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H.R.P Chapter 213: Sealing the Nanabi

The Nanabi’s hiding place was actually very close to the hill. Because of its previous failed encounter with Ryo, it was actually very reluctant to go out, choosing to hide and wait for a chance for revenge.

But Pakura’s Scorch Orb took him by surprise! He actually realized that this should probably be a method used by Ryo to bring him out, so he decided to ignore it. However, instinct ruled supreme, and after being able to suppress it for a while, the Nanabi gradually fell to its might, and flew directly towards the Orb!

“Pakura, don’t get too stunned! Increase the temperature of the Orb!” 

Hearing Ryo, Pakura returned to her senses. The shock of witnessing the Nanabi flying in was just too overwhelming.

On one hand, it was absolutely mind boggling that Ryo’s method actually fooled the Nanabi! On the other, the beast’s horrible Chakra took her breath away, and made her realize that this this Biju was probably several times stronger than Shukaku.

She had not perceived the full power of the Rokubi back when it attacked her, so she was rather shocked by the Nanabi.

She immediately raised the temperature of his Orb just as the Nanabi flew into it. Right on impact, she controlled it explode! 

The explosion hit the Nanabi directly, sending him flying away. Ryo was already in his Ice Lightning Chakra Mode, flickering behind the beast!

Smoke was coming out of the Nanabi’s body after the explosion that did indeed blow him away. But being a Biju, he wasn’t going to fall for just such puny attacks!

The Chakra in his body immediately began to ooze out, healing his injured body.

Due to the Waterfall’s Country’s location, even after the Scorch Orb and its explosion, the air was still very humid. Ryo condensed it, making a thin, flake like bit of Ice that was attached to the Beast’s body.

Ryo’s purpose was simple! If Chomei was somehow able to escape, Ryo would be able to easily track him, making the odds for his escape being successful very low.

The Beast looked below at Ryo and roared, and then shook its body, dropping a massive amount of dust from its surface.

The dust quickly enveloped Ryo’s position, and just like before, it started glowing before beginning to explode!

Indeed, the Nanabi just wanted to get rid of Ryo again, but the later fully understood his intentions, and wasn’t about to let him go!

“Korin, gather water from the waterfalls in the country!” Ryo said to Korin. She heard him, and immediately mobilized her Chakra within his body to do just that.

Soon, Ryo had a massive amount of water mobilized before him. He jumped in, and he opened his [Yin Seal] to freeze the water. In no time, Ice Colossus stood rose again!

This was Ryo’s 3rd time with Ice Colossus. This time, it was more merged with him.

The first time, Ryo simply integrated himself within the Colossus, controlling its body movement.

The 2nd time, he was already able to run his Chakra through him, to the extent that his Sharingan appeared on the Colossus.

This time, the Colossus had Changes to its body. Ryo was actually able to get the Colossus to be part of the Cycle of Natural Energy. This greatly reduced the Colossus’s consumption of the Yin Seal stores, giving this mode a much longer use-time!

As in last time, a pair of scarlet Sharingan appeared in the Colossus’s eyes. However this time, they were Mangekyo Sharingans!

With the Colossus completely formed, Ryo controlled it to jump, and immediately grasped the Nanabi in mid air!

The beast was actually so shocked by Ryo’s ability; he didn’t even try to defend himself!

Ryo landed on the ground, bringing the beast along with him, and pummeling its head to the ground with one hand, and then raising the other to hammer him down.

As always, the colossus’s power was terrifying. With every fist, and crater was getting wider around the area of impact, and a pit was getting deeper bellow the beast’s head. The Nanabi was not given any room to breathe. 

Ryo let him go, but he knew all too well that a beast like this would surely not be taken down this easily.

Sure enough, after a few seconds, the Beast fluttered its wings in an attempt to fly out.

Ryo actually decided not to get in his way, letting him fly to the sky. Being in Ice Colossus, he felt immune to any attack the Nanabi would bring out.

As the latter flew into the air, it did not hesitate to condense a Biju Dama immediately, one that he shot at Ryo immediately upon its formation!

Ryo raised his hand, catching the Biju’s attack, and then squished it in his hand, causing it to explode!

However, Ryo did not expect that the attack would be so powerful. Sure enough, as the 3rd among the Biju in Chakra Stores, the Nanabi’sBiju Dama was unlike any other that Ryo had ever blocked before. The two arms of the colossus all got cracked up, looking like they would fall at anytime! 

With his attack effective, the Nanabi immediately prepared to launch yet another Biju Dama at his opponent. This time, Ryo stopped bragging, teleporting the whole mass of the Colossus to the Nanabi, and punching him straight on the head from above!

The Biju Dama exploded in mid air, and the Nanabi fell to the ground. 

It had completely lost consciousness, and Ryo left the Ice Colossus mode.

Pakura and Shisui were in absolute shock witnessing this battle, as neither of them had ever seen Ice Colossus before. 

Pakura did hear about this transformation before. After all, it was the reason why she was summoned to the battlefield to face Ryo in the first place! However, she did not expect that it would take down a Biju that easily.

With Ryo back to normal again, he felt that his body did not have any of the side effects from using Ice Colossus in the past times. The only difference was the fact that substantial amounts of the Natural Energy stores in his Yin Seal were consumed. 

This made him very excited! Without fear of some wonky side effects, Ryo could effectively use this mode wantonly! 

However, he didn’t have much time to rejoice. Ryo immediately turned his attention back to the unconscious Biju on the floor.

Like before, he took out a scroll, sealing a good amount of the Nanabi’s Chakra for Korin.

The rest was to be sealed in the Jinchuriki prepared by the Waterfall Village.

“Shisui, go to the evacuated Waterfall village inhabitants, and get them to bring their Jinchuriki here!” Ryo said to his disciple.

Hearing Ryo’s order, Shisui immediately rushed to the side of the village, leaving behind Pakura, who was looking at Ryo all puzzled.

In the end, she just sighed and said: “You’re a monster!” 

Ryo smiled and said nothing, and Pakura realized he liked what she said and laughed.

Ten minutes later, the village’s head rushed in holding a two to three year-old girl in his hands. 

Looking at her hair color, Ryo immediately was sure that this was Fu, the Nanabi Jinchuriki from the Manga.

Ryo did not participate in the sealing procedures, leaving it all to the Waterfall Village. With that being done, the mission was finally completed!

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