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H.R.P Chapter 217: Tsunade’s New Apprentice

“The Mangekyo Sharingan?!” Tsunade saw the six-pointed star in Ryo’s pupils and was shocked.

Ryo had already shown his Mangekyo to the 3rd. With him knowing about it, the council also probably knows as well, and Ryo no longer had any reason to hide this. Therefore, he actually went and exposed it before the Senju Princess. 

“Jackpot!” He said smiling.

“If the Uchiha hear about this, you’ll be in great trouble!” 

Ryo scratched his head embarrassingly, not knowing how to answer.

“By the way, with you and Jiraya on such good terms, he probably got you a Mount Myoboku contract. I haven’t seen Gamabunta in a long time. Can you summon him here?” Tsunade said suddenly.

Tsunade’s request surprised Ryo for a moment, but then he understood. When she saw his Mangekyo, she started doubting his identity, as a Yamanaka keeping a Sharingan was something out of the ordinary.

Ryo did not hesitate, and summoned Gamabunta.

“Jiraya, why did you…. Oh, it’s you kid!” Gamabunta was surprised to find that it was Ryo summoning him. Usually, Ryo would only summon his brother, Gamahiro. This was the first time he summoned him instead.

“Well, actually, it’s Tsunade hime that wanted to see you!” said Ryo, pointing to Tsunade.

During the Second World War, Jiraya and Tsunade fought side by side for many years. Gamabunta became very familiar with her and recognized her on the spot.

“Tsunade, what do you want?” Gamabunta asked, finding it a little strange.

“Nothing! I just haven’t seen you for a long time and missed you a little.” 

“Is that so? I’m so charming then? Well, I didn’t miss you. However, I do think sometimes of that slug of yours, she looks so delicious!” 

Looking at the way in which Gamabunta was salivating, Tsunade’s face turned gloomy and she said: “You haven’t changed after so many years!”

“Same for you!” After the two talked for a while, Gamabunta told Ryo he’s leaving, and he disappeared.

After he left, Tsunade was completely relieved with Ryo.

“Okay, go ahead and start your treatment. However, let me tell you in advance, Genjutsu doesn’t work on me. Once, my old man got the heads of the Kurama and Kurenai clans to try to use Genjutsu me, but they both failed.”

As a medical master, Tsunade knew all too well what Ryo was willing to use. He should be using Genjutsu, like hypnosis, to get her to face and deal with her trauma.

With that, the source of her haemophobia would be dealt with, and it wouldn’t have a reason to exist.

“Tsunade hime, my method is not just as simple as Genjutsu!” Saying that, Ryo used his Mangekyo.

Ryo’s use of the Mangekyo wasn’t for the sake of simple Genjutsu, it was actually done to make some sort of physiological hints, to push consciousness on its own to living her saddest moments without interfering. Unlike normal Genjutsu, the hints were to quick and subtle for Tsunade to break through them with her mind.

In a short while, she started reliving the deaths of Dan and Nawaki again and again.

Ryo’s carefully picked up his pace with the physiological hints and her memories were as hard hitting as those created by the best of Genjutsu.

Ryo relied on Tsunade’s powerful personality. He noticed  that going through the first of those events wasn’t enough to break her. However, living it twice was too heavy. With this in mind, he theorized that if she lived the events even more than that, she’d simply overcome them without needing any external help.

With the memories playing again and again in her mind so vividly, Tsunade’s face became pale in the blink of an eye, and her whole body began to tremble uncontrollably.

“Tsunade sama!” Shizune, who was watching on the sidelines, was shocked to witness her teacher looking in such great pain.

“Keep quiet, and don’t bother her. I have already guided memories through her mind, and she’s going against her haemophobia as we speak. Her success depends on what happens right now.” 

Shizune nodded, not saying a thing, and just keeping an eye on Tsunade.


Ten minutes later, Tsunade opened her eyes, and her entire body that was sitting on the ground collapsed, panting madly.

Seeing that, Shizune rushed over to her. Rin hesitated for a second at first, and then did the same.

The two stood by her sides, one on the left, and the other on the right, anticipating her response awkwardly. As Tsunade looked around, she was surprised to find Rin there supporting her.

“Master, you are all right!” asked Shizune in concern. 

Tsunade smiled, reaching for her disciple’s head, comforting her: “I am fine, rest assured.” 

“Master…. Your haemophobia….” Shizune asked.

As she heard that word, Tsunade’s face revealed a smile, and Ryo guessed that his treatment had some effect.

Sure enough, she ended up saying: “It’s not completely treated, but it’s a lot less severe now.”

Hearing that, Shizune came to tears. After so many years, the pain of the person she cared about the most was finally being alleviated, even slightly. 

After comforting her for a while, Tsunade turned to Ryo and said: “I’m not healed. You’ve lost!”

As she finished saying that, she looked at Rin and Ryo for their expression. However, she was surprised to find that Rin didn’t even seem to notice what she had said, as she was immersed in taking care of her.

Tsunade smiled, rather uncomfortably. She felt somewhat bad, and then went on to say: “But, your treatment, it did somewhat work. I can help you, but the money…”  

Ryo quickly gritted his teeth, pretending to be relaxed: “Of course, no problem! That money was intended for you anyway.” 

Watching Tsuande take away all his savings, Ryo’s heart was dripping blood!

“Say! What did you need me for?” After taking the money, Tsunade immediately asked about what brought the two there.

Ryo nodded to Rin, and she immediately told Tsunade of the matter.

“Just that? I thought there was something big! Alright, Shizune, write a letter to the Daimyo, telling him that I’m accepting Rin as a disciple. That should get him to change the bride!” 

“Yes, Tsunade sama!” 

“Alright. Things has been solved. Well, the next time you come for something like this, you don’t need to bet anymore! Just give me a few tens of thousands! These letters are worth a lot; HAHAHAHA!” Tsunade let out a wild laugh!

Ryo felt that he wasn’t okay anymore, and he tried to hold it, and but it felt like he was about to vomit.

“Ryo, are you okay?” Rin did notice that and asked in concern.

He shook his head and said: “I’m fine. Things have been solved. Now we should both go back to Konoha.” 

“Wait! Didn’t you hear what I said? This girl stays with me!” Tsunade immediately interfered.

“I stay?” 

“Yes! I have already said that I’m accepting you as my apprentice.”

Rin was a little embarrassed with this great honor. This was a great deal, and she did not respond for a while.

At the same time, Ryo was very excited. With Rin remaining by Tsunade’s side, things couldn’t get any better.

First, this would give Rin a reason to disappear completely from Konoha. Second, this should be a great opportunity for her to learn on Medical Ninjutsu from a different perspective, which would help her grow greatly as a Ninja.

In the end, Rin chose to stay, and Ryo returned to Konoha alone.

Before leaving, Tsunade gave him two scrolls: one was for the 3rd to know about Rin, and the other was for him as a gift, one he should only open when in Konoha.

Even though Ryo had his doubts, he had no intention to go against her request. He hid the scroll and went back to Konoha. 

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