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H.R.P Chapter 220: The Second Child

In the following two weeks, over 60 children over the age of 10 were sent by Danzo to Orochimaru’s lab.

Ryo examined the memories of each of the boys, and on the last wave of children, he finally found Yamato!

Ryo used Genjutsu on him, making him fall asleep. Then, he took him to Orochimaru.

“Orochi san, I’ve found the one! The experiment will succeed if conducted on this child!” Ryo spoke confidently. After all, he was relying on his knowledge of the Manga, and Orochimaru had a lot more knowledge of what should be done by working with him.

“Will succeed?” Orochimaru was shocked! He was very familiar with Ryo’s character. With his saying this, any failure should only be due to his own mistakes conducting the operation.

He took Yamato from Ryo’s arms, licking his lips in excitement. 

“Orochi san, what are we going to do with those children outside?” Ryo asked.

“Leave one for further experimentation, and send the others to orphanage!” 

Ryo frowned and said: “Why? Why do we need another one?” 

“Well, that’s part of the experiment! You know that for it be complete, we should experiment with another child that does not have such strong vitality, and see how they react to the experiment!” 

From an experimental point of view, Orochimaru’s words were very reasonable. While it wasn’t appropriate ethically, Ryo did agree to help him with the experiment. Therefore, he could only agree.

Ryo was very worried. By what had happened in the Manga, he knew this should probably mean that a child would die.

After hesitating for a moment, Ryo sighed and decided to choose the one with most vitality among the children, and wish for the best. After all, such a child would theoretically be the most fitting for the experiment.

Ryo began inspecting the children one by one. Ten minutes later, he discovered something that he hadn’t expected.

A girl that looked around 5 to 6 years old caught his attention. She had slightly dark skin, and her face looked very thin.

But what was special about her was that she had great Spiritual Power. She was very gifted in that regard, unlike the other children.

Spiritual Power is a Manifestation of Yin Chakra. Since Hashirama’s cell would give her an overwhelming Yang Chakra, Ryo thought that she had a great chance of balancing that out with her Spiritual Power, achieving a good Yin Yang balance, and surviving the operation.

However, the girl was in a very bad physical state. If they were to perform the operation now, she would inevitably die.

Ryo concluded that she was a great candidate, and then continued scanning the children.

In the end, the girl was the only one out of the 60 that had a chance of surviving. On top of that, she fulfilled Orochimaru’s condition of not having great vitality.

Ryo sighed and called Anko, asking her to send the other children to the orphanage, and then help Nono in dealing with them.

Anko nodded and went to perform the task.

After Ryo made the little girl fall asleep, he took her to Orochimaru: “Orochi San, I found the second child!” 

“So fast?” Orochimaru stopped what he was doing, and looked at the little girl in Ryo’s arms.

“Orochi san, don’t experiment with the little girl for a while. She’s in a very bad physical state, and that would interfere with the experiment’s result.”

Orochimaru seemed to be somewhat dissatisfied: “Why didn’t you just find a child in a better physical condition?” 

“This child has extraordinary Spiritual Power. I’m thinking that it could be another way for people to survive the operation.”

“Spiritual power? Interesting! Alright, you take care of the child for now. When you feel she’s ready, send her over.” 

Hearing Orochimaru agree, Ryo nodded in relief, and then instantly teleported with the child back home.

Ryo took the child to Chinse’s room, where the latter was chatting with Inoichi’s wife.

“Mom, Kazuha san, hello!”  

“Ryo, who’s this child?” Kazuha asked casually.

Chinse also looked curiously, waiting for Ryo’s reply.

“This child is a war orphan that I encountered while performing a task. I didn’t want to send her to the orphanage yet, for her body is too weak. She needs special attention, so I decided to take care of her for a while before sending her there.” 

“In other words, you mean you want ME to take care of her?” Chinse asked.

Hearing his mother question, Ryo looked a little embarrassed. But indeed, he had no experience with taking care of children. He could only ask his mother to do so.

Before he said a word, Chinse saw through his expression and said helplessly: “Alright alright! Put her down, and I’ll take care of her for a few days.”

Hearing his mother, Ryo happily gave the girl to her, and then left the room.

A week later, when he returned to see the little girl, he found her in a much better state, picking up some weight, and looking a lot healthier overall.

Chinse had bought some new clothes and toys for the girl, and she was sitting there playing.

Seeing Ryo, Chinse pointed at him and said: “Lain, this is my son that I mentioned to you, the one who brought you here, Ryo!”

As soon as young Lain saw Ryo, her eyes were filled of confusion and then, as if thinking of something, her entire body began to tremble.

Seeing this response, Chinse asked Ryo in a serious tone: “Ryo, what is going on? How come Lain is so afraid of you?”

Ryo was actually also surprised. He did not do anything to Lain, let alone hurt her. What would she be afraid of?

After a moment of silence, Ryo decided to let Chinse in on some details. He said: “Mom, this shouldn’t be related to something I did, but I have to tell you; she’s not just an orphan that I found. Lain is someone chosen by Orochi san and I.” 

“Orochi san? You mean Orochimaru sama? What are you going to do to her?” Chinse was rather shocked by Ryo’s reveal.

“She’s going to be a test subject for an experiment. It should not be dangerous, but it might take a while.” 

Chinse was relieved, for she trusted Ryo’s judgment. She did not ask him more about the matter, just telling him to leave for now.

As days went on, Lain gradually opened up to Ryo, who intentionally started guiding her to practice using her Spiritual Power.

Being a Yamanaka herself, Chinse could notice that her son was training the little girl. Although finding this peculiar, she did not ask any questions.

However, a few days later, she noticed something else: Ryo was actually teaching the little girl some Yamanaka secret techniques that were not supposed to be leaked out of the clan!

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