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H.R.P Chapter 206: Control of the Anbu

After he reached a “consensus” with Minato, Ryo said to the 3rd directly: “Hokage sama, you refusing to step in and punish them will just make the Mist Ninjas feel Konoha is their playinground!”

The 3rd’s face was a bit stiff. He knew all too well that any excuse he’s come up with wouldn’t be satisfactory to Ryo.

But the 3rd World War had just ended. While Konoha won, victory came with tragic losses in lives.

The bulk of Konoha’s losses were among Chunin and Genin ranks. Chunins numbers especially dropped drastically, by around 40%.

The 3rd knew that Konoha would win a 4th world war if it was to break out at that time. However, the price that Konoha’s future would have to pay would be too heavy. The 3rd wasn’t going to simply allow it to happen.

“Ryo, calm down! You were one of Konoha’s commanders during the war. Don’t things seem better to you with the village leaving battles behind?” The 3rd tried to persuade him again.

“The battle wasn’t behind Rin; Rin died in battle! If the village is not willing to support me, I can go to the Mist on my own!” After Ryo finished his words, he activated his Sharingan!

The 3rd saw the exquisite pattern on Ryo’s eyes, and he was dumbfounded!

He had seen a similar thing before on one man: Uchiha Madara. Therefore, the power of the Mangekyo was very clear to him.

“Ryo, is this the Mangekyo Sharingan?” The 3rd’s was trembling slightly.

Ryo nodded, with his eyes bright, and then got the entire office swallowed in Ice Chakra!

Immediately, the 3rd felt he had been lost in an ice cave for an eternity. 

With Ryo opening his Mangekyo, the atmosphere in the office got more and more tense. The 3rd said nothing for a long time. In fact, he was reconsidering the pros and cons of facing the Mist.

After a good while, the 3rd sighed. “Ryo, I still can’t let you go out there to provoke war.

Ryo did not want to argue anymore, and he just turned around to leave.

In fact, Ryo’s plan had been working well, for the 3rd actually chose peace.

By showing his Mangekyo, Ryo made sure that the 3rd would feel that he could indeed go to the Mist on his own. With that, the 3rd should feel great pressure, and turn to the calmer Minato for help.

While Minato did “agree” with Ryo view, the 3rd believed firmly that he would put Konoha before revenge.

Sure enough, the 3rd turned around to his side saying: “Minato, your apprentice was hurt and killed. I can understand your pain. However, Konoha cannot take another war right now!”

“Hokage sama, I can temporarily promise that I won’t attack the Mist, but I must get to the truth behind this. Shin had mentioned that the Mist Ninjas were killed by a powerful Kage tier, I need to know who that was, and I will not stop looking!”

The 3rd heard Minato’s words, and he immediately rushed to approve with his terms, promising to sent the Anbu to do a research of their own.

“The Anbu? Hehe! Hokage sama, how do you expect that we would find the results of the investigation credible?” Ryo said with a cold smile.

The 3rd heard Ryo’s words, and he started looking rather helpless! The views of the two have often been opposite indeed, so it was reasonable for Ryo not to trust him.

In Konoha, the Anbu were always working exclusively under the Hokage, with the exception of those who were in Root.

Their reports would only go back to the 3rd. Whether or not the published results of their research are credible is completely up to him.

“Ryo, Minato will be the Hokage now or tomorrow, so alright! I’ll give him some of the Anbu force to work with him in advance on solving this case as well. With that, will you take some time to wait?” The 3rd asked.

Ryo was relieved by these words, for his goal was partially already fulfilled.

Whenever Minato was shown in the Manga or Anime, he was shown with Normal Ninjas guarding him, and Anbu were less prominent figures. This was unlike it was with the 3rd who always had Anbu on standby.

This made Ryo suspect that power over the Anbu wasn’t passed on properly between the two Hokages. Whether this was true or not, getting early control of the Anbu would allow Minato to further reinforce his position and get a more prominent edge over Danzo faction.

However, Ryo was still not satisfied. Having control over some of the Anbu was not enough.

Therefore, he immediately answered: “Hokage sama, Rin was my important friend. Your early unwillingness to move in to avenge her makes me unable to trust this. I can promise not to go the Mist, but the matter must be handed over to Ni san completely!” 

“RYO! The Hokage sama had already made compromises to please you! You’re asking for too much!” Minato was surprised by Ryo’s audacity.

The 3rd heard the two, and he was at a pinch. Being at the end of his career, he just sighed and said: “Ryo, I promise you I’ll give control over most of the Anbu to Minato, giving him full responsibility of this matter!” 

Ryo rejoiced, while pretending to reluctantly nod and turn away.

With Ryo gone, the 3rd stared at Minato for a long time. After a long silence, he finally stood up and said: “Minato, you’ve grown up. Despite all, I can pass this on to you with confidence!” 

“Hokage sama, have you…?” Minato asked with surprise.

“Haha! The two of you are monstrously powerful. Unfortunately, you acting skills still suck, especially you Minato!” 

“When did you….” Minato asked, a little embarrassed. 

“At some point!” The 3rd smiled and left.

In fact, until Ryo left, the 3rd had no clues of their plot. 

It’s just that his guts, as wise man with plenty of experience in life, told him that there was something wrong. He said that sentence after the silence, to test if his hunch was correct.

Being the innocent one he was, Minato thought that the 3rd had already known everything, and was caught in the trap.

However, the 3rd had no trouble with this. He had been already thinking of letting Minato practice leading the Anbu for a while before giving him the post!

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