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H.R.P Chapter 62: The Third’s Rewards

After a few days of practice, Ryo recovered completely from the use of Ice Colossus.

[Ice colossus], this technique was a big burden on the current young Ryo. To control such a huge amount of Natural Energy was no trivial matter. Not only did it require a lot of spiritual power, but also a string and fit physique.

With his body as the core, Ryo built a large statue of Ice and integrated his body into it. While this grants him perfect control of the statue, it also consumes a lot of physical energy and Chakra.

A few days ago, Ryo had only 10 minutes in that mode. He spent a lot of energy. While he was in the mode, he felt nothing wrong. It was only after he went out of it that he found out that he was out on all sorts of energy.

With the huge loss he had in physical energy, Ryo had no way to refine his Chakra. He laid in bed for several days before he was able to get rid of this destabilization, and his Chakra’s cohesion returned to normal.

In addition to these side effects, Ryo also discovered that when his body was directly integrated into nature, his Chakra stores were increased by a large amount. He was now comparable to an elite Jonin.

The first thing he went on to do after restoring his physical energy was refilling his [Yin Seal] with natural energy. Without the natural energy in the Yin seal, he won’t be able to use Sage Mode, and Ice Elementization would just use up too much Chakra.

Sakumo and Jiraya also knew that Ryo needed time to recover. Moreover, the Sand didn’t show any moves recently, so they did not need his assistance.

The Natural energy in the camp was far less abundant then in Mount Myoboku. It took Ryo almost a month to refill his [Yin Seal].

After filling the Yin Seal, Ryo returned to teaching the medical principles from his past life to his team.

During the last battle, Konoha’s medical ninjas discovered that this new style of “Medical Ninjutsu” taught to them by Ryo had proved useful.

Several medical Ninjas used these new methods taught to them by Ryo to save the lives of many of their companions who had their hearts stop beating.

They never thought of using Lightning Release to stimulate the heart. This method allowed them to save lives. What shocked them even more was that the simple act of pressing the chest could also achieve the same effect.

Because of all of that, now they’ve become full of interest in Ryo’s special techniques.

His teachings attracted more and more people. There weren’t only medics attending his sessions anymore, even ordinary Ninjas began to attend them. Many of the things that he taught benefited them greatly.

But on one session, Ryo had an uninvited guest: Fugaku Uchiha.

Last time they met, Ryo explained his hair color to him by telling him that his father was a Nara.

Although that was indeed a valid explanation, Fugaku was still skeptical, but he was in no position to keep asking questions.

After all, Ryo was the captain of the medical team, and one of the main decision makers in this war. And on top of all of that, Ryo was far stronger than him.

In the face of a higher ranked stronger Ninja, Fukago had no way to calm his skepticism or to get to Ryo. So when he heard that Ryo was organizing open Medical Ninjutsu course, he had the idea of joining them.

The teaching area was very active and lively. There many medical and ordinary Ninjas, and Fugaku sat down in the corner.

Ryo did not see Fugaku, and his lecture for the day revolved around Genetics.

And since he was talking about genetics, he delved into the Realm of Kekkei Genkais, discussing the formation of the abilities in the higher generations and then talking about how they are inherited over Generations.

Combining his past knowledge about genetics with his knowledge of the world of Naruto, his lecture was excellent and Ninjas listened to it with relish.

Even Fugaku was intrigued.

“Is Ryo Yamanaka here?” Suddenly, a voice interrupted the thoughts of the Ninjas present, and Ryo stopped his lecture.

The Ninjas were a little angry and bothered that someone was so disrespectful that he dared to interrupt the session. They looked back and found Anbu Ninjas.

“Ryo Yamanaka, this was sent to you by the Hokage.” The Anbus ignored the eyes of those who were present and handed a sealed scroll to Ryo. He took it and the Anbus quickly left.

“Everyone, I’m sorry, let’s go on!” Ryo placed the scroll in his bag and continued his lecture.

The genetics lecture went on for a full 2 hours before it ended. After many of the Ninjas were gone, Ryo noticed Fugaky in the corner. He didn’t want to be bothered by him so he took a few things and turned away.

“Ryo, Ryo! Wait!” Seeying that Ryo was going away, Fugaku quickly stopped him.

“What do you want?” the coldness of Ryo made Fugaku feel awkward. He was also considered a genius in the Uchiha clan, he had opened his three dotted Sharingan at a young age and was respected wherever he went. Ryo’s attitude made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Ryo, I don’t have any question like last time. I’m just really interested in genetics and what you were just talking about.” Fugaku was a man fit to be the clan’s head. He was really wise and knew well how to divert the topic and avoid Ryo’s coldness.

“What is it that you want to know? You can come tomorrow I’ll talk about it some more. Now, I have some things to do, so we’ll leave this for later.” Ryo turned and left the place.

After entering his tent, he took out the 3rd’s scroll. This was one of the reasons why he wanted to get rid of Fugaku. Checking out this scroll was far more important to him.

Back when he took it from the Anbu, he realized that the 3rd had sealed it with the “Four Symbols seal”. If this was worth sealing with such a powerful technique, then it certainly has something of importance hidden inside it.

Ryo unsealed the scroll. Inside it, there was a letter, and two smaller scrolls.

He opened the letter 1st. it started with some formal greeting, and the middle section revolved around praising Ryo’s outstanding performance during the two battles he fought. At the end, the letter explained the rewards given to him: Two S-Rank Justus developed by the 2nd Hokage.

These two techniques were [Suiton: Hard Whirlpool Water Blade], and [Suiton: Water Dragon Biting Explosion], some of the strongest Water Release Jutsus made by the 2nd.

The second Hokage had developed several powerful Jutsus, including the [Shadow Clone Jutsu], [Edo Tensei] and the [Flying Thunder God]

Although he had developed several Jutsus, he was best at Water Release techniques. Legend has it that he had signed a contract with the sea itself to be able to release the most powerful Water Release Jutsus where there was no water at all.

The 3rd gave these two powerful S-Rank Jutsus as a reward to Ryo who was shocked. He didn’t expect the Hokage to be so generous.


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