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H.R.P Chapter 216: The Worst Gambler in the World

With Ryo’s persuasion, Rin could only continue the search, although feeling a bit uneasy. 

By the afternoon, the two still did not find anything. She wanted to object again when she realized that Ryo’s eyes were shining bright as he looked at a certain Casino to their right hand side.

“Hey, Ryo, we shouldn’t go gambling now!” Rin said helplessly.

“Did you already forget Tsunade Hime’s hobby?” 

Rin looked at Ryo’s excitement, and said with surprise: “Ryo, you mean that she is inside?” 

“Yes, come with me!” After saying that, Ryo took Rin into the Casino.

Inside were many people, and the mood was ecstatic. What surprised Rin was that all the gamblers in the Casino were surrounding one large gambling table. From time to time, they all celebrated loudly!

“That’s a shame…. I bet on Small!” A loud female voice cut through and above their noise.

All the gamblers heard the voice and immediately put their bets on big!

“456, big!” With the dealer’s call, another burst of cheers grew in the crowd.

“Ryo, what’s going on?” Rin asked in surprise.

“Well, while Tsunade Hime likes gambling, she never wins. Anyone who knows her well could just win a bet by just going against her.” 

“How is that possible? You’re exaggerating right?”

“Well, how about we try it out? Maybe then you’ll believe me.” As he finished his words, Ryo took Rin to the gambling table.

There were too many people at the table, and Ryo could only use Genjutsu in secret to get some of them to make him a way.

After squeezing in, he looked at the people around the table, and immediately determined who Tsunade was.

Long blond hair, a purple diamond mark on the forehead, exquisite beauty, and most importantly, that fascinating iconic bosom…. That was definitely Tsunade!

Being the seasoned Kage tier she was, Tsunade immediately noticed Ryo’s attention.

She was very confident about her appearance, and there were many men coveting her beauty in the Casino, so she didn’t care much about Ryo’s eyes.

Ryo telepathically told Rin that this person was Tsunade, and she nodded to him.

In the following ten minutes, Rin saw with her own eyes what it meant to lose every single bet!

Whatever Tsunade bet on, the dice went the other way. For ten minutes straight, she never won a single one of the 50/50 odds bets she made. 

“Shizune! Shizune! Money! Give me more money!” Naturally, Tsunade was out of money, and she asked a young 15 to 16 year old girl to give her more.

“But…but if we lose again, we won’t have enough money to stay in the hotel tonight!” The girl’s voice had a cry-like tone to it as she pleaded her teacher.

“Rin, let’s have a talk with Tsunade Hime!” After cutting his link with Rin, he flickered with her to Tsunade and Shizune, and then teleported everyone outside.

As everyone found themselves in a new place, Shizune was extremely shocked, while Tsunade remained very calm. However, all sorts of question raged through her mind!

Ryo and Rin were the ones arriving with them from the Casino. This was definitely the work of a Space-time Jutsu, but these two were only around 14 to 15 years old. One of them was a Tokubetsu Jonin at best, and the other didn’t seem to even have Chakra. How did they pull this off?

The four looked at each other awkwardly for a while, until Ryo finally broke the silence saying: “Tsunade hime, we are Ninjas from Konoha, and we have something to ask you.” 

“Ninjas of Konoha? You don’t even have Chak…”

Tsunade did not even finish her sentence, when Ryo lifted his camouflage technique, and she sensed the immense Kage Tier Chakra and great vitality he had! Immediately, her face became rather gloomy.

After thinking in silence for a while, Tsunade said: “Come with me!” The four started moving towards the nearby woods.

After a while, Tsunade directly asked: “Kid, who are you? Why do you have the same sort of vitality that my grandpa had?” 

“Tsunade sama, this is just the effect of having so much Yang Chakra!” Ryo mobilized Korin’s Yang Chakra, gathering it in his right hand.

Seeing that, Tsunade seemed to be disappointed for a brief while, but then quickly got back to normal. 

“Tsunade sama, we have something to ask…” 

Tsunade didn’t let Rin finish her request saying: “Don’t bother! I have left Konoha. No matter what it is, I will not help.” 

Rin’s face became sad as she heard that, but Ryo patted her shoulder and said: “Tsunade sama, don’t be so decisive. If I manage to treat your haemophobia, would you help us?”

“You? Haha! Who do you think you are?” Tsunade didn’t give Ryo’s words value.

“Want to make a bet?” 

As soon as the deal turned into gambling, Tsunade became interested and said: “Bet what?” 

“I bet that that if I can treat your haemophobia, you’ll help us. If I can’t, this money would become yours!” Ryo took out a sealing scroll containing all of his savings. 

Seeing large amounts of money, Tsunade’s eyes shined and she immediately agreed with Ryo.

Shizune, however, was rather anxious hearing all of this: “We don’t know who they are master! They didn’t even prove that they are from Konoha! How could you agree so easily?” 

Hearing Shizune, Ryo smiled and said: “Don’t worry, here’s my forehead protector. My name is Ryo Yamanaka. Can you rest assured now?” 

“Ryo Yamanaka! Then it was you!” Even those not in Konoha have surely heard this name many times. This was the most powerful Medical Ninja after Tsunade’s departure, and the youngest Kage tier in the history of Konoha!

“If you are really Ryo Yamanaka, then I can let Tsunade sensei take your treatment.” Ryo’s name actually ignited hope in Shizune.

“Here, this is proof that I’m Ryo Yamanaka. This is the Yin Seal of the Uzumaki Clan, taught to me by my Sensei, Kushina.” As he spoke, Ryo showed the Yin Seal on his arm.

After inspecting his arm, Tsunade confirmed that this was indeed an Uzumaki Yin Seal. However, it was different!

“Kid, how did you modify this Yin Seal?” 

“Jiraya san helped me. He told me that his modification was inspired by your work on the seal.” 

“Jiraya ‘san’? Sounds like you’re on good terms with him.” Hearing Jiraya’s name, some nostalgia appeared on Tsunade’s face. 

“Not just him, I’m also on good terms with Orochi san as well. Rin is also Orochi san’s lab assistant.” Ryo said, as he pointed to Rin.

“Haha, since those two actually agreed on you, I have nothing to worry about. Come on, Ryo Yamanaka, let me see if your medical Ninjutsu is up to the hype built up around it!”

“I won’t let you down Tsunade sama!” As Ryo finished his words, he activated his Mangekyo!” 

A summary of the Author’s Notes: About Rin’s reappearance into the world. 

Some readers have though that Rin shouldn’t have reappeared. Well, Rin’s death was never announced publicly in Konoha. That’s how she was picked for this marriage by the higher officials of the village. On the other hand, she wasn’t publicly there. The matter of the marriage was never announced, so in fact, she wasn’t ‘exposed’. Now with that being said, Madara that this time was not that focused on watching the village. He should be focusing the bulk of his White Zetsu around the Mist Village, as they are limited in number (as the Zetsu Army was completed after his death by Obito).

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