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H.R.P Chapter 49: The Sand’s Declaration of War

The next day after the meeting, Ryo was invited by the 3rd to his office. He was already informed by Inoichi of the meeting’s outcome on the previous day.

Ryo never imagined that Orochimaru would actually speak up for him. He was so successful in medical Ninjutsu that he was chosen as the head of the medical team. This was thanks to the Sannin’s help.

Ryo have been to the Hokage’s office several times, and as usual he found the many guards waiting for him.

The Hokage’s office door opened wide, and behind it, the 3rd was there waiting for Ryo’s arrival.

“Hokage Sama!” Ryo went straight in through the door.

As he was entering, the 3rd’s eyes were locked on the documents in front of him on the table. When he heard Ryo’s voice, he looked up and smiled.

“Ryo, you are finally here!”

“Hokage Sama, why did you invite me?” Ryo knew for sure, that when it comes to high level meetings, it’s always better to act confused.

“I invited you for two things. First, you performed well as a Ninja, saving the lives of many injured Ninja. And in addition to that, you actually developed the healing stones. For that reason, the village has decided to promote you to the rank of Chunin!”

“Thank you, Hokage Sama!” No one gets upset when getting promotion and a raise. Ryo was no exception.

“Second: Ryo, as the Hokage, I hereby assign you as the head of the medical team going to the battlefield in the Wind country. It is up to you to decide every detail related to your team, and you will be allowed to participate in the war conference.” With those words, the 3rd handed the appointment letter to Ryo.

The 3rd’s appointment was completely different from what Ryo has imagined. He has originally thought that his role would revolve around leading the medical team to heal illnesses and save lives.

But Ryo, who was not expecting to be assigned as the head of the medical team not too long age, has now become one of the decision makers in the Wind Country battlefield.

The 3rd understood what was wrong when reading the letter. When seeing Ryo’s face when he received it, he realized that there was something wrong with it.

The authority given by this letter is just like the authority given to the former captain of the medical team: Tsunade. The 3rd’s mind was too involved with the preparations the war. He would never give Ryo such an appointment letter if it wasn’t for negligence.

But being equivalent to the king of Konoha, the 3rd’s word is not something that’s to be taken lightly, nor is it something that can be taken back with ease. He wasn’t going to change this letter.

After all, although Ryo is just a 9 year old, he is very sensible. Even if he attends the meetings, he won’t be speaking up.

This way, Ryo had an appointment that he shouldn’t have been able to get in the 1st place.

The first thing that Ryo, being the new head of the medical team, had to do was to assemble his team’s members.

In the third training ground, the members of the medical squad were quickly assembled. The number is quite large. Counting Ryo, there were 151 people on the field.

Ryo made a rough estimate by looking at the crowd, most of them were colleagues he knew from Konoha’s hospital. There were about 20 to 30 new faces that he had never met before. And among the crowd, there was an old acquaintance of his: the Uchiha Maan, the one he fought to become a Genin.

“Hello everyone! I’m Ryo Yamanaka. Most of you here are my colleagues from Konoha’s Hospital. I’m really glad that’ll get to fight alongside all of you.”

Ryo’s opening remarks were really plain and simples: No passionate encouragement, and no boosting of their morals.

He felt that there was no need for such things. He believed that unlike such nonsense, actions can actually prove everything he has to prove. He knew that at some point in time, there will be someone to disobey his, and that right then and there, his actions will speak up.

After a brief self-introduction, Yamanaka Ryo started assessing the levels of his team members. There were 92 who could use “Healing” for detoxification, and amongst them, only 12 were able to use the healing palm technique.

These 12 individuals are all veteran Ninjas in Konoha’s hospital, and Ryo was really familiar with them.

Those in the team that Ryo has never met before were actually fighting ninja sent in by the village to protect the medical Ninja alongside them.

Among the stronger ones amongst them, there was a Jonin from the Hyuga clan, Ming Hyuga. There was also Ryo old acquaintance, Uchiha Maan, who is now a special Jonin. Also among the stronger ones there were 2 Ino-Shika-Cho teams who were Chunins .

Ming and Maan shouldn’t pose any problems for Ryo when working with him. The two teams from his alliance should be easy to deal with as well.

The rest of the fighters also have skills that are beneficial. Some are good with seals, some are good with Genjutsu, and others are good with traps.

Ryo finished counting them. There were 126 medical ninjas including him, and 25 fighting ninjas. So he went on and divided the team into 5 groups based on the member’s medical Ninjutsu.

A group made up of the 33 who cannot use healing to do detoxification, will be responsible for the treatment of minor injuries.

The remaining 92 were divided into 4 groups that consist of 3 of the 12 veterans, with 20 of the others assisting them.

Ryo will work solo, interfering whenever there is a problem that they cannot solve.

After that, Ryo let everybody disperse, and sat down right there recalling the Wind Release Jutsus demonstrated to him by Orochimaru.

He sat down there until the afternoon, when Kushina and Minato arrived.

“Ryo so you’re here! We’ve been looking for you, and Jiraya Sensei told us to wait for him in the 3rd training ground.” Said Kushina.

“Ryo, I heard you’ve become a Chunin?” Minato asked.

Ryo nodded, as being promoted to that rank is trivial thing that’s not worth hiding.

“Congrats! This is my congratulation present!” Minato smiled and handed Ryo a special Kunai.

Ryo took in his hand; it was the Flying Thunder God Kunai. On it, Minato’s formula for the Jutsu was engraved.

“Thank you Nii San!” Ryo thanked Minato. On the other side, Kushina was a bit embarrassed because it was her own student, and she didn’t actually prepare him any present.

Noticing her embarrassment, Ryo said: “Kushina Ne-san, your present will wait for me to become a Jonin just like you!”

Hearing Ryo’s words, Kushina felt less awkward.

“For how long are you going to keep laughing and joking around?” Jiraya’s arrival interrupted the 3.

“The 4th Kazekage has been selected, and it didn’t take him long to claim that the disappearance of his predecessors is the work of Konoha. They have declared war upon us!”

As Jiraya finished his words, he gave a good look at the three in front of him.

The War has started!