito listened silently. He glanced at the confused Rin, and was lost in thought.

After a few minutes, Obito’s eyes became firm, and he agreed to Ryo’s request.


“Rin, you can rest assured. I fully understand what my decision means. However, I don’t like being indebted to anyone. Besides, I also want to see what was that other path that I was about to take. So Rin, will you…. be waiting for me to come back?” Obito said to Rin.

With Obito’s words, Rin’s face turned red. She had already told Ryo that she loved Obito.

When she heard what had happened, and realized how much power Obito’s emotions towards her were holding, Rin felt her heart jumping wildly to her throat! 

“Baka! Rin has been so obvious. Don’t you understand still? Just confess already!” Ryo looked at how flustered Obito was and decided to just give him a push.

Obito became all excited, glanced at Ryo, and then took Rin to the side to talk to her one on one.

As the two confessed to each other, Ryo didn’t want to just watch their love from his chair in the lonely Ninjas council, and his mind just left them there going into the Ice World.

Ryo remembered that that the Mask Zetsu definitely had a name in the Manga.

After Madara’s death, Obito took his name, but had another name when in the Akatsuki: Tobi!

In the Ice World, his soul was completely frozen. However, to Ryo’s surprise, it wasn’t damaged by the Ice!

Tobi’s soul was still in a relatively stable state, as if it was hibernating in the ice.

The Ice World is one in which Ryo Chakra, Dojutsu, spiritual power and Natural Energy join.

The pillars of this world were Spiritual Power and Dojutsu Power. Therefore, the entry of outside consciousness to this realm is very damaging to the victim’s spirit.

Therefore, Ryo was very surprised. In this would, Tobi’s soul was not even slightly injured.

Ryo was very interested in this. Therefore, he lifted the frost off Guruguru, who almost immediately woke up.

Tobi was a little stunned and looked around. When he saw Ryo, he started thinking quickly then said: “Ryo Yamanaka, where are we? What’s going on?” 

His distinct tone made Ryo laugh: “You’re asking me? It seems that you haven’t figured out what’s going on yet. You are a prisoner here!” 

As he was talking, Ryo snapped his fingers, and a blizzard instantly drowned Tobi’s soul.

The Ice and Snow composed mainly of Spiritual power and Natural Energy first sliced Tobi’s Consciousness, made him shiver in the endless cold, and then ended up freezing him into hibernation again!

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