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H.R.P Chapter 55: Passing On Modern Medicine

Like in Konoha’s camp, seven of the Sand’s elite Jonins along with Chiyo, were gathered in Rasa’s tent to discuss the war. The main topic was the new Konoha ninja Ryo Yamanaka.

The 3rd Kazekage has disappeared along the borders of the fire country. Over 12000 Sand Ninjas were gathered for “revenge”. In addition to 3 people who were close or equal in power to a Kage, 8 of the Sand’s elite Jonin were there, along with close to a 1000 Chunins. The rest were Genins.

Amongst the 12000, the strongest were Rasa, Chiyo, and the Ichibi Jinchuriki Bunpuku. Four of the 8 elite Jonins were from the Puppeteer Division. The rest were the 4 that Ryo faced in battle.

Rasa’s face was so heavy in the meeting. In this battle, the Sand Ninja have lost on all fronts, even losing one of their elite Jonins.

The most unacceptable thing for Rasa was the fact that the one who killed that Jonin, and forced the Sand to retreat, was actually a Child who seemed to be only 11 or 12 years old.

“Konoha doesn’t deserve to be such a cradle for geniuses. Sakumo, the Sannin, and now this Ryo Yamanaka!” Chiyo Ba-Chan sighed.

“Kazekage Sama, this brat killed Ichiro with a strange sneak attack. He took my arm the same way!”

“What kind of an attack did he use? Make it clear Hogu!”

The Sand Jonin described Ryo’s the fight that he had with his fellow Jonins against Ryo.

“So he’s using the Lightning Chakra mode, with an extreme speed, Ice, and teleportation!” Said Rasa after listening to the Jonin, to summarize the information they had about Ryo.

“Are you sure he was teleporting? Wasn’t it more like extremely fast movement using the Lighting Chakra Mode?” Rasa asked.

“I’m pretty sure that I can distinguish between the Lightning Chakra Mode and teleportation!” Said Hogu.

“Rasa, could it be the 2nd Hokage’s Flying Thunder God?” Chiyo Ba-chan saw Minato in the previous world war. She was so impressed by that technique. The description of Ryo’s teleportation reminded her of that.

“Hugo, did Ryo Yamanaka use any special weapons?”

“Hokage Sama, He has only used one Ninja scalpel from start to finish, and he didn’t use any other weapons.”

The 4th Kazekage learned from Chiyo about the Flying Thunder God, and he learned that Ryo had no weapons. Now he also speculates that Ryo’s teleportation technique is not Thunder Chakra Mode, but something else.

But what Raza was more interested in was the technique that both Ryo and Jiraya have used.

In that state, Jiraya’s power, speed, Reflexes, and defence were all enhanced to a great extent. The power-up was so substantial that it gave Jiraya the upper hand after being conquered by Rasa for most of the fight before that.

“Chiyo Ba-Chan, did you ever hear of such a technique?” Rasa Told Chiyo about what happened and asked her if she knew the technique Jiraya was using.

She sighed and took a while to think then said: “It might be the Sage Mode used by the 1st Hokage. I have only heard of this technique, and I didn’t expect it to be anything more than a myth.”

“Sage Mode is real. The Rikudo Sennin was a user of this technique. It enhances Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Perception to a great extent. This is what Shukaku just told me.” The old monk sitting in the corner, who was silent the whole time, spoke out.

What are you talking about? The Rikudo Sennin is just a myth!” Said one of the elite Jonins.

The old monk ignored him and did not say anything else. He closed his eyes like he fell asleep.

After listening to Bunpuku, Rasa became pretty much sure that the technique Jiraya has used was Sage mode. Its effects on Jiraya’s performance went hand in hand with what how Bunpuku described Sage mode.

On the other side, Ryo and Jiraya were discussing the power that the Sand Ninja have shown. Konoha now has a good understanding of Rasa’s ability.

Of course, Ryo was had some credit. In the Manga, Rasa didn’t show much of his power, but now that he saw him in battle, Ryo was really impressed, his power was scary.

In his past life, when he saw the Gold Release used in the anime, Ryo thought that only a Mad Tyrant would want gold as a weapon. He also thought that a user of such skill would never be short on money!

Ryo explained Rasa’s ability in the meeting. His explanation reminded Jiraya of Fukasaku’s words on Rasa’s attack.

But even after determining what kind of special gold Rasa was using, Konoha’s camp was still in a pinch. Even when knowing that it was Gold Dust, they still can’t find a way to counter his ability as long as he’s fighting in the yellow sand desert.

After the discussion, Ryo returned to his team. The medical team had a great role in this battle. If it weren’t for them, no one would know how many of Konoha’s Ninjas would have been lost to the Sand’s poison.

Over the course of the following few days, both camps stayed on the safe side. The Sand Ninjas were afraid of Jiraya’s Sage Mode, and Konoha’s Ninjas couldn’t find a way to counter Rasa’s Gold Dust. Both sides were cautious and did not want to act rashly.

During those days of rest, Ryo was thinking about both Medical Ninjutsu and modern medicine from his world. One of the things that he’s always wanted to do was to improve the Narutoverse Medical Ninjutsu system.

Here, medical Ninjutsu relies mainly on Chakra. Once a medic is out of Chakra, medical Ninjutsu is no longer usable. Should a ninja in that case just watch as his companion bleeds to death?

Ryo wanted to pass on the modern medicine knowledge he had learned in his previous life to the medics of Konoha’s hospital so they could save people regardless of their Chakra levels.

However, because of his inability to explain the origin of such knowledge, Ryo gave up on that idea. But now that he’s on the battlefield, and there’s this severe need for more medical knowledge, Ryo decided to pass on some basics to his team.

In the area where Konoha’s Medical Squad was located, Ryo established a teaching area. In the beginning, the medical ninjas did not have much interest in Ryo’s modern medical knowledge.

In their view, if this knowledge doesn’t allow them to quickly heal an injured ninja and restore his ability to move, then it’s of no use.

But as Ryo went deeper into the topics he was teaching them, they started realizing that what he was talking about was not so simple.

In this way, the team learned the basics Ryo was teaching them, and he was able to complete the 1st step towards his goal of spreading his medical knowledge from his past world.

As days passed, the Sand couldn’t just keep watching and they started to harass Konoha’s once again.

Sakumo took countermeasures against the Sand’s little tricks. There shouldn’t be much risk in doing that, as any poisoned Ninja will now have a medical team to save him.

“Sakumo San! Jiraya San has made an ambush and just caught a Sand Ninja.”

The sand Ninjas were harassing the camp for many days, and this is the 1st time one of them is caught. Sakumo quickly informed Ryo.

For a Yamanaka like him, the enemy’s brain can give so much information!

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