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H.R.P Chapter 225: God of the New World

Yahiko’s death hit Nagato deeply, and he kneeled in place in disbelief.

Hanzo could immediately notice the bloodlust that overtook him, and told his Ninjas to attack him at once.

Just as Ryo was about to move in, Nagato made his first move, repulsing all beings around him, sending them flying away.

Ryo frowned muttering: “It’s been awakened; his full Rinnegan power is awakened!”

In the pit thousands of miles away, Madara laughed until he coughed. Being the owner of said Rinnegan, he could feel it getting better integrated with Nagato’s body.

“Madara sama! Are you okay?” Zetsu asked carefully.

Madara was in a very bad state. His life was like a candle’s flame in the wind, about to be extinguished…

“Cough, I’m fine! But it’s time for me to leave!”

“Madara sama…. So the Rinnegan…”

“Yes! Nagato is almost using my Rinnegan as efficiently as me. As for Obito, I have sealed some of his memories with whatever power I had left. It’s time for me to go… I leave the rest up to you!” 

White Zetsu knew what Madara meant, and he had a spore clone of his in the Akatsuki’s headquarter notify Black Zetsu, telling him to hurry.

Upon receiving the signal, Black Zetsu sneaked into the ground, and rushed towards Madara.

He was still on the way when Madara asked White Zetsu: “Zetsu, help me summon one of your clones!” 

White Zetsu nodded, and controlled one of his clones to stand before Madara who injected it with Yin and Yang Chakra with the last bit of power that he had.

When he was through with feeding it Chakra, he tried to imbue his will within it, and just then, Zetsu black emerged from the clone’s body after entering it from underneath the ground.

“Your color has changed! I shall call you… Black Zetsu! White Zetsu, he holds my will. Until I’m back, he’ll act on my behalf helping you.”

As he finished his words, the link between Madara and the Gedo Mazo status was severed, and he closed his eyes.

“White, I’ll hand over things here to you! I want to return to the rain country to persuade Nagato and get him on our side!”

White immediately agreed, and Black Zetsu sneaked into the ground after taking a glimpse of the sleeping Obito.

At the same time, Nagato had the Rinnegan’s power, and almost completely forced Hanzo’s forces away.

But he wasn’t just leaving simply; Hanzo wasn’t letting that happen! He had already buried many explosive tags under Konan, so when Nagato approached to lift her, he detonated them!

Ryo put an Ice Scalpel in place, and then flickered in with the Mangekyo fortified Ice Lightning Chakra mode. It was as if he truly teleported when he appeared before Nagato and Konan.

Their clothes were wet by the Rain, and Ryo just froze them both, teleporting with them back to him scalpel.

The two only felt they were cold, and then found themselves away from the “battlefield”.

“This… what is going on?” Konan looked around in panic, and Nagato also couldn’t figure out what was going on!” 

“Nagato, Konan, it’s me!”

The two heard a familiar voice behind them, and turned around to see Ryo.

“Ryo… why are you here?” Konan was surprised, never thinking that Ryo would be the one that saved her.

“I followed Danzo all the way here. When I was about to interfere, he found out about me. I could only show up after dealing with him.” Ryo explained briefly.

“Yahiko! Yahiko is still back there! That Hanzo, I will kill him!” 

“Nagato, calm down! Can’t you feel it yet? A lot of your Chakra had been absorbed by your Rinnegan right now, and you shouldn’t be able to fight. Leave Yahiko and Hanzo to me. You and Konan remain here.” 

Just like Ryo had mentioned, Nagato noticed that his usually massive Chakra had bottomed out. The Rinnegan’s awakening was even beyond what his Uzumaki body could tolerate.

“Konan, am I not just useless? I couldn’t protect Yahiko, nor could I protect you. And even for revenge, I need to rely on the strength of others…” Nagato said in pain and regret.

Konan firmly shook her head saying: “ Nagato, you’re already very strong, and you’ve been pushing yourself very hard! I’ve been watching, we both have been watching; you don’t need to blame yourself!” 

Her words, while said to comfort him, did just the opposite. They reminded him of what Yahiko had said to him before, and his eyes became firm.

“I shall become stronger, Konan. Just like Yahiko had said before; if war is going to continue, I will become the god of the new world! I have the Rinnegan, and I will get stronger!” 

Meanwhile, Ryo was back facing Hanzo.

Hanzo was revered as a demi-god, his most glorious feat being his taking down of the three Sannin  single-handedly during the 2nd world war.

Ryo always had his doubts about his level, and now had the chance to face him and see for himself!

As with most opponents, Ryo estimated that speed should be the best method to face Hanzo, and he decided to finish this as soon as possible. 

Using his Ice-Lightning Chakra Mode strengthened by his Mangekyo, he approached Hanzo without being detected. 

Hanzo wasn’t able to respond in time, and by the time he made a reaction, he was already cut by Ryo’s scalpel.

However, what Ryo never imagined was that despite him slitting his throat, no blood spurted out. Instead, purple toxic mist was emitted from the wound!

Ryo was pretty sure that this man before him was no illusion. So how? How is he not bleeding?

“This speed, the Ice Scalpel, you must be Ryo Yamanaka! I take it that you’ve already finished off Danzo!” All of a sudden, someone spoke.

Ryo immediately turned around, but to his surprise, it wasn’t a human talking to him, but a Salamander Summoned beast.

Hanzo’s salamander raised his front paw, and jumped directly at Ryo, and then returned to Hanzo side.

The claws he had were very powerful and highly venomous. If Ryo was to be hit, he would have been doomed. Fortunately, he dodged at the right time.

He rose from the ground, staring at Hanzo who, surprisingly, did not continue the attack, saying instead: “Ryo Yamanaka, we have no grudge between us, and I haven’t bothered Konoha, so why are you here today attacking me out of nowhere?”

Ryo wasn’t about to answer, for he stood staring at Hanzo in awe. The wound on his throat was gone, and he was unscathed!

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