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H.R.P Chapter 92: REVENGE

If Roshi had all his usual Chakra, he would’ve been able to maintain the Lava Chakra Mode for much longer. Even without the Yonbi’s help, Ryo had no chance against him.But now, most of his Chakra was sealed along with the Yonbi by Ryo’s Four Symbols Seal, and his Lava Chakra Mode was overwhelmed by the water releases launched at him. He was already at the end of his strength.

Ryo did not hesitate, using the Lightning Chakra mode to move closer to Roshi, and then using the surrounding water vapor to condense Ice that hammered his foe from all directions.

Roshi had no way to avoid the endless stream of Ryo’s ice, and his body became more and more bruised.

Ryo’s vigilance was not hindered by the feeble appearance of his enemy, and he carried on with his method all the way to victory. Finally, under his unyielding onslaught, Roshi collapsed to the ground.

On the ground, he gasped, looking at Ryo and saying with some emotion: “I did not expect that I would meet my fate under your hands kid.”

“You are destined to die by my hands. Even if you manage to escape today, I will hunt you down, and I will kill you. Just die right now!”

Roshi heard hatred in Ryo voice, and understood that he had probably killed one of his loved ones at some point in time.

“Kid, could you at least tell me about the name of the one you’re avenging?”

“Yamanaka Akihito.”

“It him then?!” Roshi, as the Yonbi Jinchuriki, had faced many of the Rock’s enemies, and the people who died by his hands were by the hundreds. The ones whose names he could really remember were only a select few, and Akihito was one of them.

“That man is a great Shinobi. In order to cover the evacuation of Konoha’s troops, he stayed behind on his own to block my path. I did not expect to die by the hands of one of his descendants.”

Hearing Roshi’s final words, Ryo recalled Akihito voice and smile, and then pierced Roshi’s heart with Raikiri.

Killing him with his own hands, his heart was finally relieved from the burden that he had put upon it. Akihito’s death had always been a thorn in his heart.

Back he had died, Ryo even though about the most wicked of thoughts: looking for ways to revive him, even with Edo Tensei.

There had been nearly seven years ever since he died, and time had diluted much of the intensity of his sorrow. He’s given up on the idea of resurrecting his uncle.

The only thing that he could not let go of was his hatred to his murderer.

Killing Roshi relieved the pressure inside his heart, and he was able to finally relax. Even his Sharingan became stronger as he was no longer shackled by his vow for revenge.

The strength of the Sharingan varies from user to user, and also is subject to change for the same user. For example, Sasuke’s three tomoe Sharingan when he faced his brother was not the same as when it had just opened when facing Naruto in the Valley of the End.

In the Manga, his three tomoe Sharingan was able to break through the Tsukuyomi. Although it might have been because his brother was giving him slack, it was still largely due to the strength of his Sharingan exceeding the more common 3 Tomoe Sharingan.

Now, Ryo’s Sharingan has also reached the level of Shippuden Sasuke’s. With Ryo’s immense spiritual power, breaking through Genjutsu should be even easier than it was for Sasuke.

With the death of its Jinchuriki, Sun Wukong also died. The Yonbi’s Chakra left Roshi’s body.

Ryo couldn’t just let it go, and he used another scroll with the Four Symbols Seal that he had prepared earlier.

With it, he managed to seal about one fifth of Yonbi’s Chakra.

After he was through with that, he placed Roshi’s corpse in another scroll, and let Gamahiro return to Mount Myoboku.

Back at Konoha camp, besides the ones killed previously by Onoki, only a few were seriously injured by the elite team chosen by Onoki, and the rest were all safe and sound.

The Tsuchikage was enraged and heartbroken as he watched his team of 20 elite Ninjas get surrounded and eventually killed by Konoha’s Ninjas, as he was being held off by Orochimaru.

What burned his heart even more was the fact that out of the 20 elite Ninjas, 12 were Jonins or Tokubetsu Jonins. He was furious because if the fact the Roshi was so useless, that Orochimaru actually managed to return to the camp so soon.

He knew he was in a massive disadvantage, and that running was his best option. But still, he was a bit reluctant to do so.

He’s been planning this for so long, he’s the Tsuchikage, he’s sent for Roshi’s help, but now, this is the result. For Onoki, doing only this damage is absolutely inacceptable.

As he was fighting Orochimaru, he occasionally sent his Dust Release attacks towards Konoha’s Ninjas.

Most of his attacks were being blocked by Orochimaru, but sometime, the latter would just be too late. Overtime, another 100 of Konoha’s ninjas were lost.

“Everyone, spread out immediately!” Orochimaru ordered.

Onoki took advantage of his distraction, and sent another attack. It was heading to where Anko was standing!

Orochimaru noticed that, but he was just too far to come to her rescue.

At that time, Ryo was on his way back. As she had his scalpel, he immediately blinked in front of Anko, protecting her along with her fellow ninjas by blocking Onki’s attack.

Seeing Ryo’s appearance, Onoki’s face got heavy. He felt his heart drumming. The kid has returned safe and sound. Where’s Roshi? Did he flee? Is he even still…

Even though the two weren’t that friendly, he felt bad about it. Losing a Kage tier Ninja in the World War period would be an immense loss for the Hidden Rock.

“Onoki ji san, you can’t beat Orochi san, so you just attack those weaker than you? That’s shameless for a Kage!” Ryo started mocking Onoki’s behavior.

“Hey! Weren’t you killing our lower ranks along with that big toad?” Said Onoki.

“That’s true indeed, so yeah, maybe now we’re even. But if you come to our camp, we can’t just let you leave empty-handed, he’s my present to you!” Saying that, Ryo took out Roshi’s dead body from his scroll.

Seeing the Jinchuriki’s dead body, Ononki’s face turned blue. Even though he had a hunch about it, seeing the body was far too chocking to him.

He died at the kid’s hands! Even without the Yonbi’s power, Roshi was just too strong for such a thing to happen.

“Ryo Yamanaka! I will remember you!” Said Onoki.

“Kage san, don’t hurry, I have a second gift.” Ryo threw an ice scalpel in the direction of Onoki who was floating in the air.

Onoki dodged it to the side, but Ryo teleported to the scalpel appearing behind Onoki, delivering a Rasengan to his waist!

He didn’t want to kill the old man. Actually, he liked him from the days he saw him in the Manga. But he wasn’t going to hold back.

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