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H.R.P Chapter 237: Pregnancy!

Using the Teleportation Barrier, Ryo took Kakashi and Shisui back to Konoha in no time.

As they returned, he left the two to do whatever they wanted, while he delivered the mission report to Minato on his own.

As soon as he disappeared from sight, Shisui, with a strange expression on his face, asked Kakashi: “Kakashi san, do you think Pakura san likes Sensei?” 

Kakashi just sighed and left without answering.

As for Ryo, he teleported directly into the Hokage’s office, where he found not only Minato, but Jiraya as well!

“Hello Jiraya san! When have you returned?” Ryo greeted Jiraya very warmly after not seeing him for a good while.

“Oh it’s Ryo! How are you doing? Long time no…” 

“Jiraya Sensei, please change your attitude! Don’t you feel that this is too much? You’ve returned to the village just yesterday and I’m already having several people reporting that you’ve been peeping! I’m Hokage now! How can I deal with this?” 

“Minato, I’m not peeping; I’m doing research for material! How can you put the mere act of peeping on the same level as an artist’s quest for inspiration?!” 

“Sensei… You’ve always been saying that you are a writer; but I haven’t seen any book you’ve ever written! Just give me a book of your writing, and I’ll try to find a way around this…” 

“Well, if you’ve just had some patience, I was going to give you this book anyway, haha!” As Jiraya laughed, he took out a book from his pocket.

Minato glimpsed at the book, unconsciously reaching out to take it from Jiraya. He never expected that this writing thing was actually real.

“The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi?”

“Well, this is what I wrote in my early years. I’ve only shown it to one person, and you are the second! It’s good! The book is for you, I’m leaving!” As he said that, Jiraya walked to the door and left.

Minato sighed helplessly, and immediately turned his eyes to Ryo: “What’s the situation?” 

Ryo immediately mentioned all the important details surrounding his trip to the Sand Village, including the perfect seal he made for Gaara.

Minato frowned as he heard him: “Ryo, the Sand getting a perfect Jinchuriki is no trivial matter. Don’t you think you’ve been a little too impulsive when helping them achieve that?”  

“Ni san, you can rest assured; what I’ve done poses no risk to Konoha. Just trust me on this!”

Hearing Ryo being so confident, Minato nodded and just said nothing.

With his mission complete, Ryo returned home, where he actually didn’t find Chinse or Lain. The latter had started going to the Ninja academy, so his mother went out to pick her up after school.

Lain was now 6 years old, actually older than many other new students. She had refined her Chakra, and learned the basics of using Ninjutsu by Ryo. Therefore, Minato could ‘give his blessing’ to get her directly in the elite second grade class.

Outside the academy, Chinse met Lain with a smile; it was a very enjoyable experience for her to pick up her daughter. 

In fact, Ryo was too much of a genius when growing up, to a point that made Chinse miss out on a substantial portion of her parenting experience. Now, she was cautious to make the most of parenting Lain.

They returned home, and met Ryo again. In the comfort of his own home, Ryo’s time with his family flew quickly, and a week went by before he even knew it.

Shisui started working under Kakashi, and Lain was also in school. With no tasks to perform in Konoha, Ryo just went to Konoha’s hospital after a long time of not going there.

On his first day back on duty, Ryo actually met two couples of acquaintances.

The first couple was that of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha, and the other was that of Kizashi and Mebuki Haruno.

The Uchiha’s were here for a scheduled check-up; Mikoto was 4 months pregnant.

Ryo had always kept his gratitude to Fugaku, and the man was the closest thing he had to a paternal uncle. Therefore, he very enthusiastically welcomed him and his wife and took them to the checkup himself.

Ryo’s attitude was normal to Fugaku, but Mikoto, who had no context on her husband link with Ryo, still felt flattered and a little uneasy facing his hospitality.

After the checkup, Ryo said with a smile: Fugaku san, the child is very healthy, so you can rest assured about that!” 

Fugaku was glad to hear that, and returned home with his wife.

The Haruno couple came later that afternoon. They looked remarkable enough for Ryo to notice them; he just glanced at them and did not ask more.

This was the 3rd child that Ryo heard of that should be part of “that class”. Before coming to the hospital, he heard words about Choza’s wife also being pregnant.

After finishing his day at the hospital, Ryo returned home, just to find Inoichi chatting happily with Chinse.

Looking at how excited his clan’s head was, and remembering what he saw today, Ryo guessed why Inoichi would be so happy.

Using his Spiritual Power, Ryo was able to sense a new faint life signal from Inoichi’s wife’s body.

“Congratulations Inoichi Ni-san!” 

Inoichi nodded with a smile. The next day, the entire clan heard of the news, which made them all very happy and made their neighborhood boil.

By the end of the following month, most of the major clanheads in Konoha had pregnancies in their families. Kushina also sent someone to Konoha’s hospital to ask Ryo to come to her place.

With the overall context, Ryo immediately realized why he was being called by Kushina.

Sure enough, when he saw his teacher, Ryo immediately felt that her unborn child had much more vitality than the average fetus.

‘That the reincarnation of Asura for you; he’s stronger than most!’ Ryo though to himself.

“Here you are Ryo, come in! Yesterday, Kurama had informed me that I’m pregnant!” Kushina excitedly said to Ryo.

“Congratulations Kushina! I can sense your child already; he’s going to be a great Ninja!” Ryo answered with a smile.

When she heard Ryo say that, Kushina was very happy. As she was about to ask him about medical tips for dealing with pregnancy, Kurama suddenly said: “Kushina, switch with me!” 

As soon as she heard him, Kushina nodded and gave him control over body. Immediately, he blocked her consciousness from the outside world, and said to Ryo: “Kid, Kushina’s pregnancy, do you know what that means?” 

“I suppose that her Jinchuriki seal should be weaker! However, with you now not wanting to takeover, should this matter much?” 

The Kyubi snorted and said: “I would not take the initiative to take over, but the weakening of the seal would still give a better chance to anyone trying to separate me from Kushina!” 

Just hearing these words changed Ryo’s face greatly. While he could not foresee a way for Kurama to be extracted from Kushina, the mere idea was still frightening.

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