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H.R.P Chapter 215: Answer to the Pressure!

In the two days after Ryo’s departure, the majority of the clans in Konoha exerted pressure on the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance. The pressure was great on all levels for each clan.

The three heads gathered their clans to discuss the situation together.

Like always, Shikaku was the one to speak: “Everyone, we all know this matter about Ryo. How do you feel about it? Facing the pressure from all these clans, we want to…” 

Shikaku couldn’t finish his words before the hoarse voice of one of his own clan’s elders interrupted him: “The matter is clear! The Yamanaka and Nara clans had stuck together through thick and thin since ancient times. Of course we’ll bear this weight together! You’re a Nara, so you should know better than this!” 

“Yes! We cannot abandon the Yamanaka clan!” An Akamichi elder also spoke.

With the elders starting it, voices from both clans rose, and everyone said they wanted to share the burden with the Yamanaka clan.

Shikaku Nara was rather embarrassed on the stage. He wasn’t just interrupted, he was also misunderstood. He gave a helpless look back to Choza, who put down the Onigiri he was eating and stood up saying: “Everyone, you’ve misunderstood! We just wanted to ask you all to stand together and resist this pressure!” 

The noise under the stage quieted down for a moment, and the elder who first interrupted Shikaku was embarrassed and couldn’t wait for this to be over so that he could leave!

“Choza Dono, how will we fight back? With Konoha’s hospital?” One of the young Choza spoke out.

Shikaku remained quiet, looking at Inoichi Yamanaka, who finally stood up and said: “Here’s the deal. A while ago, Ryo had developed a Healing Stone that could be used multiple times. Shikaku wanted to use that.” 

“Wait, when did you guys make this Stone? Why don’t I know of this?” Rokk Nara asked Ryoko Yamanaka who was by his side.

“It was your clan-head who chose to hide this information, not us!” She explained quickly to her lover.

This sort of conversation took place all over the meeting between old time fighting partners. In the end, everyone understood that Shikaku Nara had learned about this for a long time.

“Everyone, I initially intended on hiding this news for longer. However, given the circumstances, I can only disclose it in advance.” Shikaku had a helpless expression on his face.

“What is the plan Shikaku dono?”

“The effect of the Healing Stone must be clarified to everyone. This is a stone that is equivalent in effect to the old Healing Stones, and that was proven to be usable dozens of times, and its price is only 30% more. We will be selling this only to the clans we have good relationships with, such as the Hyuga and Hatake clans!”

The Nara clan listened to Shikaku, and their eyes lit up. Then, each one of them turned to his Yamanaka and Akamichi buddies explaining the idea. With everyone understanding, all three clans agreed.

The next day, Konoha’s hospital began selling “a brand new [Healing Stone], one just as powerful as the previous iteration, but that could be used multiple times, and most importantly, it was only 30% more expensive!” 

These words spread across Konoha, driving countless Ninjas to the hospital, only to be told that “the sale of these stones is exclusive to the Huyga and Hatake clans, or civilian Ninjas!” 

The Hyuga were excited when hearing about this! Previously, just because they were on Minato’s camp like them, the Hyuga decided to ignore Danzo not to harass the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance. However, they never expected that simple choice to pay-out so well!

“Go! Purchase many of those healing stones while we can before the other clans come back to their senses. Also, get enough men to protect the hospital. We should not let our ‘brothers’ suffer!” 

“Yes, Hiashi dono!” 

The Hyuga moved very quickly. After receiving the order from Hiashi Hyuga, then went and surrounded the hospital.

Not long after, under the envious eyes of most clans, one of them left the hospital with a big box of Healing stones!

The other clans did not have the courage to face Konoha’s hospital and try to force the sale of stones, for dozens of Hyuga Ninjas were protecting the place. 

All of a sudden, Maan Uchiha arrived with a large number of his clan members. 

Ninjas of other clans withdrew, for they wanted nothing to do with such a big clan dispute.

The Hyuga Ninjas looked at the Uchiha who were outnumbering them three to one. Some of them were very worried, but the commands of their clan’s head were to protect the hospital; they were not backing down!

The Uchiha surrounded all the Hyuga Ninjas and Maan said: “Ming, take your people and leave!”

Ming Hyuga looked at his old companion, gnawed his teeth and said, “I am sorry, but our clan-head’s order is to protect Konoha’s Hospital. We will never leave.”

“The Uchiha clan is in charge of police duties in Konoha! No one is here to make trouble; we’re here to protect the hospital!” 

Ming blinked twice, and then smiled: “He’s a visionary, your new clan-head!” 

“Come on now, move! You’re burning daylight!” Maan smiled.

“Of course. Let’s go everyone; we’ll leave this to the Uchiha clan!” Ming left with the rest of the Hyuga.

It was Fugaku that had ordered his clan’s village to take charge of Konoha’s hospital’s protection.

Naturally, Shikaku received a letter that notified him of what the Uchiha’s did. He understood that the Fugaku changed his position, and immediately gave orders to allow the Uchiha clan to by the new Healing Stones.

With that happening, all the other clans in the village knew what was in stake.

Seeing that all clans that sided with the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance got to buy the stones, more and more clan representatives showed up at the districts of the alliance, and showed willingness to let go of Ryo’s matter. With this, Danzo’s plan started to collapse…


Very far from there, Ryo and Rin had been wandering for three day in the west of the Fire Country, but never finding a trace of Tsunade!

Normally, after such a long time searching in one place, one would try another location. However, Ryo stuck to one small city, making Rin very anxious.

“Ryo, we better find a better spot!” 

Ryo smiled and answered: “Don’t worry Rin, I have a reason to stay here.” 

“Reason? What’s that?”

“Rin, princess Tsunade has two hobbies. You know what they are?” 

Rin shook her head as she had no idea. 

“Gambling, and drinking! This city is full of casinos and bars, and Minato Ni-san also said that Tsunade san is in this side of the country. So, she must be in this city!” 

Ryo sounded very confident, and Rin could only trust him…

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