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H.R.P Chapter 207: The Grand Wedding

After Minato left the 3rd’s office, he teleported directly to the 3rd training ground.

Ryo knew that Minato would have many questions, so he was actually waiting for him there.

“Ryo, where’s Rin? How is she now?” Minato asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry! Rin is fine! Ni-san, come with me!” Ryo took Minato along with him, and the two teleported into Orochimaru’s lab.

In there, Rin was helping in the recording of data about Zetsu’s corpse, when Ryo and Minato suddenly appeared out of nowhere. 

After seeing Rin, Minato’s breathed a sigh of relief. Obito’s “death” was already causing him a great deal of pain in his life. If Rin was to actually follow, he did not know what to do!

“Sensei! How… You’re here!” Rin was surprised to see Minato.

“I’m here to see you!” Minato showed his usual smile.

Leaving the mentor and apprentice talk, Ryo took the note book from Rin’s hand and continued to record the Data.

While doing so, he realized that what Orochimaru was studying indicated that he had made a new breakthrough. Unfortunately, Orochimaru was not in the lab, and Ryo had no way to ask him about it.

After chatting with Rin, Minato and Ryo walked out the door.

“Ryo, I have to go to the Anbu. Interested in coming with me?” Minato invited Ryo.

“I can’t! I have to go the hospital to check on Kakashi!” Right as Ryo said that, his figure disappeared. 

In Konoha’s hospital, Kakashi’s ward, Ryo did a check on his friend, who had been in a Coma for two days.

After doing a full diagnosis, Ryo realized that Kakashi was in that state for his Mangekyo had absorbed too much for his Mental Strength, making his state of shock even worse. The fact that “his friend” was killed by his hand shook him greatly, and this was enough to get him in a long coma.

Ryo used his clan’s techniques to connect his mind to Kakashi, and started transferring some of his own mental power to him.

Having his body supplemented with Mental Power, Kakashi slowly started regaining consciousness, and he opened his eyes a few minutes later.

They were sluggish, his eyes, and he lied in place without uttering a word, looking more like the dead than the living…

Ryo whispered to him: “Kakashi, Rin is not dead. What you killed on the other day is nothing but a Puppet that I’ve made!” After saying that, Ryo walked away, leaving Kakashi dumbfounded in bed!

On the other side, Minato, who was about to get married, felt the toll of Ryo’s plot. Having to supervise the Anbu while preparing for a marriage was definitely no walk in the park!

In this way, he became too busy. With the wedding one week away, he could barely see Kushina!

Kushina also hated this situation, but she was rather open about this matter, never asking Minato to abandon his work to be with her. She had witnessed his growth, and knew all about his hopes and dreams. Right now, he was just one step away from achieving all of his dreams!

She decided to support him silently, and prepare for the wedding with her friends, taking the toll off of his shoulders.

Ryo of course was a main force here. Being Kushina’s only disciple, he had to help with everything.

Kakashi however, could not help; he had to remain in the hospital for a while to heal physically.

As time went by, the date got closer and closer. September 13th, three days before the wedding, Minato finally got the Anbu matter together and returned to Kushina’s side.

With him there, the smile on Kushina face was much brighter.

On September 14th, Ryo and Kogin began to issue invitations to the various families of Konoha.

On September 15th, Minato and Kushina had several wedding rehearsals, to make sure that all would go smoothly the next day.

On September 16, the wedding officially began!

The wedding venue was chosen to be Jiraya’s place. The Sannin had a very luxurious house for someone who spent most of his life traveling, and being that Minato was his disciple, no other place could be more fitting!

Early in the morning, Chinse came to Jiraya’s home. Minato and Kushina were both orphans, and Ryo asked his mom to take care of what mothers take care of on such a special day.

The wedding, while looking traditional, was somewhat similar in style to a western style wedding.

Ryo and the finally healed Kakashi were responsible for receiving gifts at the door, and Jiraya welcomed the guests like a parent would.

Speaking of Jiraya, he looked rather prestigious, sorting out his appearance and looking rather handsome.

The first guest to arrive was the 3rd Hokage, who delivered a red envelope and his blessings on behalf of Konoha.

He was followed by Fugaku and Katachi on behalf of the Uchiha. Hiashi, now clan head, and Hizashi Hyuga were there as well.

The representatives of both clans were there to deliver presents at almost the same time, with Ryo and Kakashi getting lost between them.

Later, representatives of various small and medium sized clans also arrived. The heads of the Ino-Shika-Cho, the Sarutobi clan, the Aburame… etc. The Hatake clan head, Sakumo, was the last of them to arrive.

Worth mentioning was the fact that Mikoto Uchiha did not arrive with Fugaku. Instead, she came on her own, giving her blessing as Kushina’s friend.

Before anyone realized it, it was already noon. All clans and Ninjas receiving invitations were basically there, and Kakashi and Ryo’s mission was over.

The two went inside together, just to catch up with Minato and Kushina walking out. 

Kushina was wearing a white Kimono, her hair gathered in a bun. Chinse had put some light make up on her, something she never did before.

Kushina was always a beautiful woman. Now however, she was stunning being belief. Her first step into Jiraya’s courtyard took everyone’s breath away, as they all looked at her quietly!

On the other hand, Minato was wearing a black men’s Kimono, looking as prestigious as ever. Perhaps it was just the joy of marriage, but his smile never looked so warm either!

The two stood together looking very happy, and all the guests made a heartfelt applause.

Hearing them, Kushina blushed as she smiled delicately.

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