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H.R.P Chapter 63: Learning the Ninjutsu

[Suiton: Hard Whirlpool Water Blade] uses pressure to compress a water vortex into the form of a javelin. This Jutsu can be thrown, and it explodes into a whirlpool as soon as it touches its target. Its range will change with the amount of Chakra used.[Suiton: Water Dragon Biting Explosion] is an advanced version of the Water Dragon Bullet Technique that uses its impact force to knock up the enemy. Then the Dragon would split into two to attack the enemy from both directions.

(Translator note: In game, the ability seems to be a bit different from this description)

Ryo remembers these techniques well from playing Tobirama’s character in the Naruto games, especially the Water Dragon Biting Explosion, as it was as magnificent as a Jutsu could come.

Being such powerful S Rank Jutsus, the 3rd’s reward exceeded all of Ryo’s expectations.

Ryo was very talented with Water Release, but not talented enough to learn 2 S-Rank Jutsus by just looking into scrolls. So he went to Jiraya to seek advice.

For over a month, the Sand showed no movement. Jiraya had absolutely nothing to do. So he was very happy to hear Ryo’s request.

Ryo handed over the 2 scrolls to Jiraya, who opened them just to be shocked when he knew what Jutsus were in them.

“Kid! This is what the old man gave you?”

“Yeah, the Hokage gave me these two scrolls along with this letter.” Saying that, Ryo gave the letter to Jiraya.

He had a quick look at it, and said: “So that’s what the old man had to do!”

Ryo looked very strangely at Jiraya. Before, he guessed that the 3rd Hokage had to pay a huge price to be able to send these Jutsus to him. After all, Danzo and the two advisors would never agree with that. But that’s not what Jiraya was talking about.

Ryo and Jiraya didn’t know that not too long ago, there was a huge quake at the top of Konoha. It happened as the 3rd was pushing for Minato the lead the troops in the Land of Earth battle ground.

Danzo objected heavily because of Minato’s young age, he didn’t think he would be fit for such an important task. It was the same with the two advisors. In anger, the 3rd decided to suspend all three of them on the spot.

Once again, the 3rd demonstrated his power, and this was right after the outbreak of the 3rd war. With the momentum he had, he deprived Danzo of all his power.

Afterwards, he publicly announced that he would reward two of the S-Rank water release Ninjutsus of the 2nd Hokage to Ryo Yamanaka, the Hero who was defeating the Sand.

Danzo and the two advisors were suspended, and that had an obvious effect: No one doubted the 3rd’s words.

After seeing the 3rd’s letter, Jiraya knew that Danzo would never agree with such a great reward being given to Ryo.

But now that the two techniques are in Ryo’s hands, it meant that good old Hiruzen got rid of Danzo and the advisors. It was clear to him that his Sensei “God of Shinobi” was back.

He told Ryo about his guesses but the latter didn’t quite believe them. After all, even after the incident with Sakumo, the 3rd did not punish Danzo. So now that Konoha is in war, he would never do such a thing that could destabilize the village’s stability.

“Kid, I know you have some prejudice against the old man. I mean, even I don’t understand his action well. But this letter tells me that the “God of Shinobi” is back!” Said Jiraya.

The 2nd’s two Jutsus were recorded in the Scroll of Seals, so Jiraya had never had the chance to learn them before himself. That’s was he was really interested in them.

Jiraya went on and condensed the water in his hand turning it into a water vortex, and then, according to the instructions on the scrolls, it began to shrink.

Ryo who was watching him on the side also went on to make a water vortex, trying to have a feel for the Jutsu before trying it.

Two days later, Jiraya was able to successfully use the S-Class Justu in the desert, not too far from Konoha’s camp.

Ryo was looking from the side and he watched Jiraya forming the seals for the technique.

Then water vortex was compressed into a water javelin.

When Jiraya threw it into the desert, the Javelin exploded and turned into a whirlpool that took the desert’s sand into the air, leaving behind a huge hole in the sand dune.

“Kid, we made it! The 2nd Hokage was a genius! Such a Jutsu can prove to be so effective in the desert!” Jiraya was really happy!

“Jiraya san, if you use this technique and infuse it with Senjutsu Chakra, could it possibly break through Shukaku’s absolute defence?”

After thinking for a while, Jiraya answered: “With Senjutsu Chakra, breaking through Shukaku’s absolute defence wouldn’t be such a big problem for this Jutsu. The problem is that in the desert, this won’t be of any benefit. Shukaku would just have infinite regeneration.”

“What if the whirlpool was frozen?”

“Frozen whirlpool? How would it rotate after being frozen? Without the pulling force brought by the whirlpool’s rotation, Shukaku’s defence wouldn’t be broken.”

“Jiraya san, I meant that the whirlpool could be frozen partially. I can control the shape of what I freeze. If the whirlpool carries Ice blades in it, the It would penetrate Shukaku’s defence, and the blades would be placed in the wounds in a way that prevents them from recovering, thus limiting the beast’s actions.”

Ryo proposed his idea, and Jiraya actually found it feasible. Using the waterspout to break through the defense, wounding Shukaku and having the blades left in the wounds is actually a good way to limit its actions.

“Kid, what you have to do now is to learn this technique quickly. While what you are talking about sounds feasible in theory, we can’t really know its real life effects.

When Jiraya finished talking he began to explain to Ryo how to practice Hard Whirlpool Water Blade.

Under Jiraya’s careful guidance and after the two days that he spent watching him practice this, Ryo was able to master this technique in less than a day.

In the desert, Ryo entered Sage mode at first, releasing the Jutsu. Then left Sage mode and entered Ice Elementization for two seconds.

During those two seconds after the Javelin became a whirlpool, Ryo froze a portion of the water within it that was small enough to allow it to keep is full rotation speed while increasing its destructive potential.

“Jiraya san, this should work better right?” Ryo asked.

Jiraya nodded. Depending on the duration in which Ryo can maintain the whirlpool, this could work extremely well.

“Kid, how long could you keep the whirlpool rotating with your Chakra?” Jiraya asked.

In this case of this Jutsu, the attack range and duration of the whirlpools are determined by the user’s Chakra stores. Knowing his Chakra stores, Ryo estimated that he could maintain them for about 5 minutes.

In battle, 5 minutes can do a lot, so Jiraya was very satisfied with the result.

Afterwards, the two went on to study “Water Dragon Biting Explosion”. It actually proved to be much less difficult to learn.

Water Dragon Biting Explosion use in fact the impact of the Water Dragon bullet Jutsu, and then splits it into two parts that will continue to attack. The two learned it really quickly.

After experimenting with it, Ryo discovered that this technique was mainly for show. It was absolutely spectacular, but its damage wasn’t that high.

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