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H.R.P Chapter 261: The Roots of the New Akatsuki

After Obito and Black Zetsu left Nagato, they both went to their temporary hideout, where both Kakuzu and Sasori were awaiting them.

The two were saved by Obito on the Kyubi’s night and brought to this place.

Whenever either of the two thought of that night, they would get extremely scared. Kakuzu had 4 of his five hearts crushed, while Sasori’s main Puppet Hirako was greatly damaged, and he had to leave several other puppet of his behind.

It was actually a necessity, as he used them as shields, making up for his melee range weakness, and protecting his and Kakuzu’s lives. Because of this, the latter became somewhat grateful to him.

After his wounds healed up, Kakuzu went out several times killing several Ninjas to complete his set of hearts again.

As for Sasori, he repaired Hirako’s puppet, and then spent a great deal of his time making other simpler spare ones.

“It looks like you are recovering well!” The figure of the masked man suddenly appeared in the cave. 

The two were freaked out like usual by his sudden appearance. Sasori answered: “Well, yes. Now, can we leave? We’ve done our part.” 

“You can go at any time, but don’t you want revenge?” 

“Oh, revenge? Forget it! I don’t think I’m going back to Konoha any time soon!” Kakuzu sneered bitterly.

“I never said I’m going there now. I’m inviting you to join an organization. I promise you, doing so will give you the chance for getting your revenge!” 

“I am not interested in joining any organization.” Sasori refused on the spot. 

“This organization can provide you with the fitting research environment to ensure that you never get disrupted by anyone, including the Sand on your pursuit.” 

Obito’s words made Sasori think of his ultimate dream: completing his transformation. he answered: “Is that so?” 

“Of course! Kakuzu, want to join us as well? You’ll get great amounts of money!” 

Kakuzu’s eyes lit up. To him, money was everything. However, being from the same generation as Hashirama, he was wise enough not to just take the word of a masked man: “If that’s the case, then you have to tell me at least about this organization.” 

“It is the largest mercenary organization in the world: The Akatsuki!” 

“The Akatsuki? The Rain’s Akatsuki? They have a lot of potential for making profit indeed! Well… I agree.” 

“I’ll try and see it things happen like you’re promising.” Sasori added.

Seeing both of them agreeing, the masked man nodded with satisfaction, and all three, along with Black Zetsu and white Zetsu transferred together to the Akatsuki Base.

When they got there, Black Zetsu didn’t want to go inside. Seeing that, the latter asked: “Why won’t you go it?”

Before Black answered, White Zetsu said to him: “Can you feel that? There was sudden burst of power inside the base just now!” 

The source of this power was Nagato. The Akatsuki had already sent back two unscathed Jonin bodies to the bass. Unconsciously, Nagato chose one he had seen before, and inserted a Black Rod into his body.

With his experience making Tendo Pain, things went a lot more smoothly, and it took him no time to make the second path of Pain.

“Konan, go over to our guests and bring them into with Tendo!” After saying that, Nagato controlled Tendo Pain to leave Yahiko’s room.

Konan and Tendo went out together and found Kakuzu and the others.

“Never underestimate the Rinnegan. You’ve already found us?” Said Obito as he saw Konan and Tendo Pain.

Kakuzu was shocked, and he asked hastily: “The Rinnegan? You’re saying someone in the Akatsuki has the eyes of the legendary Rikudo Sennin?”

“Yes, you can see them right there!” Obito pointed to Yahiko’s eyes.

“It’s really the Rennigan!” Kakuzu’s greed kept him from remaining still. The Rinnegan, if ever found, would be one of the most expensive goods to ever be sold on the black market. With that in mind, Kakuzu’s nature quickly got exposed.

His greed made him lose all his senses, and he directly rushed at Tendo Pain.

“Shinra Tensei!” Tendo Pain puffed and threw Kakuzu away with ease.

The latter got up in place, his eyes set on the Rinnegan. White Zetsu immediately yelled: “Kakuzu! This Rinnegan is not for you to take away! And you’re no opponent to him. Calm down!” 

Kakuzu did not answer, and just stared at Nagato with his eyes filled with greed.

Konan fought her distaste of Kakuzu and said: “Come in with me.” 

After she led everyone to the Akatsuki’s conference room, Nagato controlled Tendo to take the main seat.

Over the past few days, he was becoming more and more proficient at controlling Tendo Pain. Now, he was able to speak through him. Nagato intended to remain behind the scenes, and let “Yahiko” be at the front as Pain!

“These are your people?” Tendo turned around to Obito.

“Yes, this is Kakuzu, and rebel from the Waterfall Village who was once sent to assassinate the 1st Hokage, and this is Sasori, the greatest puppeteer to ever come out of the Sand Village.” Obito introduced the two to Tendo.

The latter nodded and said: “You are both welcomed to join the Akatsuki!” 

“Hold on! This guy promised me that you’ll provide enough cover and resources for me to develop my puppets. Can you guarantee that?” Sasori quickly said.

Kakuzu was also quick to add: “He told me I’ll be making a lot of money!” 

“I can promise you that will happen.” Tendo did not hesitate to agree again.

Seeing Kakuzu agree, Sasori soon followed and said he’s willing to stay.

Konan gave three Akatsuki outfits to Obito, Kakuzu and Sasori, while Tendo placed 4 rings on the table.

“This looks good.” said Kakuzu, after putting on the black cloack with the red clouds.

“It’s alright, in line with my art style.” Sasori also felt good about the his new outfit.

“I have created these rings. They signify your membership in the Akatsuki, and can allow for our communication. I’m ‘Zero’, Konan is ‘White’. You, Zetsu, take ‘Pig’. Kakuzu will have ‘North’, Sasori will have ‘Jewel’ and you can have…” 

The masked man interrupted Tendo: “I will not have any of them. I am not suitable for this task.” 

Tendo stared at Obito for a second, and then took back the ring.

“Zero, how many of each ring are there?” Sasori asked.


“That is to say, there will be ten of us? What’s our mode of action, and what the purpose behind this organization?” 

“As for mode of action, you will do missions in pairs. As for purpose, I will tell you that when our ranks are complete. Now, the organization is just a prototype of what it will turn out to be. You can come and go at will, and I will use the ring to communicate with you when something happens.” 

Kakuzu said on the side: “Sounds good! At least we won’t be restrained.” 

“Konan, arrange accommodations for both of them as soon as possible. Kakuzu, for now, you will be observed. If you are deemed appropriate for the role, you will be given the management of the Akatsuki’s funds.” After saying that, Tendo left the room, and with that, The New Akatsuki was established!

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