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H.R.P Chapter 65: Three Tomoe Sharingan

Because Ryo could now hide his Sharingan, he was able to keep doing his Genjutsu practice even when he was in class.

Uchiha Fugaku also came to assist him with his Genjutsu training. The relationship between the two of them started getting a lot better than it used be.

With his Help, Ryo was able to learn quickly all the Sharingan Genjutsus on the scroll.

Afterwards, he went on to focus on the Rasenshuriken. After all, less than three years remain until the Kanabi Bridge battle. Ryo has to reach the level of a Kage before then to be able to save Obito.

Ryo didn’t have near the amount of Chakra that Naruto had. It was impossible for him to make hundreds of shadow clones. He had work his way around with only two of them. One was splitting leaves, and the other was splitting the waterfall. His main body however continued to teach the medics.

He built his practice on what he had seen when watching Naruto, and then Minato practice the Jutsu, with the latter learning it faster than he had ever imagined.

In about two weeks, he actually was able to develop an incomplete version of the Rasenshuriken. He wasn’t able to throw it yet, so he knew that he shouldn’t be able to use it as its explosion should hurt him.

Naruto added Senjutsu Chakra to his Rasenshuriken, which helped stabilize it enough to have it thrown. That way, he made it truly perfect.

So Ryo went into Sage mode himself, and he infused his Senjutsu Chakra within the Rasenshuriken. He opened his Rasengan and watched it as it the Senjutsu Chakra stabilized it internally little by little.

He was too focused on observing those changes occur. He didn’t realize that some of the natural energy flowed within his body until it was absorbed by his Sharingans. That made them change, and he felt his eyes burning.

These changes that he felt in his eyes made him stop practicing the Rasenshuriken. He then discovered that some of the energy in the Yin seal was absorbed by the Sharingan.

Ryo took off his contact lenses and finally realized what had happened. Some the natural energy of the Yin seal was absorbed by his eyes and his two tomoe Sharingans were finally evolved after close to three years of stagnation.

After the burning sensation of his eyes disappeared, Ryo found that he could see everything more clearly, even the fluttering of bird’s wings in the air.

He entered Ice elementization and condensed some of the water he had on the side into an ice mirror. Looking at his 3 tomoe Sharingans, he was surprised.

After the excitement passed, Ryo started thinking more about what had just happened.

In the Manga, Sasuke developed the three tomoe Sharingan during his first battle in the valley of the end. His opponent Naruto was the one who stimulated this evolution.

Thinking about that, and about what happened just now, Ryo started to think that the evolution of Sasuke’s eyes was not so simple.

At the time, Sasuke was a user of the Cursed Seal of Heaven, given to him by Orochimaru. That seal was in itself based in its functioning on the use of Natural Energy.

During that fight, Sasuke had been using the power from his cursed seal, so it could be that the absorption of Natural Energy along with Naruto’s pressure were collectively the stimulus to his Sharingan’s evolution.

On the other hand, it’s been over 2 years now ever since Ryo opened his two tomoe Sharingan. He had been using it for all that time and using natural power on top of that. This accumulation led gradually to the Saturation of his eyes in natural energy.

Along with that, learning the Uchiha’s Genjutsu led to the acceleration of his Sharingans’ evolution.

When Ryo used Sage Mode just now, his eyes absorbed the Natural Energy, but his pupils were already saturated. This pushed his Sharingan to evolve, and the result was that he acquired the 3 tomoe Sharingan.

This was the highest level that a regular Sharingan could ever reach. With it, Sasuke was able to clearly see Naruto’s movements in his Tailed Cloak mode.

It also grants the owner a higher ability to see through various Jutsus and copy them. Kakashi wasn’t called the “Copy Ninja” and “Konoha Greatest Technical Ninja” just for his immense talent, the fact that he was a Sharingan user also played a huge role in that.

In the brother fight between Itachi and Sasuke, the three Tomoe Sharingan was even able to break through the Tsukuyomi.

Even though it seemed like Itachi was giving his brother slack, it still proved that the three tomoe Sharingan was really powerful against Genjutsu.

The accidental evolution of his Sharingan gave Ryo one more important tool in his arsenal.

As for the Mangekyou Sharingan, Ryo did not feel like he needed that. He had Ice Elementization and Sage mode. Developing them, especially Ice, should give Ryo a huge power.  He expects that it could be comparable to that of the Rikodo Sennin.

In addition to that, Opening the Mangekyou means that he should find a solution to the loss of eye sight that its use brings.

In the Manga, the only two who were able to use it without restriction were Sasuke and Madara Uchiha.

The reason why they could do that was the fact that both of them had the eyes of their brothers transplanted. He could also opt for getting the Rinnegan, but that requires that he gets Hashirama’s cells transplanted in his body. Ryo had no siblings, nor did he want to transplant Hashirama’s cells. If it is not for the purpose of reviving his uncle Akihito in the future, Ryo had no interest in developing his Dojutsu any further.

In the following few days, Ryo got familiar with his new Sharingan. He found that his dynamic vision was able to capture movements that were over twice as fast as those captured with the two tomoe Sharingan.

Moreover, after this development, Ryo’s levels of spiritual power were greatly increased. This synergized fantastically with his clan’s secret techniques.

Over the course of the two months following the 2nd battle with the Sand, Ryo became a lot stronger.

After all, he now has as much Chakra as an elite Jonin, he has two new S Class water release Jutsus, he’s basically through with developing the Rasenshuriken, he has the three tomoe Sharingan, and his levels of spiritual power are greatly enhanced.

He was now stronger than ever, and confident that won’t need [Ice Colossus] to face Shukaku.

At the same time, in Sakumo’s tent, several Hyuga Ninjas delivered their latest intelligence reports to Sakumo and Jiraya.

Their faced changed drastically after hearing them.

“Sakumo san, do you want to summon anyone else to discuss this?” Jiraya asked.

“Ryo should come. He’s also one of the commanders in this battlefield.”

After Ryo reached the tent, Sakumo told him about the Hyuga’s report.

“Ryo, today, our Hyuga Ninjas found out that two Sand Shinobis have arrived to the Sand camp. After further investigation, they determined that they were both Quasi-Kage level. One of them is the personal guard of the 3rd Kazekage, and the other is Pakura of the Scorch Release.”

“Sakumo San, are we going to battle once again?”

“Yes, the war is about to be resumed.”


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