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H.R.P Chapter 208: Zetsu’s Chakra

After the new weds showed themselves, the atmosphere of the wedding ceremony peaked. The guest sent their sincere wishes to the two.

After sending the couple away, it was party time for the rest! 

The 3rd chatted a little before leaving, for too many matters were awaiting him in his office. His departure made the mood completely detonate. All gathered around tables, chatting and drinking.

Jiraya naturally took part of such great endeavors, inviting Orochimaru and Sakumo to his table, who were followed by Ryo and Kakashi.

Everyone besides Kakashi who was in front of his father began drinking, even Ryo.

The odd one out could not stand it anymore, saying quietly: “Ryo, a Ninja can’t drink until he hit 20 years of age. You’re certainly not 20 now!” 

The table, being filled with Kage tiers, all heard what Kakashi said. Jiraya carelessly answered: “What’s the matter kid? It’s just a drink! Sakumo san, your son is too serious! He should be more lively!” 

Sakumo’s face was stiff. It was obvious that Jiraya had taken a bit too much booze, and went a bit beyond bounds.

In fact, Sakumo had always felt some guilt towards his son. Kakashi, being the genius that he was, didn’t have much playing time like kids his age, as his father focused on training him daily. Therefore, Kakashi was indeed too rigid and strict!

After graduation, Kakashi entered Minato’s team with Obito and Rin. This improved his situation a little. But sadly, that didn’t last! Obito’s “death” hit Kakashi hard. For a long time, he looked more like a lifeless machine, performing his tasks, and making his father very anxious.

Jiraya had no idea of Sakumo’s thoughts, and Sake made him rash enough to agitate the source of Sakumo’s pain.

However, Sakumo could not be angry with him, and the mood on the table wasn’t changed.

After a great meal, the table was emptied for more booze! Ryo became really drunk for the first time since entering this world!

After a busy day helping everyone, Chinse left Jiraya’s house to find Ryo unconscious on the table outside.

She walked in silently, took him on her back, and returned to her place.


At noon the next day, Ryo opened his eyes in a daze. He felt his stomach was empty and his head turning, and took a while to stumble through his hangover.

As he got dressed, Chinse entered with some pre-prepared porridge to his room.

She had no complaints about her son’s drinking. She knew that he never was the type to binge on anything, and wasn’t bothered by him getting drunk every once in a while.

After taking the porridge his mother made, Ryo’s stomach felt much better, and his head didn’t hurt as much.

Lying on his bed, he suddenly remembered that a few days ago, Orochimaru seemed to have a new breakthrough in his research!

After near full recovery, he directly teleported into his lab!!

Orochimaru also drank a lot the previous day, but he was already back to his experiments.

Rin learned a lot from him over the course of the past few days, as Anko was sent out on some missions with Yugao.

Her medical Ninjutsu background made Orochimaru intrigued, and he made her his lab-assistant temporarily.

Although she was never in contact with such experiments, her learning of Ryo’s Modern Medicine Methods gave her a good foundation.

Ryo did not attract the two’s attention by his arrival. This was normal for Orochimaru, who had always been like this.

What was most intriguing was Rin’s focus, as she seemed very attracted by the “magic” happening before her eyes.

She had never seen cells with such vitality or activity. With her intuition as a medical Ninja, she judged that they could be very helpful in treating the wounded.

A recent experiment conducted by Orochimaru seemed to confirm her speculation.

Orochimaru was able to extract a high vitality Chakra from the Zetsu’s cells. It’s effect was very similar to that of the [Mystical Palm Technique].

The Jutsu itself is A rank, meaning it was very advanced. Not all medical Ninjas could perform such a technique, so having such Chakra doing its Job on demand could prove very beneficial, and save many lives.

Therefore, Rin worked hard, wanting to improve the extraction of this Chakra to benefit Konoha as soon as possible.

Ryo had noticed this Chakra when he was recording notes for Rin the other day. The most intriguing thing about it was the fact that it could interact with Natural Energy.

This wasn’t too surprising for Ryo. After all, White Zetsus are the products of the 1st Infinite Tsukuyomi. They were in a way derived from the God Tree, linked to the Juubi. No wonder they had Chakra interacting with the cycle of Natural Energy!

Ryo wasn’t about to disturb the ongoing experiments. He took out a scroll and went to one side of the table, where was the Chakra extracted by Orochimaru, preserved in sealing scrolls.

He opened his scroll and reduced the amount of Chakra in Orochimaru’s by sealing some of it.

His purpose was very simple: He wanted to see whether or not this Chakra, which could interact with Natural Energy, could recover its initial amount.

He started by injecting Natural Energy into the Chakra, but found that it would just dissipate and not be absorbed.

He felt some disappointment. Perhaps his assessment was wrong? 

He felt a little reluctant, and after picking up another scroll, he tried the same on another one of Orochimaru’s scrolls. The peculiar thing was that this scroll also had almost the exact same amount of Chakra as the other one.

It was either that Orochimaru was precisely sealing the Chakra in well measured amounts, or that this Chakra could only be extracted by certain amounts.

Thinking of that, Ryo decided to consume some of this Chakra. 

There were many rodents in Orochimaru’s lab. Ryo took a small white mouse, cut his skin with an Ice Scalpel, and then cured it immediately with the Zetsu’s Chakra.

After using up around one 3rd of the Chakra, the mouse was cured, and Ryo opened his Yin Seal slightly to slowly infuse the Chakra with Natural Energy.

This time, the Natural Energy did not dissipate directly. Instead, it “clung” to Zetsu’s Chakra, with the latter not increasing in amount.

After a few minutes, Ryo found that his Natural Energy began to merge with Zetsu’s Chakra, forming a new Chakra.

It was just that the speed of this integration was too slow. It took it a morning to fully integrate, but the Chakra in the scroll returned to its initial amount.

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