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H.R.P Chapter 54: The Sand’s Retreat

Rasa didn’t expect that Jiraya would find a way out of his coffin so easily. He wanted to use the [Sand Coffin] to trap Jiraya, then [Sand Funeral] to at least injure him, then finish him up to go and face Ryo.

But this was nothing for Jiraya in Sage mode. Without any information what so ever, Jiraya was able to defeat 3 of Pains paths with this mode. Rasa was good, but nowhere close to Pain.

By entering Sage Mode, the roles were reversed, and Rasa had to be on the defensive.

On the other side, Sakumo was also close to scoring a victory over Chiyo. She was starting to get tired

He was just starting and was still able to avoid all of her attacks while finding the chance to cut one of her Chakra threads.

Chiyo was slowly running out on Chakra. Sakumo only had to keep his rhythm, and was just a matter of time.

The 4th Kazekage wanted to support him, but he sighed of frustration when looking at Jiraya and Ryo.

However, at Ryo’s side, the situation was not looking so bright, as he and Gamahiro were surrounded by 4 elite sand Jonins.

and this situation are completely different. Ryo shouldn’t be at the level allowing him to beat 4 elite Jonins of such caliber on his own. But he did have Gamahiro’s help.

“Hiro, we are in a pinch, have any ideas?” Ryo asked

“I’ll use water, you use lightning. Paralyze them 1st and then use Ice to teleport and kill the one on the upper left corner. I feel that he’s the most dangerous one amongst them.”

“Good! Then I’m going all out. Hiro, remember to jump when using your water attack so you avoid getting accidentally hit.”

“Got it! Let’s go! [Water Release: Gunshot]!” Gamahiro shot out large condensed blasts of water from his mouth.

The water attacks forced the Sand Jonins to use their wind attacks to splatter them; and this caused the water to splash all over. By the time Gamahiro was in the air, Ryo has already started forming his seals.

“[Lightning release: Thunderbolt]!” The lightning Chakra was conducted with the water. In this sandy desert, water disappears quickly. Ryo should utilize this opportunity against the four Jonins as fast as possible.

Just like Hiro told him, he teleported to the upper left corner. The Elite Jonin whose movements were slowed down by the lightning attack had his heart pierced through it by Ryo.

“Ichiro! Damn kid!” the remaining 3 couldn’t stand seeing Ryo kill their companion, so they all rushed towards them.

It was clear to Ryo that he couldn’t take on all three of them. After all the fighting he’s been doing and going all out just now to kill their companion, his Chakra levels went really low.

Right when Gamahiro landed on the ground, Ryo took a soldier food pill and used the Lightning Chakra mode to blink over Hiro’s head.

“Ryo, can you still fight?” Gamahiro Asked.

“No problem, I can find a way to take out one more.” Ryo answered.

“These three are tough Ryo. Which one are you going to deal with?”

“The one just ahead of me! Me killing his companion has made him lose his sanity. The ones who are the angriest are easier to deal with.” said Shanzhong Yuan.

Ryo used Ice to teleport once again and went this time 3 meters behind the one who’s lost his temper.

A Jonin’s fighting abilities are not to be underestimated. Ryo did not want to be too close to him. So from the distance of 3 meters, he used [Chidori Eiso], an attack that was developed by Sasuke in the Manga.

The Sand Ninja who was out of his mind did not expect such a ranged attack from Ryo. But in the end, a Jonin is a Jonin, and he was able to juke the hit and avoid lethal damage. Only his left arm was pierced by Chidori Eiso.

Ryo wasn’t able to kill anyone with his sneak attack and he knew that he was exposed.

He returned using his Ice teleportation to Gamahiro’s back.

“Can you jump out? Go to the fourth Kazekage!”

“Ryo, you’re almost out of Chakra. My parents are there so you don’t have to worry about Jiraya san.” Gamahiro tried to get Ryo to retreat.

“Don’t worry, I just want to scare the 4th Kazekage off and make him retreat with the Sand Ninja. Even if we win this battle, Konoha will have many losses if this goes on.” Ryo said.

Seeing how stubborn Ryo was, Gamahiro could only go with his plan. Ignoring the 3 Jonins’ provocations, he did all he could to get him to the 4th.

“Ma, Jiraya Chan, Hiro Chan is coming!” While he was fighting 4th Kazekage, Jiraya heard Fukasaku’s words and quickly withdrew.

Rasa did not have the strong perception of Sage mode, but the Jiraya’s sudden withdrawal made him nervous.

His instinct told him to evade to the side. He barely avoided being hit by Gamahiro who fell the ground making a huge impact it the desert’s sand.

“Hiro Chan! What are you doing here?” asked Fukasaku.

“I summoned him Fukasaku Sama!”

“Ryo chan, and what are you doing here?” Fukasaka looked at Ryo and asked him.

“Of course I’m here to help you. Together, we should be able to seriously injure, and perhaps even kill the 4th Kazekage. Not even he should be able to beat us.” Saying that, Ryo entered Sage Mode.

The 4th saw the changes in Ryo’s face: “This kid’s changed similarly to Jiraya. Even though he doesn’t have toads on his shoulders, he should be strong.”

Rasa was already beginning to retreat. He turned to see Chiyo and he found her out of breath and on the verge of defeat.

“Sand Ninjas, Retreat!” Biting his teeth, the 4th Kazakage issued the order to retreat.

Konoha’s Ninja were not chasing their enemies. In such an environment, they would just get themselves in a trap if they do that.

Ending the situation like this made Sakumo really satisfied. Such a momentum defining battle shouldn’t be easy to win.

In Konoha’s camp, Sakumo, Jiraya, 6 Jonins and Ryo were gathered in Sakumo’s tent.

“The first battle with the Sand is over! Let’s gather our thoughts!” The post-war summary meeting began.