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H.R.P Chapter 209: News on the Nanabi!

After many experiments, Ryo finally determined that this Chakra extracted from Zetsu could gradually be recovered through exposure to Natural Energy. 

It was just that the speed of this recovery was too slow. On top of that, it wasn’t an efficient process; Ryo had to pour in a lot of his Yin Seal’s Natural Energy in order to supplement the process which lasted a few hours.

Even so, this opened the path before Ryo to improve his [Healing Stones].

Before now, Healing Stones were a one-use item. Only so many of them could be made, and thus the benefit they brought to the Yamanaka clan was limited.

Ryo’s development of the Healing Stones was largely for the sake of his clan’s benefit.

The Yamanaka were the poorest among the Ino-Shika-Cho. With the Healing Stones at first, and then with the overtaking of Konoha’s hospital, with 40% of the latter going to the Yamanaka clan, helped improve the Clan’s quality of life greatly. However, a gap remained between them and between the Nara and Akimichi.

If Ryo was to improve the Healing Stones, this Yamanaka exclusive technology would certainly benefit the clan greatly on a financial level.

The more Ryo thought about it, the more serious he was about the idea; recording data about his experiments.

Before he knew it, Ryo spent over ten hours in Orochimaru’s lab, documenting all the results of several experiments on the Chakra’s recovery speed.

Early the next morning, Ryo bought dozens of Jade Stones which were used to make Healing Stones, and took around a dozen of Scrolls from Orochimaru’s lab to the 3rd training ground.

Ryo decided to not continue with this experiment in the lab. The reason was that the cycle made between Natural Energy and the Zetsu’s Chakra should be boosted outdoors. It certainly was hindered by having the Chakra secluded inside an underground lab. Therefore, an open area like the 3rd training ground seemed ideal.

The original Healing Stones were made by Ryo who used [Healing] in Sage mode and then sealed the Chakra in the Jade with the Evil Sealing Method.

The use of Sage Mode was for the purpose of insuring that the Healing Chakra would not dissipate so easily from the stones.

The only one in Konoha who was both a medical Ninja and a Sage Mode user was Ryo. Therefore, he was the only one in the entire village to be able to make the healing Stones.

Now with Zetsu’s Chakra, Ryo could use both the new Chakra and Healing Chakra and seal them together in a Stone. 

Not only would this special Chakra enhance the effects of Healing Chakra through its great vitality; it would also be recycled through exposure to nature. This way, the stone would return to being usable after a while. This would turn it from a disposable product to more of a “rechargeable” consumable. 

Ryo quickly completed the 1st new Stone using his new theory.

To allow Natural Energy to enter the Stone, Ryo made his seal more open.

He used two gaps in the seal; one to allow the internal Chakra to flow out when the Stone is activated, and the other to allow the Natural Energy to enter from the outside world. Both gaps were made to be easily opened and closed with Chakra.

To experiment with his idea, Ryo took out an injured dying fish he had prepared for this, and quickly activated the Healing Stone. Rapidly, the fish got back in shape, alive and kicking.

As the fish was healing, the Healing Chakra in the Stone was exhausted. 

Ryo then opened the other gap of the seal, to allow the stone to regenerate through interacting with external Natural Energy.

Basing on the rate at which he released his own Natural Energy, and how long it took the Chakra to be recovered back in Orochimaru’s lab, Ryo estimated that the natural process should take a day.

The next day, Ryo found that he could once again use the Healing Stone as if it was never used!

The New Healing Stone was completed!

This new technique wasn’t based on Sage Mode. In fact, it was Zetsu’s Chakra with its interaction with Natural energy that maintained the Levels of Healing Chakra in the stones. Therefore, anyone mastering [Healing] and the [Evil Sealing Method] should be able to make one.

There were many medical Ninjas in the Yamanaka clan, especially female Ninjas. Therefore, almost the entire clan could make these stones if they learned the sealing technique.

Therefore, Ryo sought Kushina’s consent for teaching the Clan the Evil Sealing Method. With his relationship with his Sensei, it was no problem to get her approval.

The only problem now was getting Zetsu’s special Chakra. Back When Ryo used his Mangekyo around Obito, he was able to locate seven Zetsus.

With that, Ryo had nine Zetsu corpses under his possession. The amount of Chakra they possessed was practically comparable to that of a Chunin. A Healing Stone should require a C-level Jutsu’s average Chakra usage. So he couldn’t make many stones with just 9 corpses. 

Ryo could not think rapidly of any good solution for the problem, but he simply put it aside.

He decided to return to Inoichi, to show him his newly developed stones.

Inoichi shivered when exposed to the new Stones. Being the Clan’s Leader, he knew very well what these [Healing Stones] mean to the Yamanaka clan.

He immediately asked Ryo for what the clan needed to learn; the first element was the use of [Healing]. 

This way, the Yamanaka clan went on a frenzy, all learning [Healing] as fast as they could.

Having Kushina’s consent, who was more concerned with being a new wed wife, Ryo began teaching his Clan the Evil Sealing Method as well.

As for Zetsu Chakra, Ryo gave the corpses Orochimaru, who extracted the Chakra from them. Naturally, he was paid for his efforts in corpses for experimentation.

Just as the Yamanaka Clan was about to learn collectively how to make a Healing Stone, a Country that’s “good neighbor” to Konoha was having great trouble dealing with a certain Biju.

The last Jinchuriki was dying. After long-term careful selection, they chose Fu as the new Jinchurki.

However, the village seriously underestimated how smart the Nanabi could be. The Nanabi itself was the Only Biju with wings, and it was the most joyful and optimistic.

When the Hidden Waterfall undid Hahsirama’s seal over the Nanabi, they accidentally let it escape.

The Nanabi was extremely Cautious. After regaining freedom, he became a larva and escaped.

The Hidden Waterfall sent all their Ninjas and even their Kage after the Biju, looking for a way to capture it.

The last thing they imagined, was that the Nanabi never left the village! It was actually hiding underground.

When the village’s fighters went after him, he flew out of the ground wreaking havoc though the village, and then hid back immediately. 

This way, he drove the civilians into panic. In fact, it wasn’t just civilians! The entire village was in great panic, for a Ninja would even recognize more the incredible powers of Biju.

With this, the Waterfall Village could only ask Konoha for help. They had to spend a lot of Money, but they had the answer they wished for!

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