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H.R.P Chapter 64: Face-off

After learning the S-rank Jutsus that the 3rd awarded him, Ryo continued teaching the medical ninja, and Fugaku Uchiha attended his class several times.

Ryo didn’t want to get too involved with the Uchiha clan. Even though his father Houyi was an Uchiha, those who raised him up were the Yamanaka’s. On top of everything, Ryo didn’t want anyone to disturb his mother’s life.

With Fugaku’s repeated approaches to Ryo, the latter was becoming really impatient. He’s even thought about whether or not he should secretly kill him.

Actually, the main reason why he didn’t go with that option was that Fugaku said that Houyi was his cousin.

The education that Ryo received in his past life was deeply rooted in his bones, and it was impossible for him to do anything bad to his elders.

Rejection after rejection, Fugaku always kept his smile. Not being able to hit a smiling face, Ryo became really helpless.

Over the course of the following half a month, Fugaku stayed that way, and Ryo learned to ignore his existence.

After the class was finished, Ryo picked up his things as usual and turned around to leave. Fugaku stopped him.

“Ryo, wait!”

Ryo looked back in boredom just to see Fugaku’s three dotted Sharingan staring at him.

“You’re not trying to use Genjutsu on me aren’t you?” Asked Ryo, a bit wary.

“Ryo, don’t misunderstand me! I just wanted to ask you, did you open the Sharingan yet?”

Fugaku’s words hit Ryo hard. He was certain that he didn’t slip up at all during the past weeks.

He could see it Fugaku’s eyes, it was as if it was written: “Child, I’m your uncle.” Ryo wasn’t sure if Fugaku really knew the truth.

“Ryo, you’ve disguised yourself really well. But I can be sure that you are the son of my elder brother. I know this with one of our secret Uchiha techniques.” Fugaku explained

In the manga, Ryo never read about a secret technique used by the Uchiha’s to identify their own people. But after all, that was just a manga, and this was real world. But above all that, Ryo didn’t want to play hide and seek with Fugaku anymore.

“Yes indeed, my father is Houyi Uchiha.” Hearing Ryo admitting that, Fugaku was really happy.

In fact, the Uchiha’s don’t have such a secret technique. It was just that Fugaku who had grown up with Houyi, had already decided that Ryo was his cousin’s son.

“Ryo, can you tell me about your situation?”

Ryo nodded. Now that his identity was exposed, he had nothing to hide.

Ryo talked about the way his parents know each other, and essentially told Fugaku was his mother told him after his uncle funeral.

The main reason why he won’t go back to Uchiha clan is that his mother won’t be happy living there. The Yamanaka, as allies of the Senju clan, don’t have a good relationship with Uchihas. That’s why Sakumo and Inoichi hid his identity.

Fugaku was had great feelings for Ryo’s father. Houyi’s parents died when he was very young, and he was raised by Fugaku’s fathers.

He admired his cousin, who wasn’t born with fire affinity, and yet was able with lightning to become one of the Geniuses of his clan.

Houyi’s death in the WWII was the catalyst that made Fugaku open his Sharingan. The way he sees it, he is being considered a genius in the clan thanks to Houyi. This is why he was so patient and persistent with Ryo.

“That’s the Truth. What else do you want to know?” Ryo asked after he finished telling him about his situation with his mother.

“Is the Yamanaka clan good to you and to your mother?” Fugaku asked.

Right now, the head of our clan is my cousin Inoichi Yamanaka. He is very respectful to my mother and really kind to me.”

“Is that so? Then there’s no need for you to return to the Uchiha clan. Our clan doesn’t like the Ino-Shika-Cho clans because they are allied with the Senju’s. If your mother was to come to us, she would be marginalized by the tribe, and you’d spend your whole life without being recognized.”

“Why?!” Ryo was surprised when he heard what Fugaku said.

“You are the son of my elder brother; your mother is my brother’s favorite woman. It’s that simple.”

Fugaku’s words greatly changed Ryo’s impression of him. From his tone, Ryo was pretty sure that he was being honest.

Ryo’s initial impression was that Fugaku wanted to expose his identity. But that now seems completely wrong. He was just someone who found out that his late brother might have had a son.

“Ryo, you haven’t answered me yet. Did you open the Sharingan?” Fugaku asked.

Ryo nodded, and then opened his two dotted Sharingan.

“Two dotted Sharingan?” Fugaku was a bit surprised. Accomplishing this while being only 11 years old, it was obvious that Ryo was a genius Uchiha.

“Ryo, this is for you.” He sighed as he took out a small box.

Opening the box, Ryo found a pair of contact lenses.

“This is a commonly used disguise tool of our clan. One shouldn’t expose his identity as an Uchiha to anyone when performing tasks is disguise. But an Uchiha’s effectiveness on the battlefield is extremely affected if he can’t use his Sharingan. We use this to hide the Sharingan from others.”

“Thank you!” Ryo’s heart was somewhat confused. He could feel that Fugaku’s help was entirely genuine.

“Haha, you don’t have to be so polite Ryo. If you and your mother ever have it hard in the Yamanaka clan, I will take you back to the care of the Uchiha’s. But, it seems like things are going on pretty well for you. You and your mother should be able to live in peace as long as you’re covering your Sharingan, and I’ll get to be relieved as well.” Fugaku said with a smile.

This was the man to lead the Uchiha’s one day. Ryo looked at him and remembered the coldness of the older version of him in the manga, and wished he would stay this kind.

“Ah yes, there’s one more thing I wanted to give you.” Said Fugaku as he took out a scroll.

“What is this?” Asked Ryo.

“This is our scroll of Sharingan Genjutsu techniques. It’s not something precious, but it only those who have the Sharingan can read it.

So far, the only field that Ryo had no real knowledge of was Genjutsu. This scroll was exactly what he needed.

“Well, I should go now! I won’t be coming to your next class.” Fugaku turned to leave.

“Thank you, Fugaku San!” His actions made Ryo recognize him as an uncle.

In the following few days, Ryo studied the Uchiha’s Genjutsu, and kept teaching medicine to his team. It didn’t take him long to learn many of them with his great spiritual power.

Along with that, his Sharingan also changed with all that use.

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