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H.R.P Chapter 224: Dealing with Danzo

Ryo felt that catching Zetsu was a mistake that cost him a lot of time. After all, he learned nothing new of much value.

He helplessly sighed, deciding not to think of this matter, and using Sage Mode to chase Danzo and his team.

Danzo and Hanzo were talking about picking a “place” for something. Ryo was spying on the two, and was surprised to realize that it was the same spot where they tried to ambush the Akatsuki last time!

Ryo was rather speechless to see them choose again the same place to perform what was seemingly going to be the same area!

The two did not know that everyone of their moves was being clearly observed by Ryo. After deciding on the place, they sent an invitation to the Akatsuki.

The Rain Country was not like it was before; almost half of it was under the Akatsuki’s control. Hanzo’s invitation was very formal, even using Rain Village’s official seal on the scroll.

The Akatsuki actually had a Ninja responsible for communication with the Rain Village. It’s been a long time since the two sides really fought. 

After Hanzo handed him the scroll, he closed his eyes and relaxed.

With the messenger left, Danzo ordered his men to follow.

“Danzo san, I advise you not to waste your time.” Hanzo said.

Danzo frowned: “Why? Does he have any special technique that could prevent my Sensor Ninjas from tracking him? Or is their organization’s transmission system too complex?”  

“It’s the latter. This person is just the first link in their chain. That scroll will go through too many hands for your men to follow. We know it will reach the Akatsuki, but that’s about it.” 

With Hanzo saying this, Danzo did not insist. He was confident in his Root Ninjas, but not that confident. After all, Hanzo had been ruling the country for many years, and never located the Akatsuki. Root should not be able to do any better.

“Hanzo, are you sure that the Akatsuki would come themselves this time? What if they send another one of their ‘puppets’?”

“Well, while we can never be sure, we have noticed that they had used that technique just two days ago. According to previous observation, they cannot use that technique many times in a short time. On the scroll, we asked them to come for peace. Their leader, Yahiko, would pursue peace to hell and back. They will definitely come.”

Danzo nodded and said: “I hope things go as smoothly as you are describing.” 

Like Hnazo said, the scroll went into many hands before finally reaching the Akatsuki. 

Yahiko received it, and gathered Konan and Nagato.

The text in the scroll was written in a very formal manner. It mainly invited the Akatsuki to discuss peace inside the Rain Village with Hanzo.

“Nagato, Konan, what do you think?” 

After giving it some thought, Konan said: “This time, Hanzo’s being really formal. I think this is real.” 

Nagato differed immediately: “I oppose this meeting! How can you forget the last one?”

Yahiko heard the two, and they both sounded reasonable to him. He had to make a choice. 

After thinking about the matter for a while, he decided to go for the meeting, but after taking some precautionary measures. He asked: “Nagato, can’t we use that technique again?” 

Nagato shook his head and replied: “Have you forgotten? We used that two days ago. Now, I’m not strong enough to use it again.”

Yahiko her Nagato and got silence again. After considering all circumstances, his eyes became firm again. 

He decided to send someone ahead of the rest, to check for any ambush around. With Konan’s style, she was capable of flying, and the most capable of escaping if it was needed. 

The next day, Yahiko went to the meeting place. Just as planned, Konan was ahead, watching the area from the sky.

What Yahiko and Nagato did not expect was that Hanzo would actually throw a sac of Poison at Konan! It burst, and the toxins spread into the air reaching Konan, disrupting her Chakra, and making her fall from midair!

Ryo had been watching for a while. On Hanzo’s first move, he was ready to save Konan. However, before he went it, he found himself surrounded by Danzo and his Root.

“I didn’t expect to come to you, Ryo Yamanaka! I thought it would be the Anbu tracking me!” Danzo seemed to be surprised.

“Not bad, Danzo! I never thought you’d actually be able to locate me!” 

“Humph!” Danzo did not say a thing.

In fact, no one in his team was ever able to sense Ryo. However, before Ryo was assigned to track him, his Sensor Root member was able to locate one of Minato’s Anbu.

Therefore, just out of caution, Danzo backtracked and checked behind him. However, he never thought that he would find Ryo.

“But now that you see it’s me, won’t you get out of my way? Or do you want to die here?” Ryo continued, as he opened up his Mangekyo Sharingan and entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode. 

Ryo violent Lightning Chakra passed along the rain water to Danzo’s sides, causing electric sparks that made his face even gloomier.

After hesitating for a moment, Danzo grit his teeth and yelled: “Root, ATTACK!” 

The Root Ninjas were trained by Danzo into becoming order execution machines. Facing Ryo, they were deeply afraid, but they would only follow orders and rush to what seemed like eminent death.

Using the water around him, Ryo amplified the range of his Lightning technique. One single attack was enough to bring the Root Ninjas that rushed at him down.

He then immediately proceeded to condensing rain drops around them into ice, then teleported between them, dealing the final blow to anyone still conscious. 

As Danzo watched his men falling left and right, his whole body was trembling. He always knew that Ryo was strong, but to witness his current level himself was something else!

“Danzo, just for being Ninjas of Konoha, your men are fortunate enough to have me not aim for the kill. If you still have a speck of humanity, take them away now, and perhaps you could save their lives. Stay here, and only death awaits you!”

Danzo’s eyes widened in shock; he never expected that Ryo would let him go.

A few seconds later, he returned to his senses, and immediately told the few he had behind him to carry the wounded, and then left the Rain Village along with them.

After dealing with Danzo, Ryo flickered in the Lightning Chakra mode immediately to the battleground. However, he was one step behind, and Yahiko had fallen into a pool of blood….

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