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H.R.P Chapter 231: Wood Release!

Under Chinse’s attentive care, Lain quickly recovered her ability to move properly, and she regained all her speech capabilities.

The relationship between the two became closer and closer. Later, Chinese simply let her call her mom, and Ryo had a sister at home.

A few days later, Ryo teleported to the borders of the Fire Country with Lain and Orochimaru, in the morning, intending to confirm if she had really gained the ability to use Wood Release.

For this reason, Ryo also borrowed a scroll from Minato, one that detailed several Wood Release Ninjutsus.

Ryo did not directly teach her these techniques. After all, he was not certain that she had awakened Wood Release.

He first gave her a piece of “Chakra Induction Paper”, to determine her Nature Transformation affinities. 

Wood Release is a combination of earth and water releases. If Lain lacked one of those two, the following test would not be necessary.

Ryo directed Lain to inject her Chakra into the paper, which was then wrinkled, then damp, and finally turned into dirt and crumbled away.

“Lightning, Water, Earth!” Orochimaru was very excited to learn Lain’s Nature transformation abilities. 

Ryo was also relieved, for now there was a chance that Lain had indeed acquired Wood Release.

“Lain, I want you now to imitate my Hand Seals, while releasing your Chakra to the outside.”

Ryo started with one of the simplest techniques: [Wood Release: Wood Locking Wall]. But this was Lain’s first attempt at using Ninjutsu. Her Hand Seal formation speed was too slow, her Chakra output was not stable, and she could not use the Ninjutsu at all.

She tried many times, but never succeeded. However, Ryo was far from giving up! He decided to use the Mind Body Switch Jutsu to take over her body.

He formed the Hand Seals himself, and Chakra infused with high vitality inside Lain’s body was released. Three small trees as thick as the arm of an adult popped out from the ground.

Seeing this success, Orochimaru couldn’t help but laugh very excitedly.

Ryo went back to his body and looked at the three small trees as well, and a large smile showed on his face.

“Oni san, Orochimaru sama, if you want to see small trees, just ask! Why do you have to teach me Hands Seals that are so complicated?” Immediately, a small sapling tree appeared in the palm of Lain’s hand!

Ryo’s face froze, and Orochimaru’s also stared at her in awe, both never hearing before of such a technique!

“Cough, Lain, I’m teaching you Hand Seals not just to see small trees, but to help you Release Ninjutsu, like this!”

Ryo demonstrated a variety of Ninjutsu to Lain, which helped her understand the effect of Hand Seals.

After confirming she had Wood Release, Orochimaru made a small cut to Lain’s finger, took a blood sample from her, and then left.

Ryo wanted to treat her, only to find that her finger healed itself almost immediately!

At this moment, Ryo thought of an important problem. In the Manga, the Wood Minato produced was dead, while Lain’s productions seemed to be alive.

He turned back looking at the small trees on the side, and then tried to perceive them with his Spiritual Power. What he found was that they were almost identical to natural trees around them, with the only difference being that Chakra within them was infused with Lain’s. 

A few minutes later however, Lain’s Chakra disappeared completely. If Ryo hadn’t seen how the trees were formed, he wouldn’t have been able to identify which of them was made with Ninjutsu.

This was strange! Arguably, with her having no considerable stores of Yang Chakra prior to the experiment, Lain shouldn’t have any more of it than Yamato, and shouldn’t be able to grant life to the wood she produces. In other words, her wood shouldn’t be different from Yamato’s. But clearly, her Wood Release was actually similar to that of Hashirama himself! 

Ryo couldn’t figure out what was happening for a long time, and eventually could only give up and ask Lain about whatever else she realized after the experiment.

She could only remember the beginning. After the integration began, she fell into deep sleep, so all she could offer Ryo was more questions of her own.

Ryo sighed helplessly, and then just skipped questions all together and started training her. Lain was very in Ninjutsu, and she practiced incredibly diligently.

It wasn’t until noon that the two left for home. Chinese had already prepared lunch for them by then.

During the meal,  Chinse suggested to Ryo that Lain should begin going to the Ninja Academy.

Without thinking, he agreed. It was indeed time for that, for Lain was already 6 years old.

With them both agreeing, Chinse asked Lain herself. Her daughter was initially reluctant, but when hearing that she could learn Ninjustu in Ninja School, she immediately agreed.

The only problem that remained was that school enrollment time had already passed. Chinse thought of asking Inoichi to use his connections to get her a late admission.

However, Ryo told her not to do so. He was just going to take her to Minato, and the problem would then solve itself. 

Lain had Wood Release, something special and dangerous and that made her in need for protection. Therefore, he intended on telling Kushina and Minato about her anyway.

Ryo teleported with Lain into Minato and Kushina’s place. He knocked the door gently, and heard footsteps approaching.

Ever since Kushina married Minato, her temper changed a lot, and even started staying home much more often. If it wasn’t for that, Ryo wouldn’t have found her home at such a time.

“Ryo? It’s you!” Kushina opened the door slightly surprised.

“I have something to show you. But before that, let me introduce you: This is my sister: Lain. Lain, see this one of a kind beauty? You call her Kushina Ne-san!” 

Lain nodded, and turned to Kushina politely saying: “Hello Kushina Ne-san, my name is Lain Yamanaka.” 

“Hello, hello! Welcome to my place!” Kushina greeted her smiling, and then looked at her back skeptically; she had no recollection of Ryo ever having a sibling! 

Minato had his Flying Thunder God, so when it was time for a meal, he’d be always home. Today was no exception; when Ryo entered, he found him about to finish his lunch.

“Ryo? Welcome! What brings you here?” Minato asked as he put down his chopsticks.

“Well, it’s something very important to me! It’s about my sister, Lain!” 

“Sister? You have a sister?” Minato was surprised, also never hearing about this before.

“I’ll explain this to you later, but now, come with me to the Forest of Death!”

Minato and Kushina looked at each other, and teleported along with Ryo.

“Ni san, Ne san, what I’m about to show you is of utmost importance to me. Lain, show them you small sapling!” 

Lain nodded and opened the palm of her hand, and small sapling appeared inside it! 

“Ryo… is this?” Minato’s voice trembled slightly.

Ryo did not answer him, and said to Lain: “Do you remember that technique Lain? Give them a show of what you can do!”

After practicing for the whole morning, Lain could barely release Ninjutsu. Carefully, she made her hand seals, and two other thumb thick saplings emerged from the ground!

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